In August of this year, there were Chinese tourists riding bicycles on Gotland Island, passing through a path covered with masonry, which coincided with an upcoming wedding.

A European-style building with the word'HOTELL' written on the wall, the copper-colored door opened, and a middle-aged woman from Sweden came out first. She bent down slightly, holding a white wedding dress in her hand, and then, A young girl in a wedding dress surprised many people's eyes.

There is no heavy bridal makeup, simple European-style princess head, part of the hair is folded back and braided, and the rest is put down naturally, making everything look extremely beautiful.

A boy stepped on the pedal of the bicycle and held the handlebar of the bicycle in both hands, and blew a loud whistle to the bride.

The bride turned her head and smiled shyly at them.

Among the tourists, there was a female college student named Cheng Yang from mainland China. She only felt that the bride was familiar, but she was not her alumnus. She racked her brains to remember, until the bride walked a few steps away, she realized it later. Remember, this is the second wife of a wealthy businessman in China!

Two years ago, the Internet was full of news about each other.

And because of the subsequent reversal of the truth, students like them on the Internet remember each other.

Cheng Yang looked at the bride who received the blessings of the pedestrians on the road. The face of the other party was filled with a smile from the heart, and sometimes hugged the enthusiastic passers-by.

There was also a man with blond eyes and blue eyes who happened to pass by. He drew a red rose from the bouquet in his hand and gave it to the beautiful bride, smiling and saying ‘gratulations (congratulations)’.

It was almost a hundred meters away from the hotel to the church. The sea breeze blew across every corner of the church. The air smelled of salty sea water. Song Qingcheng walked to the arch of the church. She was slightly disturbed. The hotel clerk had already waited there and saw She handed over a bunch of white bouquets and smiled and sent blessings: "best/wishes/for/you/two."

Entering the church, Song Qingcheng saw a white-haired lady wearing a priest's gown. The other party held a Bible and smiled at her not far away.

Yu Tingchuan was standing beside the priest in a suit and leather shoes.

Sensing, he turned his head and looked over.

Song Qingcheng squeezed the bouquet, as if he heard the plop of his heartbeat. On the side of the church, the two children were sitting on chairs, next to their heads, not knowing what they were playing. Then, in her sight, Yu Tingchuan reached out to her. .

The blue sky and the sun are shining.

Yu Tingchuan stood there long, his black suit and dress set him up and straight, his dark eyes contained warmth, and the corners of his mouth had a faint smile, which made her feel at ease.

That afternoon, Song Qingcheng only remembered that the hotel proprietress put the veil on her.

When she walked to Yu Tingchuan's side, Yun Bao suddenly ran over, holding her and calling her mother, her little leather shoes stepped on the hem of the wedding dress, leaving two dirty footprints.

Looking at the little troublemaker, you can't do anything to him.

In the end, it was Yu Tingchuan who coaxed his son away and told him that his parents had something to do now.

It was the first time that the little guy saw his mother wearing such a long skirt, standing on the side, wide and round eyes, taking advantage of his father's carelessness, he ran over again, holding Song Qingcheng's legs for a flowery.

No way, Song Qingcheng had to give him the bouquet to play.

As a result, the little guy got the bouquet but did not leave.

The whole body is leaning on her, like a lazy koala.

Seeing that the ceremony was about to be delayed, Yu Tingchuan had to ask Joice to take his youngest son away. Joice knew that this was a wedding, and took his younger brother to the chair to see that he would not let him destroy it again.

The pastor’s prayers were not what they saw on TV.

It is not a cookie-cutter vow template, without ‘I, XXX, take/XXX/as/my/husband/wife’, every sentence in the prayer seems to have been carefully prepared.

"What/really/matters/in/life/is/love (In life, what really matters is love)."

"We/do/not/know/how/many/thousands/of/blessings/have/been/said/here/and/now/today/it/is/you (we don’t know how many blessings have been said here, now It's your turn)."


"There/are/three/things/that/last/for/ever: faith, hope/and/love (there are three things that will always exist: faith, hope and love)."

Song Qingcheng listened quietly, with warm eyes in her eyes. Such a scene may only be seen in movies, but now she is standing here by herself, with the man she loves next to her, and the priest praying for them.

At this moment, she also prayed silently in her heart, hoping to accompany her loved one until the end of life...

Priest: "Exge/rings/now (exchange rings now)."

When the diamond ring slipped into the ring finger, Song Qingcheng bent his finger and looked at Yu Tingchuan's left hand. He was wearing the platinum ring she bought back then.

The man's hand has distinct joints, which also makes the platinum ring more attractive.

Putting on the ring, Yu Tingchuan did not give a speech, but just lifted the thin veil, looked at her tenderly, and then held her shoulders down, kissed her, a kiss that was very tender, but it was full of silky meaning, Song Qingcheng couldn't help closing his eyes, and gently responded with his arms around him.

For a time, the world seemed to be the only one left behind.

Opening her eyes again, there were tears in her eyes.

Yu Tingchuan looked at her affectionately: "Thank fate for sending you to my side when I am still young."

"..." Song Qingcheng pursed his lips and smiled, tears falling first.

She felt that she was so hypocritical, but she couldn't help it. The marriage of nearly three years was fleeting, and she looked back seriously, without the passionate emotions, and lived a bland life every day.

It's this plainness that made her feel so much.

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Recommend a Nordic style song "Liekkas", it is very nice, and the lyrics are also beautiful——

Under the bright stars

I'm looking for

Signs of the Northern Lights

Northern lights in the sky

Winding and changing like a dance

In the silence that can't bear to interrupt

Breath reverberation


Like you are whispering in your ears

Hold my hand tightly

Stroking my face

Speaking sweet love words softly

Comfort me like that

Please hug tighter

That way, I won’t feel cold