Song Qingcheng saw the man for the first time, at the entrance of the western-style building of the Yu family's old house.

She followed Yu Jing into the house. The two were just about to change their slippers. Yu Jing suddenly screamed, and Song Qingcheng followed her gaze. There was a pair of brown suede handmade leather shoes in the hallway.

Seeing the man coming downstairs, Yu Jing hurriedly picked up the schoolbag thrown at her feet and said hello politely: "Second Uncle, you are at home!"

Yu Tingchuan came back early from a business trip and arranged an ad hoc meeting with the company. An important document fell on the old house. He came to fetch it. He saw his niece at the entrance. He raised his wrist and glanced at the time on his watch. : "School is out so early today?"

"Friday, after finishing the cleaning, the teacher let us leave school early."

"Don't let the driver pick it up?"

After asking, Yu Tingchuan had already noticed another shadow at the door.

The man is wearing a smoky gray shirt with two buttons unbuttoned on the top. He is tall and straight, and he has the mature temperament of an adult man. When he swept over, it seemed that there was no waves, but in fact there was a kind of language that could not be used. The described Jiwei makes people afraid to play with his mind in front of him.

"I came back by taking a taxi with Qingcheng." Yu Jing said, encircling the girl's arm around her and introduced: "Second Uncle, this is my classmate Song Qingcheng, from the class next door."

Yu Tingchuan nodded, did not ask any more, took the suit on the sofa and prepared to leave.

"Second Uncle, are you not eating dinner at home?"

"Well, the company has something to do."

Yu Jing took Song Qingcheng aside and gave way, saying something pleasing: "The second uncle, pay attention to safety when driving."

Yu Tingchuan changed his shoes and wanted to look at his niece, but his eyes fell on the classmate Yu Jing who hadn't spoken all the time. The girl stood there quietly, her long black hair tied into a ponytail, showing her smooth and full forehead, how many The strands of hair are scattered randomly on the cheeks, and the blue and white summer school uniform is not only unsatisfactory when worn on her, but the whole person has a pure charm.

At this moment, Yu Tingchuan's cell phone rang.

He took out his phone from his trouser pocket and took a look, then told Yu Jing, the man's voice was steady and magnetic: "Do your homework, don't just play with the computer."

Yu Jing nodded repeatedly.

Yu Jing didn’t relax until the sound of the car starting the engine was heard outside. She sat on the ground, patted the position beside her to signal Song Qingcheng, and turned her head into the kitchen and said, “Aunt Xu, help me squeeze two banana milkshakes. !"

Withdrawing his gaze from the door, Song Qingcheng asked casually, "Are you afraid of your uncle?"

Yu Jing grumbled and mumbled: "Don't mention it, my second uncle is the one I fear most in this family."

"He hit someone?"

"That's not true." Yu Jing took Song Qingcheng and sat on the sofa together: "It's just a little unsmiling, and usually doesn't talk much. Maybe you have to be stern when you are a boss in the company, or you can't keep the people underneath."

At this time, the housekeeping aunt brought two cups of milkshakes to the living room.

Song Qingcheng took it and thanked him.

Aunt Xu couldn't help but look at her twice.

Perceiving the gaze from the top of his head, Song Qingcheng raised his head and smiled at Aunt Xu, but Aunt Xu was a little embarrassed and said to Yu Jing: "Jingjing, this is your classmate? She looks so beautiful."

"That is!" Yu Jing hooked Song Qingcheng's shaved shoulders with her arm, and said with You Rongyan: "Qingcheng is our Yuanwei's goddess, and those who chase her can circle our school many times."

Song Qingcheng lowered his eyelashes, and there seemed to be a shy curve on his lips.

She always knew that her face was easy to use.

Or, from the day Ge Wenjuan scolded her for looking more and more like her shameless tanuki mother.

After nine o'clock in the evening, Song Qingcheng returned to the Lu's villa, just opened the door, and his eyes flickered. Before she could react, Song Qingcheng had already slapped her left cheek.

"What are you doing with your child!" Lu Xishan's shout followed.

"Children?" Ge Wenjuan sneered: "You take this cheap niece as a baby, but people don't treat you as a filial father! How many roads did I have to get in the relationship with Mr. Liu. His wife died last year and his only son I’m also studying abroad. How many people are looking forward to being a ready-made Kuo wife. She’s good, she offends people to death. If Mr. Liu doesn’t call me and say that we haven’t picked up someone at the school gate, we still don’t know we will be taken. How long did she stay in the dark."

Song Qingcheng's skin was thin and white again, and his beaten cheek immediately showed signs of redness and swelling.

She raised her head and glared resentfully at Ge Wenjuan, and said kindly: "Auntie, you took me to the restaurant for dinner, and you didn't tell me that it was a blind date. Besides, blind date is a matter of eye contact, so I can't talk about it very much. Normally, I didn't say that you must register for marriage when you meet."

"Listen to Lu Xishan, you have raised her for so many years, how does she give back to us now?"

Lu Xishan scolded: "You tell me a few words!"

"Let her go to have a blind date with Mr. Liu, don't you agree? Mr. Liu is still picky with such good conditions. If her pickled things are shaken out, which family in Nancheng wants her? I still don't look down on Liu. In short, people should be grateful if they don't dislike her!"

Song Qingcheng pursed his lips and smiled: "It's a pity that my cousin got married early, or if you like Mr. Liu so much, aunt, you will definitely have to treat Mr. Liu, who is almost fifty years old, as a son in the future."

"You!" Ge Wenjuan couldn't lift it up in a breath, and pointed at Song Qingcheng angrily: "What kind of parents, what kind of species, your mother got married and stole the wild man and gave birth to you. When her husband died, she threw the child and ran Marrying, the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked."

Lu Xishan finally couldn't bear it, and slapped her backhand.

"You hit me?" Ge Wenjuan covered her face and looked at her husband in disbelief.

Lu Xishan bit his cheek tightly, his face was extremely ugly, and said to Song Qingcheng: "Qingcheng, you go upstairs first."

Song Qingcheng's delicate little face always had a slight smile, even if Ge Wenjuan said something awkward, her left cheek was so hot and painful, she didn't even wrinkle her brows, she nodded when she heard Lu Xishan's instructions: "Uncle Auntie, then I'm going back to the room."

Song Qingcheng threw the schoolbag on the bed, picked up the mineral water on the dressing table, and poured half a bottle to resist hunger.

She didn't have dinner at Yu's house, and saw the housekeeping aunt starting to put the dishes on the dining table, so she proposed to leave beforehand, and went wandering outside for more than two hours before returning to Lu's house.

The dispute between Ge Wenjuan and Lu Xishan came from downstairs from time to time.

Song Qingcheng walked to the closet and opened the door, took out an iron box from the bottom drawer, lifted the lid and pulled out the Entertainment Weekly, which was hidden under other things, and turned it over to the one that had been folded by her. That page.

It is a cross-page gossip report.

The photo is not very clear, but it can be distinguished that they are a man and a woman. The two are standing next to a business car. The woman wears sunglasses and masks. She is tall and outstanding. As for the man, the white shirt and black suit have only a vague length. The figure, but still makes people feel the power of the high-ranking person.

The font of the title is highlighted in red and enlarged in the center of the page-the shadow queen Zhou Qi night club Hengyuan boss.

"Tuk-tuk-" There was a knock on the door.

Song Qingcheng stuffed the magazine and the iron box back into the drawer, and closed the closet door as he got up. When Lu Xishan pushed the door open, he only saw the scene of her looking up and drinking water.

Lu Xishan came to her now, with obvious intentions.

Sure enough, after caring about her somewhat swollen face, Lu Xishan said earnestly: "I have already said your aunt. In the evening, Mr. Liu called your aunt. He likes you very much and hopes that our two families can facilitate this marriage. Of course, You don’t like President Liu, and your uncle doesn’t force you. But in this society, it’s not easy to find someone from a well-off family. Uncle doesn’t want you to marry and suffer in the future."

Song Qingcheng looked down quietly, playing with the bottle cap without answering.

Lu's family is not the home of Zhongming's food. The clothing business started by relying on Lu Xishan's father to go to the sea. After two generations of hard work, it finally got a place in the business world of Nancheng. However, in the past five years, the Lu family's clothing company has been declining. I couldn't make a turnaround, and shut down several factories one after another. If this continues, it will be sooner or later to take the real estate certificate to the bank to repay the debt.

Therefore, Ge Wenjuan thought of using marriage to alleviate the company's bankruptcy crisis.

She is not willing to sacrifice blood ties, so she can only use her as an outsider.

Lu Xishan was sitting by the bed with his hands on his knees. He paused and continued: "I called the hospital in the evening. I have already called 50,000 yuan, which should be enough to pay your grandma's medical and hospital expenses in July and August. "

Song Qingcheng's fingers closed, and the corners of the bottle cap hurt her palm.

Silence spread in the room.

After a long time, she said: "Uncle, Mr. Liu, I want to think about it again?"

Lu Xishan's heavy face eased a little, he nodded, stood up and wanted to say something, but looking at his niece's expressionless and green face, he finally swallowed the words back.

Watching Lu Xishan leave the room, Song Qingcheng looked at the floor-to-ceiling mirror next to the door and looked at herself in the mirror. His full and clean forehead, picturesque brows and eyes, tall and delicate nose, pink lips, in his early twenties, positive It's the same age as a flower.

The so-called blind date that Ge Wenjuan arranged for her was about 1.6 meters tall, bald, had a big belly, and had age spots on the back of her hand.

She still remembered the look in Mr. Liu's eyes while he was eating, looking insultingly, as if he was not eating steak, but stripped naked and lying on the porcelain plate.

Song Qingcheng opened the mobile browser, and the page automatically jumped to the content she had queried on the way back.

The word "Yu Tingchuan" was also typed in the search box.

There is very little useful information that pops up. His Baidu Encyclopedia was built on the Internet, which is just a general introduction. It is nothing more than the current president of Hengyuan. There is not even a frontal photo. It was taken half a year ago by the film queen Zhou Qi. The group photo should be his only exposure.

Song Qingcheng just wanted to close Baidu Encyclopedia, but Yu Guang saw a related link, which was the promotion title of the new building in the suburbs of Nancheng-"Royal Palace, Tan Garden in Dream".

Attached is a 3D model of the ultimate luxury villa.

The 1 billion-dollar sandalwood garden is one of the investment projects that Hengyuan has just started this year.

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