Su Qian stared at Su Yuzhou blankly.

The cold wind blew, but did not bring the slightest cooling.

He felt that the blood all over his body could not help boiling, his heart violently hit his chest, and his brain went blank for a moment.

For a long time,? He finally found his voice.

Su Qian stared at Su Yuzhou well, and said softly, "Can you?"

Su Yuzhou couldn't help laughing.

His ears hidden in the scarf were also red, but Yingying's smiling eyes were full of deep affection.


He nodded,? Then urged calmly, "Come on, my hands are going to freeze."

Hearing this, Su Qian quickly took his hand.

Skin touch, and a slight coolness came? Finally, he had a real sense of what was happening right now.

Only, in Su Yuzhou's expectant gaze, he did not put the ring on for him, but put it in his pocket.

Su Yuzhou looked at him and blinked for no apparent reason, but very quickly, under his gaze, Su Qian took out a small delicate black box from his pocket.

Then, Su Qian faced him, opened the small box gently, and displayed the contents in front of him.

It's a pair of men's rings.

The silver-white ring body, inlaid with small blue and white diamonds, lies quietly in black velvet satin, shining beautifully and brightly under the mild warm sun in winter.

"This is..."

Su Yuzhou stared blankly at the pair of rings.

Su Qian curled the corners of his mouth and said in a low voice, "I was still thinking, when should I take it out?"

" should wait until you graduate from college before mentioning marriage..."

Over the past year, Su Qian actually tried many times, but Su Yuzhou rejected them all. He hoped that this love relationship could continue for a while.

Gradually, Su Qian didn't mention it again, but hid it in his heart.

"I just didn't expect happiness to come so suddenly."

Su Qian's smile became more and more gentle.

He took out Su Yuzhou's ring and said, "Remember our first meeting, did you pick up a pendant for me?"

Su Yuzhou nodded lightly.

Of course he remembers, how could he forget something so special?


He looked at the blue gemstone set in the ring, his eyes widened, "This will not be..."


Seeing that he had guessed it, Su Qian did not sell any more, he said, "I took out the gemstone of the pendant, sent it to be cut, and set it on the two rings ."

"And now, I can finally put it on for you."

Su Qian took Su Yuzhou's hand and gently put the ring on his left ring finger.

The ring is just right, not too big or too small.

Wearing on Su Yuzhou's white and slender fingers, it is extraordinarily beautiful.


"Like it?"

Su Qian looked at him and asked.

Su Yuzhou glanced at him, his smiling eyes were slightly red.

He opened his arms and hugged Su Qian tightly.

The man also hugged him back and hugged him hard, venting the fiery emotions in his heart.

"Zhou Zhou, let's get married."

Su Qian made this request again.

And this time, Su Yuzhou did not refuse, but said seriously and solemnly:


Obviously he had guessed his answer, but when he heard that he really agreed, Su Qian couldn't help his excitement, picked him up and turned around.

Su Yuzhou exclaimed.

"Oops, the milk tea is about to spill!"

"Sprinkle it." Su Qian said happily, "I'll buy you another cup."

Su Yuzhou was helpless, and slowly, he also laughed along with him.

They did not rush back, but stayed at the school, took a lot of photos and even recorded a video.

"We're getting married!"

Su Yuzhou showed his ring to the camera, and then pointed at Su Qian, "Brother Su, you can also say something." Seeing his laughing appearance, Su Qian didn't say anything immediately, but He held his face and leaned over to kiss him.

Su Yuzhou was stunned for a moment, then responded enthusiastically to him without stopping the recording in his hands.

When the kiss was over, Su Qian released him, looked at the camera and said, "Well, we are getting married."

Su Yuzhou touched his swollen lips, snorted softly, and turned off the video.

And Mr. Su doesn't seem to be satisfied.

He stretched out his hand and pulled him between several trees, pressed Su Yuzhou against the trunk, and kissed him deeply.

On a winter evening, they kissed passionately in the woods on the campus of S University.

The sun slowly fell on the two of them, rendering this scene into a beautiful color, leaving a deep imprint in the long river of time...

It was not until it was completely dark that Su Qian left S University with Su Yuzhou and returned to Su's house.

When they arrived, Dad Su was bringing out the prepared meals. Seeing them coming back, he couldn't help smiling softly: "Go wash your hands, it's time to eat."

Mom Su said, "Why so late? What happened on the road?"

"No, I was wandering around the school."

Su Yuzhou took Su Qian and ran into the kitchen, washed his hands and added rice, and then sat around the dining table to eat together.

"Xiaoyu said she won't come back until the 29th of the lunar calendar." Dad Su talked about his daughter who was far abroad.

"Yes." Su Lan nodded, not paying much attention.

At this time, Su Yuzhou took a sip of soup, and then said casually: "Mom and Dad, Brother Su and I are getting married."

Su Lan and Lin Zi had a meal at the same time, and both pairs of eyes looked at them at the same time.

Compared to Su Yuzhou's casualness, Su Qian was much more serious.

He put down the bowls and chopsticks, took Su Yuzhou's hand, and said, "Zhouzhou agreed to my proposal, and I hope it can also be recognized by the two elders."

Looking at the pair of rings in their hands, what else did Su Lan and Su Lan not understand?

Lin Zi was not surprised, only Su Lan thought it was strange.

Zhou Zhou agreed to his proposal...

Who said that President Su is very strong, but her son is also a top A, to ask Omega to take the initiative, really...

Oh, when will her precious son be able to stand up?

Su Lan didn't speak, but her face was not ugly either, while Lin Zi smiled and said, "As long as you are happy, no matter what you decide, we will support it."

"Right, Lan Lan?" He looked at his wife and said.

Su Lan nodded and said solemnly: "But it can't affect your studies, you know?"

"No, we've discussed it."

Su Yuzhou said, "Get the certificate first, and then hold the wedding after I graduate."

"Well, that's fine." Su Lan nodded, "Since you're going to get married, you've really grown up."

"As an Alpha, you have to be more responsible, you know?"

"Okay, Mom." Su Yuzhou was kind.

"However, we haven't met my in-laws yet." Su Lan said, "Xiao Qian, before you get the certificate, please arrange it."

"Make an appointment to have a meal together and let's talk."

Su Qian paused, and under Su Yuzhou's worried eyes, he patted his hand and said with a smile, "No problem."

"Marriage is a major event in life, and the elders really need to talk together."

Su Lan is satisfied.

She thought about it and said, "I'm happy today, I must have a drink anyway!"

Speaking, she got up and went to get a bottle of good wine.

This was given by Su Qian. She has never been willing to drink it. Today is such a happy day, it must be celebrated.

Su Yuzhou rarely stopped Su Qian from drinking.

Furthermore, after raising him for more than a year, Mr. Su's stomach problem is much better than before, and it's okay to have a few drinks occasionally.

With wine to add to the fun, the atmosphere at the dinner table gradually warmed up. In the evening, Su Qian lived directly at Su's house, and now he finally doesn't have to sleep in a guest room.

"Brother Su, meeting the parents..."

After the two of them washed up, they lay on the bed and whispered.

Su Yuzhou knew that Su Qian's relationship with his family was not very good, so he was a little worried.

"It's okay, I'll let grandpa come." Su Qian said. He and his father had already broken up, and he was about to cut off the relationship between father and son. The only relationship with the hostel was okay, only his grandfather.

"Well." Su Yuzhou nodded, then hesitated again, "Our marriage...will it affect your career?"

In fact, I never agreed to him, and there are also considerations in this regard.


Su Qian shook his head and said very definitely.

"Don't think too much, just marry me at ease, and I will take care of other things."

Listening to his reassuring words, although Su Yuzhou was still a little worried, he didn't say anything more.

He should believe him.

After all, Mr. Su has always been omnipotent in his heart.

The meeting between the parents of both parties went very smoothly, and the time was quickly set.

It's just Saturday, Su Lan doesn't have to go to work.

Early in the morning, she didn't need to call Lin Zi, she got up to wash, then picked out clothes in the room for a long time, and finally wore the one that her husband matched for her.

She was very excited all morning, walking around the house without any pause.

Lin Zi was quite normal, sitting on the sofa knitting sweaters, seeing that she couldn't be idle, he called her over to help pull the wool.

They made an appointment with the hostel for lunch.

When it was almost eleven o'clock, Su Qian drove over in person and picked them up to the restaurant they had made an appointment with.

Su Yuzhou arrived first and had tea with Mr. Su Lao.

It can be seen that the old man still attaches great importance to this meeting, so he arrived early, and he has always been amiable when talking to him.

Not long after, Su Lan and Lin Zi also came to the box under the leadership of Su Qian.

The elders of the Su Su family finally met for the first time.

Both parties intend to facilitate this marriage, and the conversation was naturally very pleasant at the banquet, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Because Su Yuzhou was still in school, the two families unanimously decided to hold the wedding after he graduated from university.

"Our family will move around more in the future." Mr. Su is very happy.

Only after three rounds of wine, he suddenly said: "Xiaoqian, go out with Zhouzhou to see what else you want to eat, and order a little more."

The first floor of the restaurant is the ingredients area, guests can choose their own ingredients, and then order according to the dishes provided by the restaurant, and eat a fresh one.

Su Qian frowned slightly. He looked at his grandfather and clearly felt that he was deliberately taking away the two of them.

Just as he was about to refuse, he heard Su Lan say, "Zhouzhou, go with Xiaoqian."

All of them have worked hard in the workplace for many years. How could Su Lan not see that Mr. Su has something to tell them alone?

Since the two families are to become in-laws, the necessary respect is still required.

What's more, respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue.

Su Qian couldn't, so he could only take Su Yuzhou out of the box together, but he had some bad premonition in his heart.

He took out his phone and sent a message to his grandfather.

It's just that Mr. Su didn't reply, and I don't know if I read the message.

"Brother Su?" Seeing his preoccupied look, Su Yuzhou couldn't help calling him suspiciously.

Su Qian patted his hand reassuringly.

"It's fine."

He thinks too much.

Thinking like this, he pulled Su Yuzhou down to the first floor.

In the box, Mr. Su did have something to say to Su Lan.

After some unhealthy business talk, he finally got to the point and said, "The two of you also know that Xiaoqian is now in charge of the Su family... As an Omega, he can get to where he is today, It can be said that it is very difficult.”

Su Lan nodded, of course she understood this.

Then, Mr. Su continued: "Su's... After all, it is a family business, and Xiaoqian is an Omega. If he gets married, I am afraid it will have a very serious impact on his career."

"I think, this is probably not what Zhouzhou and the two of you want to see?"

Su Lan nodded, she could understand this, but what the old gentleman meant by this...

"Are you against their marriage?"

I said it well just now, why did it suddenly change?

"No no no, you misunderstood, I am not against this marriage, and I also like Zhouzhou very much." Mr. Su said.

This time, Su Lan couldn't understand.

She had to ask, "Then what do you mean..."

Mr. Su looked at her and thoughtfully said: "You may be a little angry when I say this, but it will not be bad for the two children and our two families. ."

Su Lan nodded, and then she heard the old gentleman say: "Ms. Su, I hope Zhouzhou can join our hostel."

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