After the passion period passed, Su Yuzhou took Su Qian to the beach to spend the rest of the holiday together, this time with his parents.

They did not go abroad, but went to the southern island city where the Su family would go every year.

Su Yu continued to be absent this year, but there was an extra Su Qian, which was considered a pair.

As soon as she got to the beach, Su Yuzhou went crazy.

Su Qian accompanied Su's father and Su's mother to bask in the sun on the beach, and Su Yuzhou seemed to be having fun, holding the surfboard and ran to the sea.

From a distance, you can hear his cheerful cry.

In comparison, Su Qian is much more calm.

He looked at the back of the young man rushing towards the waves, and said, "Zhouzhou seems to like the sea?"


Papa Su was applying sunscreen to Su Lan, when I heard his words, I couldn't help laughing softly.

“Zhou Zhou loves surfing and swimming.”

"Maybe when he was a child, we would take him and his sister to the beach to play every summer, so he would have a soft spot for the sea."

Su Qian nodded lightly. At this time, Dad Su handed him a bottle of sunscreen.

"Is it better to apply it, so as not to get sunburned."

In Su's father's eyes, Su Qian is still an Omega,? Although this Omega,? is powerful enough to suppress his Alpha son.

Su Qian quickly took it and applied a thin layer, while Su Lan lay down on the chair next to her, lazily basking in the sun.

She said with emotion: "It's better to be young, think back then, I was also a good surfer,? Now..."

As a sad social animal, she just wants to lie down during the holidays.

Although, sitting beside him is the gold owner of her boss's boss, but it has been more than a year, and now Su Lan can treat Su Qian with a normal heart.

"Xiao Qian, go play too, it's rare to come out." She said to Su Qian.

In front of them, Su Qian always behaved so well-behaved that Su Lan did not discover his true relationship with Su Yuzhou for so long.

Perhaps, if she didn't tell her the story, she would never guess what she told her.

Papa Su would try to hint at her at first, but later he felt that this was nothing.

Now that technology is so advanced, it is not necessary for Xiaoqian to give birth to a baby. Using an artificial reproductive cavity, the baby is as healthy and healthy.

Although this technology is covered by health insurance, it is mainly aimed at Beta.

It is this great invention that has made Beta's fertility rate soar, and society no longer needs to rely on Omega for fertility.

It can be said that this technology not only improves the social status of Beta, but also better protects the rights and interests of Omega, making the current social structure more optimized.

Before this technology was invented, society was much more deformed than it is now, and Omegas could easily be reduced to fertility machines because of population pressure.

And now, this situation has improved a lot.

However, only AB or BB families can enjoy medical insurance deductions, and other families with Omega, if they want to use it, not only need to queue, but also have to pay high fees.


Thinking of Su Qian's extravagance, Dad Su was not too worried about it.

So, he also figured it out later.

As long as the two children are happy, why let so many people know such private things? There is really no benefit other than adding instability to the family.

Su Qian got up and walked towards the beach.

He turned his head and saw the way the Su family and his wife were talking together, and slowly looked back.

After many, many years, will he and Su Yuzhou be like this?

He is very, very looking forward to that scene.

"Brother Su! Come here!"

The voice of Su Yuzhou calling him came from the seaside, Su Qian slightly bent his lips and walked towards the direction of the waves.

Soon, their figures were drowned in the crowd, invisible...

Unconsciously, the summer vacation just passed.

Su Yuzhou started a new school year.

After the experience of being a monitor and a prefect in the freshman year, he was as busy as a top, and in his second year, he learned to behave well.

As soon as school started, at the first class meeting, he proposed that more people should have the opportunity to exercise, and he resigned as the monitor for this reason.

As for the prefect’s errand, he also pushed it out with similar excuses, and the student council president…

He directly did not sign up for election.

Although seniors, seniors, and even counselors came to persuade him, his attitude was firm, and everyone could do nothing about him.

As a sophomore, Su Yuzhou had more personal time.

As a top A, when he was a freshman, he should have accumulated almost as many contacts.

With the experience of a previous life, he does not need to rely on participating in school activities to exercise himself.

Because he had more personal time, he began to be active in various competitions, and he was still active in the eyes of everyone who frequently won awards.

And the legendary love story between him and the president of the Su family, the most fierce O in history, has been circulated over and over in S University, and even freshmen have been popularized by this gossip.

In addition, this year's freshman year did not recruit excellent A, the juniors and juniors couldn't help sighing when they heard that Senior Su was already famous.

There are Omegas who don't give up and try to pry the corners, but...

I laughed so hard, I couldn't pry it.

Then they heard—

Omega had a **** attack in front of Senior Su, and Senior Su was also induced to have a fever period, the superior A senior actually knocked the little O unconscious and quickly fled the scene .

Basically, after learning about this matter, all the Omegas who were ready to move directly chose to give up.

If even the lustful Omega can't seduce him, it's hard to imagine who can shake him.

It is worth mentioning that another excellent A who should have been promoted to sophomore year, namely the senior Jian Baichuan who is known as the most delicate and excellent A in history, dropped out in the last semester.

I heard that he transferred to the military school and should become a soldier brother in the future.

Su Yuzhou was surprised when he first heard him talk about this, but Jian Baichuan seemed quite determined, so he did not persuade him.

Besides, with Jian Baichuan's physique and ability, he believes that as long as he perseveres, he will definitely achieve good results.

Only after Jian Baichuan transferred schools, occasionally, he would see Senior Bai Ke sitting alone on the playground stand, looking up at the evening sky in a daze.

The orange light of the sunset fell on him, warm, gorgeous and charming, but it seemed to be stained with a bit of loneliness.

Sometimes, when he perceives Su Yuzhou's passing, he will look at him, wave his hand, and reveal a clear and soft smile.

Insipid, but amazing time.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable for Senior Bai Ke, as a Beta, to have such a high popularity on campus.

Sometimes Mr. Su is late from get off work, Su Yuzhou will buy two bottles of soda, sit with him for a while, and then leave when Mr. Su picks him up.

Of course, more often, he would invite his friend Ye Yilang to play ball.

This guy's school is next door to him, and he comes to him all day long. Later, he accidentally slipped the tongue and told him that Mr. Su was also present in the "homework" incident.

After that, Little Lemon, who used to shout about seeing Mr. Su every day, just died.

Su Yuzhou invited several times, but he refused to go.

Not long after the semester started, Su Yuzhou found a new house. After moving to the new house, he gradually began to invite friends to his house.

He knows that Mr. Su does not like the smell of others in the house, so he always asks for instructions in advance.

The current Mr. Su has actually changed a lot from when they first met.

He didn't object to his making friends, but every time a guest came to the house, he had to be present and entertain Su Yuzhou's friends as the host.

A lot of the rumors about the love between the two were accidentally told by these friends.

Little Lemon, who had been awkward for a year, finally gathered up the courage this semester and agreed to Su Yuzhou's invitation.

He felt that it had been so long, Su Yuzhou's Omega should not remember anything, right? As a result, when we first met, Su Yuzhou just mentioned his name...

"Oh, you are Ah Lang."

Mr. Omega, who was taller than him, suddenly showed a look of comprehension on his cold and noble face, which made Ye Yilang think too much.

What is he wondering? What does he understand? Do you still remember what happened before?

Before the party, Su Yuzhou reminded him, and Su Qian didn't tell the truth.

However, he was really impressed by this "A Lang".

To this day, his "homework" is occasionally taken out by them to review, study, and improve a lot.

This semester has passed in such a dull and happy day, and soon it will usher in the winter vacation.

On the last day, Su Yuzhou packed up the dormitory, checked the doors, windows, water and electricity, then dragged his suitcase to the school gate, waiting for Mr. Su to pick him up.

As the New Year is approaching, it is already very cold.

He was wearing a hooded jacket, jeans and white sneakers. He didn't feel it when he was indoors, but he felt cold when he came out.

Su Yuzhou stood behind a tree to block the wind, shrunk his neck and rubbed his hands. Just thinking of calling Su Qian, a cup of hot milk tea stuck to his face.

He glanced sideways and grinned.

"Brother Su, you are here!"

He opened his arms and gave the man a hug, then took the hot milk tea he handed over and took a sip.

Su Qian rubbed the top of his hair, then took out a brand new scarf from the bag.

Looking at the scarf, his hand paused slightly, then unfolded it very naturally, folded it around the young man's neck, and helped him fasten it.

Su Yuzhou rubbed the soft scarf, feeling warm and comfortable.

"Did you buy this for me? It's beautiful."

He looked at the style of the scarf, it was simple and fashionable, obviously Mr. Su liked the style, but when he saw a certain detail, Su Yuzhou suddenly stopped.

On one end of the scarf hanging down, four monograms he was very familiar with were woven with white wool—


Su Yuzhou raised his eyes and asked with a smile, "Is this custom made by you?"

Su Qian looked at him, looked away uncomfortably, and whispered, "I knitted it."

Su Yuzhou couldn't help but startled, "Did you knit it yourself?"


"How long have you been knitting?"

"..." Su Qian didn't want to say anything, he said vaguely, "It's not too long."

Su Yuzhou held the hot milk tea in his hand, and immersed himself in the warm scarf, he only felt that his heart melted into water.

"I thought you gave up."

He said suddenly.

Su Qian was stunned and looked at him suspiciously, "What?"

"Dad told learned to knit a scarf from him, and you want to give it to me." Su Yuzhou blinked, feeling a little sour in his eyes.

"He's leaking, don't blame him."

He grinned again, "I never received it, I thought you thought it was too difficult, so I gave up, I didn't expect..."

Su Yuzhou looked at the fine stitches on the scarf, "It's so beautifully knitted, when did you knit it? I didn't find it."

Su Qian pursed his lips, and the roots of his ears were slightly hot.

"At the time of the company..."

He replied reluctantly.

Su Yuzhou laughed happily, in the winter sun, it was very bright.

He suddenly put the milk tea back into Su Qian's hand, then lowered his head, stretched his hands to the back of his neck, and untied the silver chain that had been hanging around his neck.

Su Yuzhou took off the ring on the chain, then took Su Qian's hand, and placed it on the palm of his hand under his dazed gaze.

Su Qian opened his eyes slightly, his heart beating like a drum.

Su Yuzhou took back the milk tea in his hand, and then extended his left hand to him.

He grinned and said with a smile: "Brother Su, please help me put it on."

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