The sky outside the floor-to-ceiling windows is dark and bright, bright and slowly darkening.

Until the horizon became white again.

Su Yuzhou was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, panting heavily.

The body was injected with Alpha of Omega pheromone, and the excitement time was significantly longer than the normal **** attack.

Even though he was tired, his body still couldn't calm down.

Of course, it may also be the first time Su Qian has bitten him.

Su Yuzhou invited Su Qian again, but before the end, he couldn't help sobbing.

Su Qian couldn't bear it, leaned over and kissed the tears from the corner of his eyes tenderly.

"Is it hard?"

In response to him, only little Alpha's low cry.

Su Qian looked at him, rubbed his soft hair distressedly,? "Do you know how to control pheromones now?"

Su Yuzhou hummed a little, with a thick nasal voice.

It has been a day and two nights, his consciousness has long since recovered, but he can feel that the Omega pheromone injected by Su Qian in the glands is still not completely metabolized.

His body is still hot,? Excited.

Want to sleep, but couldn't.

It made him very uncomfortable.

Su Yuzhou leaned against Su Qian softly, exhaustion made him not want to move anymore.

Su Qian leaned down and kissed him.

It's just his kiss,? There's no way to comfort him.

Finally, the man came close to his ear, and his low voice was extremely bewitching, "Zhouzhou,? Bite me."

Su Qian could feel that his passion also began to flare up.

In this case, there is still a need for a person to be in a normal state.

Su Yuzhou pouted.

He is so tired and doesn't want to move...

However, in the end, under the gentle coaxing of the man, he obediently rolled over and overwhelmed him, and then searched for the gland on the back of his neck.

Now he can quickly find the exact location.

Smelling the rich chestnut sweetness, he couldn't help sticking out his tongue and licking it eagerly.

The young Alpha tasted the aroma of chestnuts, which was his favorite.

At this time, he didn't care whether Su Qian would hurt or not, he opened his mouth and bit down, and then mobilized his alpha pheromone.

He felt that the restless tiny elements in his body were released along the tips of his teeth and injected into Su Qian's glands under his control.


Su Qian gritted his teeth and raised his head uncontrollably.

He closed his eyes slightly, his eyelashes fluttering violently.

He just relaxed quickly.

In fact, this process is not as painful as imagined, except for the slight tingling at the beginning, it is a dazzling sensory experience.

As if something bloomed in his body.

Slowly, the heat in his body subsided, and the weak limbs regained their strength.

Su Yuzhou, who was pressing on him, finally slowly loosened his teeth, and after using his last strength, he collapsed on him.

Su Qian raised his arms and hugged him firmly, full of love and treasure.

"Zhou Zhou, you did a great job."

Su Qian kissed the top of his hair and whispered.

Su Yuzhou leaned against him, sniffed pitifully, and finally used the tip of his tongue to lightly lick the wound on his gland.

He tasted a faint smell of blood, and another sweet taste that made him addicted.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.

"No pain, very comfortable."


Only then did he feel relieved, and rubbed the man's hair. He closed his eyes and fell asleep tiredly without saying the rest.

It seems that because of the release of some alpha pheromones, his body finally calmed down, and tiredness struck, and he soon fell into a deep sleep.

You can feel that he is really tired, he fell asleep almost a second, and his breathing soon became smooth and long.

Su Qian hugged him and kissed the young man's face pitifully.

He really felt that as the Alpha pheromone combined with his Omega pheromone, his attachment and dependence on Su Yuzhou deepened.

He wanted to be by his side all the time, just like this.

However, he also knew very well that this feeling came more from his heart.

He loves him deeply, and this combination makes their relationship even closer.

He likes it and is satisfied.

So immersed for a while, Su Qian opened his eyes, picked up the young man who was still asleep, and walked into the bathroom.

Soon, the sound of rushing water came from the bathroom.

Su Qian took the young man and sat in the bathtub.

Su Yuzhou squinted his eyes, no matter how much he wiggled, he didn't wake up.

He picked up the clear water and dropped it on the young man's arm, thinking to himself, these two days are really crazy, and then they need to adjust for a while.

When Su Yuzhou woke up from hunger again, it was noon.

The bright sunlight came in through the gaps in the curtains, the room was empty, and he was alone.

After the extreme excitement of the body, there will be bursts of unbearable emptiness, and this emptiness will aggravate the sensitive emotions during the susceptible period.

“Brother Su…”

He murmured and hurriedly rolled over and got out of bed.

With his feet on the ground, he couldn't help feeling a little soft, making him almost fall back to the bed.

He slowly walked towards the door.

Before holding the doorknob, the door clicked and was opened from the outside.

Su Qian was standing at the door. When he saw him, he couldn't help but startled slightly, and then smiled softly.


As soon as he opened his arms, the young man threw himself into his arms and hugged him tightly.

Su Yuzhou sniffed the chestnut scent on his body, and his mood was finally greatly comforted, and then...

He blinked and sniffed on Su Qian.

Isn't that...his coconut scent?

In the past, every time they passed, Su Qian would also be stained with his scent, but if he didn't smell it carefully, he couldn't actually smell it, but now... it's so rich.

I don't know why, but after smelling this smell, Su Yuzhou felt a strange sense of satisfaction in his heart.

Like the current Mr. Su, who is truly and completely belongs to him.

He loves it!

"Brother Su, you smell so good."

He rubbed and rubbed in Su Qian's arms and said happily.

Su Qian hugged him back, the corners of his mouth curved into a sweet smile, he asked, "Are you hungry? It's time to eat."

"Yeah! Eat!"

Su Yuzhou was awakened by hunger, but he did not let him go.

"Will you carry me down?" he asked softly.

Faced with him like this, how could Su Qian refuse?

But instead of squatting down, he stretched out his arms to wrap his arms around his waist, let his legs hang on his body, then hugged him face to face and walked into the elevator.

Su Yuzhou leaned on his shoulder, his eyes fell on the back of his neck.

Su Qian's body froze slightly, and then quickly relaxed.

"You're not allowed to bite me again..."

He heard the youth say aggrievedly, "Too tired..."

Su Qian smiled, kissed the corner of his eye, and said nothing.

Su Yuzhou thought he agreed and hummed.

The two went to the first floor, even when they were eating, Su Yuzhou was sticking to Su Qian's side.

His susceptibility period is worse than last year.

He once again became a pendant on Mr. Su's body, he followed wherever he went, couldn't leave him for a moment, and was more clingy than before.

Su Qian quite likes him.

The little Alpha in the susceptible period is really sticky and cute.

Because of the hot season, they can only stay at home this month.

However, because of Su Yuzhou's temporary mark, Su Qian is no longer worried about the disorder of the **** period and the sudden attack, so he can go to the company with confidence.

Su Qian stayed at home with Su Yuzhou for a week, and then continued to take time to go to the company.

However, it is not entirely because he is busy with business, but...

"Knock Knock Knock-"

Assistant Lin held a stack of documents in his hand, raised his hand and knocked on the door of the president's office. After hearing Su Qian's response, he twisted the door handle, pushed the door and walked in.

Actually, the door of the president's office is open on weekdays, only when…

Assistant Lin looked up at the back of the desk.

I saw a tall man in a suit and leather shoes, sitting in a modern top-floor office with bright windows and clean windows, leaning on an office chair with exquisite workmanship and cold lines, his hands...

Holding two wool rods, bowing his head and weaving a scarf seriously, the technique looks very skilled.

Even after watching this scene many times, Assistant Lin's mood is still uncontrollable.

This scenario started last fall.

In the beginning, he really couldn't accept it, it felt like a bolt from the blue.

At that time, Mr. Su was not so blatant, not so shy, and weaving scarves in the office was also sneaky.


After he said that he also knitted sweaters, Mr. Su seemed to regard him as a friend, and then it developed into what it is today.

To be honest, Mr. Su really has no talent in this area, and he is usually busy with work, so he can't bring it home to knit, so he knits very slowly.

And the fatal thing is that his vision is very high, so the finished product can not always satisfy him.

So many stitches have been woven, it seems that none of them have been sent out.

Calculate, from last autumn weaving to now, it will be one year soon...

For the patience and perseverance alone, Assistant Lin still admires and envy the love between President Su and Mr. Su.

He only hoped that Mr. Su could successfully send out the scarf he knitted by himself this winter.

When Assistant Lin walked to the desk, Su Qian put down the wool and semi-finished products in his hand, took the document he handed over with a calm air, and read it.

Assistant Lin earnestly reported her work.

Finally, Su Qian nodded and signed after confirming that there was no problem.

"How about the ring that you made custom before?" He asked casually.

The one hanging on Su Yuzhou's chest is expensive, but he still hopes to be a little more special and give his baby a surprise.

"The production is already underway, and it should be completed in a month." Assistant Lin replied.

"Well, you can follow up."

"Okay, Mr. Su."

The author has something to say: getting closer and closer to the end~