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Novel Summary

In order to treat the elders in the family, Song Qingcheng calculated the business legend Yu Tingchuan.

Wedding night.

She handed over a post-nuptial agreement.

The man smiled after reading the agreement: “I’ve got a lot of skills.”

Song Qingcheng pretended to be calm and smiled back: “It’s not that you work hard during the day and cultivate your character at night.”

Yu Tingchuan in the eyes of everyone: rich + beauty + connotation.

Yu Tingchuan in Song Qingcheng’s eyes: old + dull personality + capitalist face!

【In Love】

One day, Mr. Yu was interviewed by the media and talked about personal issues.

Reporter: “For you, how does Mrs. Yu exist?”

Mr. Yu was silent for a few seconds and replied: “She is my life.”

Reporter: “Hehe, Mr. Yu really can make girls happy.”

Mr. Yu smiled lightly: “Mrs. Yu is the first woman I want to coax and want to coax for a lifetime.”


That night, Mrs. Yu refused to allow Mr. Yu to enter the room. The reason: glib tongue, playing with the feelings of female compatriots!

[Mengbao articles]

Mrs. Yu: “Who is the most handsome man in Nancheng?”

Rainbow Raises his hand: “Dad!”

Mrs. Yu: “Who is the most beautiful woman in Nancheng?”

Rainbow Treasure murmured, “It’s not you anyway!”

Mrs. Yu: “…”

Yun Bao excitedly raised his hand: “Now it’s my turn to ask, who is the cutest baby in Nancheng?”

After asking, two chubby little hands put on a cute posture on the chin.

Mrs. Yu: Hehe, it’s real!

[One-on-one, marriage and love text, welcome to jump into the pit]

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:WTB
Alternate Title:商界大佬的甜妻日常
Author:Boss Alcohol
Weekly Rank:#6718
Monthly Rank:#6234
All Time Rank:#6054
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Doting Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead,
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