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Where’d My Delicate Little Wife Go?

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Xie Yunnan accidentally learned that he was a cannon fodder in someone else’s love, and would lose his life because of it.

What the hell is this? He doesn’t want to die!

Also, he is clearly a top. His dream since childhood was to marry a beautiful and fair-skinned wife!

After inadvertently saving a pitiful and frail beauty, Xie Yunnan bit down, and got the certificate with someone.

He married, and the scumbag left.

After marriage, Xie Yunnan fed his little wife every day and vowed to be a considerate and good husband.

After feeding and feeding, he gradually felt that something was wrong.

Good little wife, why are you getting stronger?!


Duan Changqing, a body-refining madman, transmigrated into a pitiful little fellow with injuries all over his body, and found a Taoist companion who was in-line with his heart.

He is very satisfied.

He will definitely grow back his muscles as soon as possible, and beat down all those who dare to bully his Taoist companion!

Duan Changqing worked hard to cultivate. After becoming strong, he suddenly found that he was also the most respected high priest in this world.

Duan Changqing, who had just become the leader of the rebel army and is discussing with people how to kill all the priests including the high priest: “…”

How to hide his vest? Urgently waiting online!

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:WMDLWG
Alternate Title:说好的小娇妻呢?
Weekly Rank:#4596
Monthly Rank:#5965
All Time Rank:#6921
Tags:Beast Companions, Beasts, Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Hiding True Identity, Manly Gay Couple, Marriage, Misunderstandings, Pets, Reincarnation, Secret Identity, Transmigration,
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  1. Please someone help me, I lost a novel and I couldn't find it, the story is, he went back in time in his body as a child and he was very terrified, so he decided that when he grows up he will run away and when he met his brother he fainted and decided to act that he is sick even though he doesn't know basically He's really sick. He thought a doctor couldn't do his job. He's also a Duke's adopted son. Please if you know this is a novel. Tell me. I apologize if there are spelling mistakes. I use a translator. Please, if you know what her name is, write it for me.

  2. sounds interesting, but unfortunately I don't know the story :(( I want to red it tho, so if anyone knows the story please tell us the title :)))!!

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