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When Will The Empress Start Broadcasting

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“As long as you sign this contract, I will become your best assistant, help you achieve great achievements, and help you become a winner in life…”
Xiao Ying said: “It sounds good.”
“I like to do challenging things.”
The system was refreshed, and felt that there was a drama, and was about to strike while the iron was hot and continue to say something, but she heard her say again—
“My last occupation was the founding emperor of the Galaxy Empire. I worked for others and rebelled.”
“It has regained the lost territory of mankind, expanded its territory, and ruled most of the universe. It has conquered countless galaxies and ethnic groups, and has trillions of people.”
“And to what extent are you talking about great achievements and winners in life?” Compared to her last career, how challenging was it?
System: “Wait a minute, I’ll see if I match the wrong person.”

[Reading reminder]:
1. Brainless cool text, invincible flow, and running account-style fast wear.
2. The live broadcast system is just props and adjustments.
3. You can criticize suggestions, but refuse to insult ginseng attacks, and you will be irritable when encountering ginseng attacks.

Content Labels: System Quick Pass Shuangwen Live Streaming
Search keywords: protagonist: Xiao Ying ┃ supporting role: many ┃ others: scumbag abuse, face slap, counterattack
One sentence introduction: Why are you kneeling and watching the live broadcast?
Purpose: Do not admit defeat in life

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:WWESB
Alternate Title:女帝什么时候开播[快穿]
Author:Tired of customers
Weekly Rank:#538
Monthly Rank:#1381
All Time Rank:#7798
Tags:Female Protagonist, Live broadcast, Live Streaming, No Cp, No romance, Quick Transmigration, Rebirth, System, Transmigration,
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