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Who Doesn’t Like a Sweet Little Alpha?

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Su Yuzhou reincarnated into the ABO world after his death and became a top-level alpha. Influenced by the conceptions of his previous life, he never thought that a susceptible period would have any effect on him – after all, as an upright young man, how could he be enticed by pheromones to push down a weak Omega?

Then, he became the one who was pushed down _(:з”∠)_

Atypical ABO story, Omega Gong X Alpha Shou.

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Short Title:WDLSLA
Alternate Title:小甜A谁不喜欢呢
Weekly Rank:#2507
Monthly Rank:#2224
All Time Rank:#4313
Tags:Manly Gay Couple, Omegaverse, Power Couple, R*pe, Reverse R*pe, Transported to Another World, Younger Love Interests,
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26 Comments on “Who Doesn’t Like a Sweet Little Alpha?
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  1. as a whole story, from Su Yuzhou's insecurities in the ABO world and the mentality that Su Qian feels as an Omega that society looks down on,I think this is really fun to read. harmonious atmosphere though to be honest I entered here because of the "Transported to Another World" tag, And a little worried about the r*pe tag there, apparently it was only once during their meeting. And that's a misunderstanding In essence, when they were together, it was really very warm and made me feel their love. I also didn't expect it to end so quickly and suddenly, like, "Hey this isn't enough! Give another chapter after they get married or have kids", I thought.┐⁠(⁠ ̄⁠ヘ⁠ ̄⁠)⁠┌

  2. It's nice to switch roles. I even wiped my saliva.There are some episodes missing You can find missing episodes from the original novel.

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