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In the era of steam and mystery, becoming a correspondence student at the Thaumatology Academy was something Shad never thought of.

A whispering voice rang in my ears, who was reciting the poems of foreigners——

The old gods and aliens,

When the brassy rings of fate turn,

The golden runes are flickering.

steam surge,

the fire flickers,

Relic echoes,

The old gods revived.

The outstretched hand after the thick fog,

Pull back the hazy curtain of the crazy age.

Guests from afar explore the lands of the Old Continent,

Striking the melody of the next era.

Came here through the gate of time,

Shad put down his suitcase,

Look at the silvery moonlight overhead.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:WV
Alternate Title:呢喃诗章
Author:Salted fish pilot
Weekly Rank:#738
Monthly Rank:#779
All Time Rank:#4756
Tags:Action, Adventurers, Calm Protagonist, Card Games, Clever Protagonist, Detectives, Evil Gods, Ghosts, Gods, Harem, Late Romance, Mystery Solving, Mythology, Pets, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slow Romance, Thriller,
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28 Comments on “Whispering Verse
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  1. This one is a Amazing read for mystery/ thriller genre lovers out there. Although it has the cthulhu, LOTM vibes with old god's/ evil gods/ scp type relics and everything, it still focuses on the thrilling adventures of the mc rather than the horror/ mystery past. The best thing I like about this novel is its pacing where every action has a purpose and is tied together by "fate". When the ending of a arc is reached, you will see how each simple actions done in earlier chapters helps him get Victorious. Summary: Our MC gets transmigrated into this Victorian era where supernatural incidents and scp type activities are rampant. While understanding the world, his own mysterious powers and its origin, the MC tries to reach the top through a way that no one has ever attempted while meeting important companions along the way. MC Personality: Pretty much common serious mc template who is smarter than usual, is meticulous and goal driven with a neutral good moral point of view. Nothing particularly stands out about him. Go give this a read and try to pass through the earlier 30-40 chapters which are a little slow/ Boring. The rest of the book will definitely be worth your time

  2. This novel is very slow burn, the mystery is 't as good as LOTM but the mystery vibe done right , power system is decent, and this novel name should be Whispering Poem

  3. Terlalu jujur tidak ada kesan misteriusnya untungnya masih ada beberapa rahasia yang belum diceritakan (hanya sedikit), selalu dengan teman wanita Lagi mencari keinginan Mencoba untuk meneruskannya... Saran: Jangan menaruh ekspektasi tinggi

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