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In order to treat the elders in the family, Song Qingcheng calculated the business legend Yu Tingchuan. Wedding night. She handed over a post-nuptial agreement. The man smiled after reading the agreement: “I’ve got a lot of skills.” Song Qingcheng pretended to b.... Read more

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v2 Chapter 37 One ending, another beginning (end) v2 Chapter 36 The two people who were on a blind date v2 Chapter 35 Mr. Yu waiting for Mom and Dad to come home

v2 Chapter 34 Some naughty Mrs. Yu v2 Chapter 33 Wedding, the most beautiful you (part 2) v2 Chapter 32 Wedding, the most beautiful you (on) v2 Chapter 31 A trip to Denmark for a family v2 Chapter 30 Mr. Yuk who got Superman v2 Chapter 29 Mr. Yu who can make an inch v2 Chapter 28 The virtuous wife who sent Mr. Yu to work v2 Chapter 27 Mrs. Yu who is suitable to be a supermodel v2 Chapter 26 Mr. Yu who encountered a rival in love

v2 Chapter 25 Chairman Yu who needs to be respected v2 Chapter 24 Mr. Yu, who is backed by grandpa v2 Chapter 23 Mr. Xiao Yu, who is picky and bad

v2 Chapter 22 Early Childhood Mr. Xiao Yu v2 Chapter 21 Mr. Yu who doesn't talk to strangers v2 Chapter 20 Mr. Yu, the murderous gentleman v2 Chapter 19 Mr. Xiao Yu who is sued behind his back v2 Chapter 18 Mr. Yu who shirks responsibility v2 Chapter 17 The Butcher at Midnight—Mr. Xiao Yu (two more) v2 Chapter 16 Mr. Xiao Yu who was under the bed v2 Chapter 15 Sometimes, the wicked may not be rewarded v2 Chapter 14 The scary Mr. Yu standing in the middle of the night (fix bug)

v2 Chapter 13 Mr. Yu who urinates everywhere v2 Chapter 12 Mr. Xiao Yu who will be punished for hooliganism v2 Chapter 11 Anyway, it's all improvised, why wronged yourself v2 Chapter 10 Mr. Xiao Yu who made grandpa flash his waist v2 Chapter 9 Mr. Xiaoyu who is ill v2 Chapter 8 Mr. Yu, who saw the beauty who couldn't move her feet v2 Chapter 7 Mr. Xiao Yu who was smoked by his father v2 Chapter 6 In September, Mr. Xiaoyu’s surprise v2 Chapter 5 Mr. Yu stumbled v2 Chapter 4 Mr. Yu who disappeared for the first time v2 Chapter 3 Mr. Yu, who can't live without his parents v2 Chapter 2 On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Yu, who puts poison on

v2 Chapter 1 Mr. Xiao Yu who bears grudges Chapter 482 Finale, follow-up (final) ~ The first high math lesson. Chapter 481 Finale, follow-up (1) Chapter 480 Finale (Part 2) Chapter 479 Finale (Part 1) Chapter 478 Ms. Song had a car accident on the Jingjintang section Chapter 477 The ending, your son is in Beijing, come alone Chapter 476 In the ending, the child was taken away from the full moon banquet Chapter 475 The ending chapter, our Mu family does not owe you anything (fix bugs) Chapter 474 The ending, please help my brother Chapter 473 The ending chapter, Mo Shang Xu Xugui (3)

Chapter 472 The ending chapter, Moshang Xu Xugui (2) Chapter 471 The ending chapter, Mo Shang Xu Xugui (1) Chapter 470 Even your husband is not omnipotent Chapter 469 She is different from the woman outside Chapter 468 Do you dare to find her, I will die here! Chapter 467 Shen Zhi's clarification, Nancheng never sleeps (minor repair) Chapter 466 Thank you for being by my side and being my family Chapter 465 I owe her, it's time to give it back Chapter 464 The second brother asked the assistant to instigate me to do it (second more Chapter 463 Beat you? I still want to strangle you! Chapter 462 Yu Tingchuan is a responsible father Chapter 461 How can you count yourself?

Chapter 460 Mrs. Yu is my life (two more) Chapter 459 Your husband is back to Hengyuan! Chapter 458 Mr. Chen doesn't need to apologize to me Chapter 457 Both legs of Chen Wenjie were interrupted Chapter 456 She is the only woman I have ever loved in my life Chapter 455 Did you do it right? (Fix typo Chapter 454 Breastfeeding the child is the affection of the father Chapter 453 Iku Tingchuan’s warnings and measures Chapter 452 If there is a bad influence, you have to tell me (catching bugs) Chapter 451 If he doesn’t want to withdraw, he can try Chapter 450 The city is full of storms, which is right and wrong Chapter 449 Yu Tingchuan hug her to see the baby (sweet)

Chapter 448 Apology from Gu Jinyun's Mother Daughter (Minor Repair) Chapter 447 Are you trying to force me to death? (Correct typo) Chapter 446 Yu Tingchuan went to Gu's old house Chapter 445 He came to see his grandson (disgusting face) Chapter 444 Crumpled like a little old man! (Two more) Chapter 443 If something happens to her, none of you will be spared (catching bugs) Chapter 442 I am selfish because I care about my children (catching bugs) Chapter 441 Don't be afraid, I am here (two more) Chapter 440 Charity dinner, Pomeranian smiled (corrected typo) Chapter 439 Attend a charity dinner Chapter 438 It's nice to have you (correct the typo) Chapter 437 I’m stupid, I don’t understand what my cousin-in-law said (correct the wrong sentence)

Chapter 436 Qingcheng, your brother is about to die! Chapter 435 Don't want me to return to Hengyuan? Chapter 434 The old man is pretending to be pitiful and begging his brother to return to Hengyuan Chapter 433 People are selfish, but also partial Chapter 432 I will transfer the equity trusteeship to Tingchuan Chapter 431 He cried to me on purpose (catching bugs) Chapter 430 I accidentally made myself passionate (catching bugs) Chapter 429 Dad-to-be with the childbirth class Chapter 428 During pregnancy, some unreasonable (three shifts) Chapter 427 I want to hear bedtime stories (two more) Chapter 426 Yu Tingchuan embraced her and said: not selfish Chapter 425 Look at this belly, it should be about to give birth

Chapter 424 Without a wedding, you can only make up with a lottery gift (two more Chapter 423 Life is impermanent, how can everything be what everyone wants? Chapter 422 Some things will eventually be reported in the world Chapter 421 He is already an almost perfect husband (two more Chapter 420 Yu Tingchuan really donated 30 million to Nanda? Chapter 419 The more you care, the more you want to take good care of it Chapter 418 If you have an operation, I will wait for you outside Chapter 417 No matter what, I will always be with you Chapter 416 If you die, don't tell me Chapter 415 He said Tingchuan was hospitalized because of stomach problems Chapter 414 Don't want to answer me and answer the phone? Chapter 413 Farewell to Beijing, his figure is carved in the bottom of my heart

Chapter 412 With you, I don’t feel anything when I look at others Chapter 411 Think more about others, be kind (catching bugs) Chapter 410 Auntie, are you Joice's mother? Chapter 409 I don’t want to see her hurt again (catching bugs) Chapter 408 Isn’t your mother unfilial? Chapter 407 Boss Yu, let's go to see the national flag raising tomorrow Chapter 406 I told them I chased you first Chapter 405 He is not only my husband, but also my teacher Chapter 404 He said: Song Qingcheng is my wife (catching insects Chapter 403 Don’t let your wife’s classmates wait too long (catching bugs) Chapter 402 You didn't tell her that your husband's condition is pretty good? Chapter 401 The position of a boss, if you let it go, let it go

Chapter 400 No. 8 Yunxi Road, Fu Min is here (catching insects) Chapter 399 Are you really afraid that I won't be able to feed your mothers? (Catching bugs) Chapter 398 It doesn’t matter if it’s not the CEO of Hengyuan Chapter 397 Boss Yu: I'll go after the meeting (catching insects) Chapter 396 Proposal to remove Yu Tingchuan from the position of general manager (catching insects) Chapter 395 See how my second brother steps down the altar (second more) Chapter 394 I will take good care of you from now on Chapter 393 Congratulations to Boss Yu for a happy wedding Chapter 392 Mom wants you to keep this secret (change Chapter 391 I can't tolerate my wife being unclean Chapter 390 It is inevitable to be a little clingy after pregnancy (two more) Chapter 389 I can’t talk about being thoughtful, I just hope she can live well

Chapter 388 Men like Yu Tingchuan are the most attractive Chapter 387 I saw your husband’s ex-gossip girlfriend Chapter 386 Yu Tingchuan where Shen Zhi’s engagement banquet appeared Chapter 385 No matter how heavy it is, I won't throw you on the ground Chapter 384 Don't watch TV, what do you watch me do? Chapter 383 Because I want to wait for you to come back to sleep together (two more) Chapter 382 Yu Linjiang's second son is too good at doing things Chapter 381 Yu Qidong has woken up (fix BUG) Chapter 380 Yu Tingchuan's hard-line faction (corrected typo) Chapter 379 If you can't pull it out, then flatten him! Chapter 378 I'm not afraid that someone will live like your shadow in the future Chapter 377 The morning is warm, she is his wife Yu

Chapter 376 Can't retreat at this time (second shift) Chapter 375 Give you a reassurance pill (correct a typo) Chapter 374 The college entrance examination is over, Yu Tingchuan’s warmth Chapter 373 With me, you don’t need to force yourself Chapter 372 College entrance examination, boss Yu who is in charge of picking up and dropping off (two more Chapter 371 A pregnant woman who is carefully taken care of by Yu Tingchuan (fix bug) Chapter 370 Diary of ten years discovered (sweet) Chapter 369 Yu Tingchuan has always protected her Chapter 368 He's not as good to everyone as he is to you Chapter 367 Be a good wife who spares her husband's face outside Chapter 366 She cut the baby and gave it to Yu Tingchuan Chapter 365 She killed me, Song Qingcheng!

Chapter 364 Yu Tingchuan cut off her sponsorship Chapter 363 You have a half-brother (correct the typo) Chapter 362 Past Events (2) 【If you don’t like it, don’t order】 Chapter 361 Past events (if you don’t like it, don’t order) Chapter 360 Yu Tingchuan called her Song Song for the first time Chapter 359 Isn't it good to walk with you like this? (Two more) Chapter 358 She is my wife, I do it for her naturally Chapter 357 Mr. Yu won't let you approach your wife Chapter 356 You said that the girl's surname was Song, from Yurao? (Correct typo) Chapter 355 Lend you my leg as a pillow Chapter 354 Mom, my stomach hurts! (Two more) Chapter 353 It's a pity that my mother died early

~ In the sixth class, she wanted Lao Zhao to pick herself up first. Chapter 352 Would see Song Wan in this way Chapter 351 This is the second daughter-in-law of the Yu family? Chapter 350 Joice is Yu Tingchuan’s child in name (corrected typo) Chapter 349 You look more manly like this Chapter 348 Get up tomorrow morning to help your husband shave (catching bugs) Chapter 347 Yu Tingchuan who came to the parent meeting Chapter 346 There are crow's feet, but very attractive (two more Chapter 345 People are dead, of course they are gone (corrected the wrong sentence) Chapter 344 I'm by your side no matter what (correct the wrong sentence) Chapter 343 She came to see her daughter Chapter 342 It's normal for old men not to understand

Chapter 341 A man just touched up with me (corrected a typo) Chapter 340 I really want to go with him for the rest of my life like this Chapter 339 Boss Yu is a good hand at farm work Chapter 338 If it were me, I might get divorced Chapter 337 An Qi, her name is Lu Anqi (Qingcheng background) Chapter 336 What's your last name, little girl? Chapter 335 I guess it’s impossible (correct the typo) Chapter 334 Tell her Joice's life experience (minor repair) Chapter 333 There is no possibility between us even if there is no one else (correct the wrong sentence) Chapter 332 She is not as delicate as you think Chapter 331 There was a tumor in her brain, malignant (corrected typo) Chapter 330 Education should start from the baby

Chapter 329 Your second uncle will take care of it, so don’t worry Chapter 328 As long as you are good to you, you are a good person (correct the wrong sentence) Chapter 327 Joice is my father's son! Chapter 326 Why did you divorce my second uncle (correct the typo) Chapter 325 Want to know what we talked about? Chapter 324 I'm very fortunate to meet him at this age Chapter 323 Smoking is harmful to your health, so Ms. Mu can take a moment to relax Chapter 322 Waiting for you to accompany me to grow old Chapter 321 Am I not your parent? Chapter 320 Yu Tingchuan’s Shell Breaking Day (dog abuse) ~ The fourth section is math class. ~ The class bell rang for the fourth session.

Chapter 319 Yu Tingchuan who accompanies her to eat in the cafeteria Chapter 318 Doesn't that smell too heavy to sleep Chapter 317 It's so sultry to get drunk (excessive!) Chapter 316 What happened to Mu Ranyu? (Correct the wrong sentence) Chapter 315 Came here just to kiss like that? Chapter 314 Suddenly I want to see Yu Tingchuan right away Chapter 313 Mu Qingyu was unfaithful in marriage Chapter 312 Maybe it’s because you don’t love it (important) Chapter 311 The marriage between him and Qingyu existed in name only in those years Chapter 310 Rainy night, Yu Tingchuan hug her back (sweet) ~ The sixth section is the Chinese class. Song Qingcheng received the test papers from the class representative. Chapter 309 My husband was the number one in science more than ten years ago

Chapter 308 Don't want you to be embarrassed because of me Chapter 307 Dig your Ji family ancestor’s grave or demolish her Mu family’s ancestral hall Chapter 306 Some mistakes cannot be tolerated by men Chapter 305 Did you see it? These are the baby's hands and feet Chapter 304 Are you going to turn around for her and me (correct the typo) Chapter 303 What's wrong with her, I have to ask you to settle the account Chapter 302 Yu Tingchuan was angry for her and fought (corrected the typo) Chapter 301 Have you touched my backpack! Chapter 300 The demolition agreement is gone! (Two more) ~ The third section of mathematics class. Chapter 298 I'm already thinking of you before setting off Chapter 297 I will help you with artificial respiration later (two more)

Chapter 296 You're fine, don't mess with my second brother (one more) Chapter 295 If you eat it badly, I'll feel bad looking back Chapter 294 Boss Yu who took a taxi to the company by himself (Sweet) Chapter 293 Dao is one foot high and the devil is one foot high Chapter 292 Shen Che said he called Yu Tingchuan before Chapter 291 Is caring about you and your child a waste of time? Chapter 290 You and Tingchuan have a good time Chapter 289 Not afraid of heaven and not afraid of Chapter 288 Are you not interested in me anymore? Chapter 287 Now there is an existence that makes him more concerned Chapter 286 I'm going to be a father soon Chapter 285 Making money is not as important as you two

Chapter 284 Yu Tingchuan broke the first red light in his life Chapter 283 Miss Song may have it! Chapter 282 My second elder brother came from a bad background (correct the typo Chapter 281 Declare ownership of you (sweet) Chapter 280 It’s the white noodles I put in her pocket (two more Chapter 279 Yu Tingchuan agreed to eat together (vinegar) Chapter 278 How can you help (second more) Chapter 277 Accompany Yu Tingchuan to the grave (one more) Chapter 276 Someone introduced him to Yu Tingchuan (sweet) Chapter 275 Nausea, maybe eating bad things Chapter 274 Brother-in-law, when do you have a baby with your cousin? Chapter 273 Yu Tingchuan's love letter to her

Chapter 272 You don't know where I am? Chapter 271 I knew why it was today (two more) Chapter 270 Second uncle, this bird is robbing you of his wife! Chapter 269 What do I eat if I don’t eat lollipops? Chapter 268 I feel at ease with you by my side Chapter 267 Isn't Yu always here too? (One more) Chapter 266 I want to grow old with him (fix bugs) Chapter 265 With me, no one can hurt you Chapter 264 Even if he is your biological father (life experience) Chapter 263 You will always be by my side, right? Chapter 262 Qingcheng, I killed someone! (Turning) Chapter 261 Yu Tingchuan waiting for her home

Chapter 260 You don't see how old my dad is! Chapter 259 Why didn't that knife stabb you to death back then! Chapter 258 Overwhelmed like this, you are mine (correct the wrong sentence) Chapter 257 Yu Tingchuan came to the restaurant to pick her up Chapter 256 Are you afraid of what she will tell me? Chapter 255 Virtuous Mrs. Yu Chapter 254 Yu Tingchuan went shopping with her to buy clothes (corrected typo) Chapter 253 Jinwu Zangjiao doesn't bring such a Tibetan method Chapter 252 Qingyu she's back Chapter 251 See you once at a time! (Two more) Chapter 250 Are you not rich? Chapter 249 See what is so good-looking (two more)

Chapter 248 Are you afraid of following me out to meet people? Correct a typo Chapter 247 Doesn't it happen to match you? (Two more) Chapter 246 Has Yu Tingchuan hired other women? Chapter 245 I want to live with him forever (two more) Chapter 244 If Joice is not the second child's son Chapter 243 You are not as lucky as your wife! Chapter 242 Dad is happy with you Chapter 241 Why did mom divorce dad (correct the typo Chapter 240 I like how you kiss me (correct the wrong word) Chapter 239 Can't resist Yu Tingchuan's eyes (two more Chapter 238 A good husband and a good father at a glance Chapter 237 Really in a meeting, hang up first

Chapter 236 Don't I have to offer tea for you? Chapter 235 My second uncle is now a good father! Chapter 234 If I teach, can I live it? Chapter 233 Don't believe him, Yu Tingchuan won't fall in this life Chapter 232 I can't hit you! (Someone is shameless and magnanimous) Chapter 231 I have you enough (correct the wrong sentence) Chapter 230 You go to the hospital to try! (Fix the sick sentence) Chapter 229 Dad, why do you live with your sister? Chapter 228 Pharaoh, your hair is out! Chapter 227 The woman I met in the bookstore Chapter 226 I'll give you an analgesic shot right away Chapter 225 I don't want others to help Yu Tingchuan wash his underwear

Chapter 224 It must spread faster through saliva Chapter 223 Mr. Yu you weave must like it Chapter 222 Are you afraid of me watching? (Changed) Chapter 221 It's not the same after getting the certificate Chapter 220 If you knead me, I won’t hurt anymore (two more) Chapter 219 Come out after the shower to clean up you! Correct a typo Chapter 218 He told Mu Guyue about getting the certificate Chapter 217 It's enough for you to cut my second uncle, a straight guy Chapter 216 Boss Yu is really an old driver! Chapter 215 What should I wear to take a marriage registration photo? Chapter 214 Want to know what happened to me before (two more) Chapter 213 There is a generation gap that can be crossed

Chapter 212 No matter how small I am, I'm your woman Chapter 211 Surprise from Yu Tingchuan Chapter 210 Go get the certificate tomorrow Chapter 209 Their mother and daughter are alive, our family will never Chapter 208 Abuse Shen Zhi couple (if you don’t like it, please don’t order) correct the wrong sentence Chapter 207 He said, this is Zhu Jing Chapter 206 My husband is here to clean up you (sugar and abuse) Chapter 205 He treats you as a stand-in (two more) Chapter 204 The little girl was so fascinated by him Chapter 203 Did the **** sleep with you before? Repaired Chapter 202 I will always stay with you Chapter 201 I think it suits you very well

Chapter 200 To pick up Boss Yu from get off work Chapter 199 Past events (two more) [very important] Chapter 198 You don't care about your reputation Chapter 197 Get the certificate at some time Chapter 196 Then stay there until you get old (two more Chapter 195 Like money and like you Chapter 194 Dance with your arms around her (fine) Chapter 193 Good flower needs to match Boss Yu (marriage proposal) Chapter 192 Try to keep a distance from my love Chapter 191 Why did Mr. Yu come here? (Battered scum) Chapter 190 I have found someone better than him to me Chapter 189 I'll wait for you to come back (two more)

Chapter 188 Don't worry about anything with me Chapter 187 Don't you really go together? Chapter 186 The important thing is now and in the future (two more) Chapter 185 Accompany her to eat supper and watch a movie (sweet) Chapter 184 You go back to Nancheng with him (two more) Chapter 183 Don't let me wait too long (sweet) Chapter 182 Have you thought about it, you have to check it before you know the truth? Chapter 181 Don't want to see me? Chapter 180 If this is not love (correct the typo) Chapter 179 Beware of the resurgence of his relationship with his ex-wife Chapter 178 I thought about it, I want to be with you Chapter 177 His gentle tone is reassuring (two more)

Chapter 176 There was a car accident at the fork in the road ahead Chapter 175 He came to me, do I want to go back with him Chapter 174 To my love, from Tingchuan Chapter 173 That's the place that Mr. Yu chose Chapter 172 If I don't come, I'm all done planning? Chapter 171 Save some face for my second uncle Chapter 170 My second uncle eats here, can you not Chapter 169 He was hospitalized with stomach bleeding before (two more) Chapter 168 You left like that, do you regret it Chapter 167 I'm not sure about doing things Chapter 166 Sketch hidden in a book Chapter 165 Do i look old?

Chapter 164 Come home with me if you have enough trouble (two more) Chapter 163 There is no one worthy of your nostalgia Chapter 162 What I want will be in my hands eventually Chapter 161 Do you really want to understand? (Two more) Chapter 160 I'm afraid I just like his money Chapter 159 I told you not to take your red wine for nothing (repaired) Chapter 158 What do you want to do if you don't sleep in the middle of the night? Chapter 157 Draw a clear line with the Lu family Chapter 156 The one who should cry should be me (two more) Chapter 155 Just forget it (one more) Chapter 154 I really treat myself as a lover Chapter 153 Little girl is not as bad as you think

Chapter 152 I heard that you may not be able to regenerate Chapter 151 The bride is so beautiful (two more) Chapter 150 I'm so beautiful, you can't hold it Chapter 149 Don’t want to walk, you carry me (6000 Chapter 148 I want to buy you, can I? Chapter 147 Uncle, Qingcheng wants to give you a salad of love Chapter 146 Sorry, I didn’t keep it (make up) Chapter 145 Meet the little ones (Yu Tingchuan is back) Chapter 144 If it’s gone, it’s gone, which means she’s not lucky Chapter 143 Yu Tingchuan has no power and no influence, you are still willing to follow him Chapter 142 Yu Tingchuan can be suspended by calling Chapter 141 I like mopping the floor (scumbag)

Chapter 140 Reluctant to leave? Chapter 139 I like everything you send (Flower Amber Necklace) Chapter 138 How many good rich men are there? (Make up Chapter 137 Yu Tingchuan who cares about his age (one more) Chapter 136 did you miss me? Chapter 135 Yu Tingchuan, that boy, did not expect Chapter 134 Don't tell him about it Chapter 133 Who is U Ting Chuan? (Grandma learns the truth) Chapter 132 She said she wanted him very much (sweet) Chapter 131 Anxious to get married, in order to give birth to the child Chapter 130 Let everything follow the wind (modified) Chapter 129 You are not afraid of your second child, you are also afraid of me?

Chapter 128 The second child is going to remarry? (One more) Chapter 127 Your granddaughter-in-law, forgot again? Chapter 126 The feeling of being with Yu Tingchuan Chapter 125 The feeling of an old husband and wife (two more) Chapter 124 Mrs. Fujimoto likes Miss Song (one more) Chapter 123 Some gaze is fascinating Chapter 122 The old man is boring and rigid Chapter 121 Yu Tingchuan can also make jokes (one more) Chapter 120 This Mr. Yu, the city is very deep Chapter 119 Your classmate's uncle is here Chapter 118 Give birth to a son, Shengmao Building is under my name Chapter 117 Yu Linjiang wants to see her (one more)

Chapter 116 Don't want your grandma to see me? (Jealous) Chapter 115 uninvited guest Chapter 114 You are with me (wearing a diamond ring) Chapter 113 That's Ukinegawa, right? (One more) Chapter 112 Who is important to you now Chapter 111 It’s okay if you don’t understand, just understand it in your heart Chapter 110 You really hold a grudge (one more) Chapter 109 Yu Tingchuan takes this child very seriously Chapter 108 Follow Yu Tingchuan back to the 8th Garden on Yunxi Road Chapter 107 Use Yu Tingchuan as a gunman (one more) Chapter 106 Do you really like my second uncle? Chapter 105 It’s boring to be alone at home (one more)

Chapter 104 Want to cook for you Chapter 103 False and true Chapter 102 Do you look down on me too Chapter 101 Changed to Mrs. Yu (second shift) Chapter 100 Don't you think he is a little older Chapter 99 Ge's wedding banquet, Yu Tingchuan is really here Chapter 98 Be your secretary (two more) Chapter 97 Jealous? (One more) Chapter 96 Some words, you lose if you are serious Chapter 95 By heart Chapter 94 Just want to marry me? Chapter 93 Are you going to marry me?

Chapter 92 Her physique is not suitable for abortion Chapter 91 Children in B-ultrasound Chapter 90 During that time, no one else Chapter 89 Plant yourself in Chapter 88 Take care of her Chapter 87 I am pregnant Chapter 86 Annual meeting, sudden change Chapter 85 Typical scumbag Chapter 84 Start to miss Chapter 83 Do you want to get rid of it? Chapter 82 What to do here in the middle of the night (second shift) Chapter 81 I like you to tolerate your little tricks

Chapter 80 Yu Tingchuan doesn't want to deliberately fix me, right? Chapter 79 I won't forget the kindness of uncle Chapter 78 Morning sickness Chapter 77 What she wants (two more) Chapter 76 The little girl now is getting better and better Chapter 75 This is the best for you Chapter 74 Lend me a while Chapter 73 I missed you so I came Chapter 72 Humiliation at the door (minor detail repair) Chapter 71 The business trip was decided temporarily Chapter 70 Don't want him to see me now Chapter 69 Yu Tingchuan, went to Heilongjiang on a business trip

Chapter 68 fear me? Chapter 67 Have you waited a long time? Chapter 66 No matter how much you think, it's a little girl Chapter 65 Is he so good to everyone? (Brief revision) Chapter 64 The importance of business right Chapter 63 How did you and Yu Tingchuan meet? Chapter 62 I don't do business Chapter 61 In those years, marriages that existed in name only Chapter 60 Where did the cat look like this? Chapter 59 Can you come see me Chapter 58 In the middle of the night, his ex-wife's phone number Chapter 57 Are they not at home?

Chapter 56 unpredictable Chapter 55 Man's inferiority Chapter 54 Which building do you live in? Chapter 53 Miss Song, Mr. Yu asked me to take you back Chapter 52 Yu Tingchuan's rescue Chapter 51 Retreat Chapter 50 A look at the city Chapter 49 See my second uncle! Chapter 48 Kiss but reckless Chapter 47 Yu Tingchuan looks a little strange at you Chapter 46 Yu Tingchuan's mind (fix bug) Chapter 45 Is my son

Chapter 44 Some things, hope is always good Chapter 43 You kissed me first Chapter 42 My second uncle is here too Chapter 41 Uncle has three good, mature and easy to tear down Chapter 40 Opportunity to climb the dragon bed Chapter 39 Not going out yet? Chapter 38 You don't understand Chapter 37 See you, can’t you? Chapter 36 Tingchuan just talks less Chapter 35 Is that Yu Jing's classmate? Chapter 34 He might be a good uncle Chapter 33 There are some games you can’t afford to play

Chapter 32 Getting acquainted with Junchu is like returning home Chapter 31 Waiting here for a long time? Chapter 30 Are you with Yu Tingchuan? Chapter 29 This kind of occasion is not for you Chapter 28 Fell but was caught by Yu Tingchuan (minor repair) Chapter 27 It’s not bad to put it in the entertainment industry Chapter 26 Those legs are really white Chapter 25 Your second aunt is very beautiful? (Repaired) Chapter 24 I know what i want Chapter 23 Second temptation Chapter 22 Such a man is extremely affectionate Chapter 21 You really should not provoke Yu Tingchuan

Chapter 20 Some feelings are like old wine Chapter 19 Yu Family Banquet (repaired) Chapter 18 You have to mess with her Chapter 17 Worried that I am a bad person? ~ The fourth period is over, just after twelve o'clock. Chapter 16 Madam Gu wants to see you Chapter 15 First test Chapter 14 My brother became like that, thanks to her! Chapter 13 The long overdue is always the highlight Chapter 12 Meet Yu Tingchuan again Chapter 11 Who makes your home better? Chapter 10 The faint smell of tobacco on him

Chapter 9 A 34-year-old man who read all his sails Chapter 8 Yu Tingchuan came to pick up people Chapter 7 This woman is not innocent Chapter 6 Do you dare to calculate Yu Tingchuan? Chapter 5 She is Jingjing's classmate Chapter 4 Bitten by a dog Chapter 3 People are alive, sometimes not as good as a dog Chapter 2 It’s understandable that people look up to money Chapter 1 Hengyuan CEO

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