"I woke up and became the richest man" by Yuxiao Liantai


What does it feel like to be rich?

When you thought you were going to be poor all your life, the system gave you an initial amount of one billion!

System: One billion in one sleep, and one billion in another sleep, isn’t it great?

Jing Xiao: Awesome!

System: Bind?

Jing Xiao: Tie, Tie, Tie!

Then Jing Xiao looked at the peerless beautiful man in the mirror and fell silent.

System: Sorry, the gender of the host is wrong. For the sake of one billion a day, please bear with it for a while? Complete a lot of tasks and you can change it back!

Jing Xiao:…

Money is not everything, but nothing is impossible without money.

In this new era where superpowers are everywhere, Jing Xiao's superpowers are unique and unique in the world - rich!

Besieged by the enemy, Jing Xiao: 100,000 per person, surrender to the enemy and become a traitor!

Enemies: ...do!

The battlefield was beaten by a group, Jing Xiao: krypton gold upgrade! Krypton Gold Upgrade!

Enemies: …! !

You cheat!

Being targeted at the meeting, Jing Xiao: I'm going to take out today's income.

Participants: Your proposal is unanimously approved!

Are you as good as a strand of my hair?


I have seen the female version of Jingxiao, and the boss is shocked: Cough, brother-in-law, do you still need a brother-in-law?

Jing · himself is his brother-in-law · Xiao: Go away.

This article is also known as: game gold coins come true, you can't imagine the happiness of the world's richest man, my super power is the world's richest man, the self-cultivation of the world's richest man.

The heroine is a woman disguised as a man. The male identity is more like a black technology disguise, not a real gender change, and you need to complete the task to restore the female appearance.

The female protagonist Su is loved by many people. The male protagonist is likely to be an elf prince, and there may not be many emotional scenes. The female protagonist does not marry.

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One sentence introduction: My superpower is the richest person in the world

Intention: Even if you have extraordinary ability, it does not mean that you can act recklessly.