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When the Empress Dresses Up As a Female Trainee

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Qi Mo had been enthroned for less than a month, and died of physical and mental exhaustion.
When I opened my eyes again, I became a love brain female supporting role in an ancient entertainment novel, disguised as a dog man and woman disguised as a man to participate in the audition, tore to death with the dog man’s deadly rival Lan Muzhou, and was finally hacked by the whole network to the point of depression .
Looking at the trainee who was as rough as a woman, Qi Mo was surprised: “Using ugliness as beauty?”
Seeing the contestants lift up their shirts on the stage, Qi Mo frowned: “I don’t respect masculinity!”
Thinking that he would lose the game in the book, Qi Mo had a playful face: As a woman, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if she lost to a man?
So during the performance, the black fans who wanted to kill Qi Mo at the top of their voices saw——
Qi Mo’s spin and 720° mid-air rotation blows up the audience.
It’s the same as what I’ve seen in martial arts movies!
…But this is fucking reality! !
Ever since Qi Mo changed his attitude and started to practice dance with Lan Muzhou, the “Weekend CP” who ranked first x last was praised by netizens.
After seeing the violent remarks of netizens knocking on CP, Lan Muzhou’s face was flushed, disgusted and weird in his heart, he hurriedly said: “I don’t like men, can you stay away from me?”
Not long after, he watched Qi Mo being surrounded by a crowd of stars, and even his arch-rival who only wanted to use Qi Mo in the past intentionally interacted intimately with Qi Mo in front of the camera.
Lan Muzhou finally lost his composure, and blocked Qi Mo in the changing room: “Do you still like him?”

At the banquet, a certain young master took the initiative to introduce to Lan Muzhou, “That is the only daughter of the Qi family. She grew up abroad and just returned to China. She is right in the same family as you.”
Lan Muzhou turned his head impatiently, “You’re the same family.”
But when he saw Qi Mo in women’s clothing, he almost knocked over his wine glass.
Are you sure the Qi family only has…the only daughter? ?
#口味身直口hard-hearted and soft-hearted second-generation ancestor who loves to blush
#Superficially uninhibited, cynical and principled heroine
#Male Strong Female Stronger

Read the guide:
·Maybe a little sand sculpture
·The heroine comes from the heroine, examines moderately, and understands the equality of men and women
·The hero doesn’t like men, he only likes Qi Mo
·This entertainment circle is not equal to the real entertainment circle, the author has the final say, do not substitute

One-sentence introduction: The female dignitary wears to the modern age
Conception: Create a better future together

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Search keywords: Protagonist: Qi Mo, Lan Muzhou ┃ Supporting role: column has advance receipt~ ┃ Others:

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Short Title:WEDUAFT
Alternate Title:当女帝穿成女扮男装练习生
Author:Mo Baqian
Weekly Rank:#6645
Monthly Rank:#7043
All Time Rank:#8430
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8 Comments on “When the Empress Dresses Up As a Female Trainee
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  1. Very overrated story. Not more than 3 stars. There is no sense of harmony. Some aspects are focused and emphasized more, eather illogically. Doesn't look natural in character building and interpersonal relationships. I was expecting a lot with raving reviews and rating so high. Not for the old reader, readers with lots of books. read, this one might look immature.

  2. Jeez, I seem to have realized something horrible about me. Apparently, I have a tendency to like the type of girls stronger than boys and bully them every now and then. As I recall, this probably started when I started trying to drop myself from BL novels and tried Female A Male O novels. And it did work, even reading all the female protagonists and the other pairs of male protagonists normally, but I didn't expect, among all normal (BG) novels I prefer GB?!! What? Am I weird?? 😱Terrible ah terrible, I don't even dare to read Yuri's novels for fear of being twisted. Ouch! Terrifying... 😭🔥

  3. It was rushed tho, and just like what the fella below me said. It's like your reading a BL 😆 I was waiting for their relationship to sail more and see them marry lol

  4. Princess transmigrated into a heiress. I think the princess world might be matriarchal but there's no explanation on this. You can say the FL is OP. Btw since it's gender bender, half of the romance were like BL hahaha, and most of the novel describes abt the idol competition and the likes, i skipped it tho. It's quite enjoyable

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