Countless people clicked in, wanting to watch the decisive battle on the Gaia base.

This caused the live broadcast room to collapse several times, until the army of the super power world began to march, the official live broadcast of each super power organization started, and the puppet boy's live broadcast room was stabilized.

All the battle groups in the super power world attacked, what kind of grand occasion was that?

There is a huge Joan whale flying in the sky, and Joan whale is full of power users.

Next to it is a large helicopter, which is densely packed at a glance.

This time, the full deployment of the super power world is even more magnificent than when the battlefield was just started.

The people around the world watching the live broadcast were all screaming with excitement, and even the gloomy atmosphere recently because of Gaia spy was swept away.

The Gaia base already knew the news.

All members quickly ran to their positions in accordance with the previous drills, and started defense and counterattacks.

The radicals who were caught off guard are also trying their best to come here, wanting to give Gaia support.

Global live broadcast.

The puppet boy found out that Gaia had started the defense, and immediately discussed with Krisna.

Krisina did not say a word, one move "Deep Sea Funeral Song", huge sea monsters lined up to come.

Before Jing Xiao arrived with the army of the super power world, the sea monsters had already started a war with the members of Gaia.

They have thick skin and are not afraid of being beaten. They are huge and obedient.

Krisna's singing is like a rhythmic war drum. As soon as a high note rises, the sea monsters swipe their tentacles, tails and heads in unison, towards the shroud that enveloped the entire Gaia base. The defensive cover was smashed hard.

When the Gaia members fought back with superpowers and anger, Krisna’s singing changed again, and the sea monsters all set off a tsunami, and the Gaia members rushed to the individual and turned on their backs, Any superpower attack was drowned out by the monstrous sea.

The supervisors who commanded the war had no choice but to move out the heavy super weapons in advance and start firing at the sea monsters.

The azure ocean suddenly turned into a sea of ​​red blood. The sea monsters were beaten with broken tentacles, mutilated tails, and their heads were almost blown off, screaming in pain.

Chrisna was angry, she spread her arms and sang softly, the healing magic instantly turned into a light rain, falling on all the sea monsters, quickly healing their injuries.

Then, Krisna looked at the Gaia members who were controlling heavy super weapons, raised her head and screamed.


"Bang bang bang!"

A series of explosions sounded on Gaia Island, and all the Gaia members targeted by Krisna were headshot!

Only a headless corpse fell to the ground, blood splattered all over the floor.

One of the supervisors gasped in shock and shouted in anger: "I said it was time to kill her! Kill her sooner!"

The mermaid Krisna posed a threat to the Gaia base, as early as the first time Krisna set off a tsunami and summoned the sea monster, the Gaia monitors realized it.

At that time, they repeatedly wanted to use the hands of those generations of super knights to assassinate Krisina, but they all failed because of Jing Xiao's heavy protection.

After Krisna went to the battlefield this time, the supervisors couldn't hold back and sent many level 8 enforcers to assassinate her, but they still failed.

The protection of Christina by the Jiuding Association and the major super power organizations can be said to be without dead ends.

Not to mention a level 8 executor, even a level 8 supervisor, it is impossible to succeed.

Until this time, the supervisors finally caught Christina through the traps of those generations of super knights.

In the end, before the mermaid had time to kill, a young power user was killed halfway, and the subordinates of the power knights and Gaia's executor were directly destroyed.

That young man, despite his young age, is terrifyingly powerful, and he can actually directly manipulate the blood in the body!

Before this, there was no such superpower in the super power world at all, and Gaia's executors were all killed without any precaution.

And the supervisors, before they even had time to taste the taste of failure, were knocked on the door by Christina and the sea monsters, and they made a good start.

One scream can kill a hundred people, this needs to be more, Gaia's executor might not be enough for her to kill!

Another monitor said with a sullen face: "I have never seen this mermaid with this ability before, is she hiding?"

If she had such a powerful ultimate move before, she should have shown it on the battlefield long ago, and she should not have stayed until now.

The supervisor who roared before calmed down, he took a deep breath and said, "I'm afraid Jing Xiao's super power level has increased again."

The fact that Jing Xiao's summoned beast can increase her strength along with her super power level is no longer a secret in the super power world, and it is even less a secret for her enemies.

The supervisor who asked the question already had a bad premonition. He gritted his teeth and said, "This mermaid has upgraded to such a big killer move, that Jingxiao's other summoned beasts..."

What kind of ultimate move do I have to upgrade?

When I think of Jingxiao's Frost Giant Ape, it can be temporarily upgraded by two levels, and Jing Xiao has now reached the seventh level, doesn't it mean that the Frost Giant Ape can Temporarily upgrade to the ninth level? !

Thinking of this, the expressions of the supervisors changed.

The leading watchdog ran away, eager to persuade the oathmen not to fight again.

Other watchers are like crazy, dispatching Gaia members to fight back desperately, vowing to give the oathers time to retreat.

In the Gaia base.

The pledger is standing in the square, quietly watching the followers of the saints, one by one brainwashing the members of Gaia who are about to be sent away.

Gaia's defeat is a foregone conclusion, the most important figures in the organization, such as a group of researchers and their leader Dr. Talent performers, etc., have already been sent away. They were all among the first to retreat.

What is left are the battlefield cannon fodder that Gaia is preparing to work with the super world to cover the other evacuees.

All those left behind are also willing to be cannon fodder.

As long as the organization can make a comeback, they will die as many times as they want.

Furthermore, their leader, His Excellency the Oath, stayed behind despite the danger. Even if they were cannon fodder, they would die without regret.

But after hearing that long cry resounding throughout the world, the Oathkeeper changed his mind.

He asked several monitors to gather a group of Gaia members with strong combat power and great potential, ready to use the last teleportation method to send them away.

And he will take the remaining Gaia members to death.

Because of this sudden retreat, I finally managed to make myself "severely injured and die soon", and Dong Qing, who was successfully assigned to the cannon fodder camp, was also temporarily summoned.

This completely disrupted Holly's plan, she looked calm and composed, and she was already anxious.

She didn't calm down until the watchers finished speaking.

This retreat was done on a voluntary basis.

If you are willing to keep a useful body for Gaia, and make a comeback in the future, you can choose to retreat, but you must accept the second brainwashing.

Unwilling to retreat, if you want to work hard for Gaia now, you can continue to stay and fight with the army of the super power world.

Holly took the opportunity of other Gaia members to ask about the comeback plan, and also asked a few questions aloud, trying to guess what Gaia was going to do.

In the end, what came out of the watchers' mouths surprised Holly.

Sleep plan: All the retreating members of Gaia must fall into a deep sleep in special equipment, the body will be delayed from aging, and when they are awakened again, they will drink it and recover immediately The potion of peak state, once again working for Gaia.

The Dormant Plan: A large number of adherents, promisers, executors, etc., have changed from light to dark, changed their identities to other identities, and silently lurked all over the world, accumulating strength for Gaia's recovery.

Silence Project: A small number of researchers will enter the world's major research holy places with the help of those who fulfill their promises, gain fame with some of Gaia's research results, and then logically participate in various In important research, it is guaranteed that even if Gaia falls into silence, it can maintain a world-class level in the development of super power scientific research.


She quickly learned from the Gaia members next to her, pretending to be excited, shouting "Gaia is immortal", but she was thinking quickly, whether she should stay in peace No, sir, is it to meet with Sister Jing, or should you continue to lurch with Gaia, and when Gaia makes a comeback again, send a letter to Sister Jing and give Gaia a head-on attack.

Holly hesitated again and again, and finally she gritted her teeth and decided to join the Sleeping Plan.

There are countless spies of Gaia in the super world, but she is the only spy in the super world in Gaia.

Sister Jing will also encounter danger.

Holly couldn't accept such a thing, so she resolutely raised her hand.

"Holly, apply for the Sleeping Project!"

When her voice landed, a monitor next to her immediately smiled.

He comforted: "Holly, don't be afraid, your injury is serious now, but after you teleport, the doctor will give you a special treatment potion, the injury can be delayed immediately, wait for you again When you are awakened, your wounds will definitely be healed."

Super medical treatment is developing rapidly, and when these dormant Gaia die-hards wake up again, many diseases and injuries that were once incurable will no longer be a problem.

Holly nodded to him calmly and walked towards the smiling saint step by step.

Her heartstrings were tense, and she tried to mobilize her superpowers to comfort herself, she could do it, she would definitely do it.

Since she has survived Gaia's first brainwashing, this time, she will definitely be able to survive!

The world's second-ranked spiritual power user, the saint, smiled and put his hand on top of Holly's head.

A minute later, Holly was taken away with a dull look.

She was brought to a silver-haired man along with other Gaia members who had been brainwashed twice.

Half an hour later, the silver-haired man raised his hands, a dazzling silver light enveloped the surroundings, and all the retreating Gaia members disappeared collectively.

In that second, Holly bowed her head slightly and smiled.

The oath turned his head and looked over, frowning slightly.

Besides, the leader of the supervisor who persuaded him to retreat again failed, sobbed and asked: "Is there any problem with the transmission?"

The Pledger stared at the clearing for a while, then slowly shook his head.

He just intuitively realized that something was wrong and recalled it carefully, but he could not detect any problem, so he simply gave up thinking.

The Pledger is in a calm mood.

No matter what is wrong with these people, what is wrong with their plans, in the face of his long lifespan and infinite resurrections, they are just ants that hinder the progress of the elephant.


The Pledger raised his head and looked to the sky.

The huge summoned beast has already revealed its figure, and the army of the super power world is about to arrive at the Gaia base.

He turned around and strode out of the square, ready to fight.

He and Jing Xiao's, a decisive battle!

The Gaia base was surrounded by an army of super powers that covered the sky and the sun.

In the air, at sea, and at sea, the densely packed power users surrounded the Gaia base three times only by the number of people.


The members of Gaia were exposed on the island together with the base, with overwhelming enemies above their heads, sea monsters roaring in the sea, and all the super weapons on helicopters and ships aimed at them, There are also giant beasts as large as mountains to block the sun.

There is nowhere to escape, and there is nowhere to hide. This is simply a desperate situation of death.

But none of the Gaia members on the island showed timidity.

They roared wildly, picked up super guns, set up super guns, displayed all super powers, and fought back fiercely against the enemies who were about to drown them!

Even if it is the super power world army, there will be a momentary pause in the attack.

Even in the live broadcast room, the audience who were still shouting to kill Gaia just now became quiet and watched this decisive battle with red eyes.

After a moment, the roar and screams of the super power world suddenly resounded in the sky, and they began to attack and fight desperately.

Because they were in the Gaia base, they saw their relatives and friends who they thought were missing or dead, and they saw their relatives who had changed their temperament and broke away from home.

Those who said they would protect them and be with them forever have become their enemies, protecting Gaia who hurt them.

Hatred and grief condensed into strength, supporting the power users even if they burst into tears, they were desperately killing the enemy.

There are no more barrages in the live broadcast room. Countless viewers are crying and praying, hoping that peace will come soon, that these sorrows will pass soon, and that these wars and deaths have never happened.

The members of Gaia retreated steadily, and the original magnificent base was bombarded to tatters. This piece of sea water.

Charge and fight the enemy in close quarters.

The war has hit now, and the super power world and Gaia are full of endless hatred for each other, which cannot be resolved at all.

Power users on both sides would rather die with the enemy than take a step back.

Whether it is the Super League or the Imperial Knights, even the little golden cauldrons of the Jiuding Association are out of control, and they don’t care about their lives.

Jing Xiao, Dick Stoker, Scott Burns and other leaders saw the overwhelming momentum, they simply gave up the retreat order and began to participate in the war, working hard with the power users kill the enemy.

This is the anger and hatred of the entire superpower world and all superpowers. If these emotions cannot be vented in this decisive battle, then after the war is over, these resentments will sooner or later become bombs , bringing a series of scourges to the super power world and the world.

On the tragic battlefield, there are only shouts, gunfire, and superpowers. There is no clean ground on the island of Gaia.

The members of Gaia were rapidly decreasing, just as they retreated to the only base building that was still intact, ready to fight back again.

A sigh resounded through the battlefield.


—Pledger, here we come!


The base building was blown into countless pieces, and it shot straight at the army of the super power world like a sharp sword, killing thousands of people in an instant.

A figure wearing a white robe embroidered with gold and red patterns and a hood slowly lifted into the sky, standing out of thin air in the sky.

He slowly raised his head, looked at the overwhelming enemy army, stretched out his hand, took off the mask with strange patterns on his face, revealing a very handsome face, and a pair of deep sea blue eyes .

His eyes scanned the battlefield calmly.

Just this sight made everyone tremble with fear, and the courage, anger, and hatred they used to fight all disappeared in an instant.

At this moment, they just want to step back, retreat to a place where this person can't see, hide under their blankets and shiver.

The oath, Hugh Bert Augsger, only needs one person to shock thousands of troops and resist the enemy army.

The entire battlefield became quiet at this moment.

The fighting spirit and morale of the enemy and us are rapidly fading, no one dares to move, and no one dares to make a sound.

They didn't even dare to look directly into the eyes of the oath, only dared to look at the hem of his robe lifted by the wind, the teeth gradually began to fight, and the hands holding the weapons were shaking.

In front of the oath, the other superpowers are like little ants that resist the elephant and the Tyrannosaurus rex, humble and insignificant.

Jing Xiao stood on top of Joan Whale's head and shouted in a deep voice, "Retreat! All retreat!"


The ninth-level power user is a complete transformation from the soul to the body, which has vaguely transcended the scope of human beings.

The ninth level is a critical stage in preparing for the tenth level racial sublimation. As long as the tenth level can be upgraded, the power user can completely get rid of the human identity and become a brand new one. cosmic race.

The new race may still maintain the appearance of human beings, but it is no longer human. It can be called an advanced version of the human universe, or it can be said to be an evolved new race.

In the interstellar civilization, there are countless such examples, and the super civilization is only a part of it.

And the oath, Hugh Bert Augsger, has embarked on a new journey of human evolution and belongs to half a new race.

Following Jing Xiao's order, the super power army quickly retreated.

In mid-air, the huge Joan Whale slowly descended from the sky, Jing Xiao stood on its head, and behind him were Al Att, Teke and Krisna.

Xiao Daiyin was nervously cheering for Jing Xiao: "Don't be afraid, host, we will definitely win, we will definitely win!"

Jing Xiao did not respond to it.

Her eyes were already on the oath in mid-air, and the eyes of the two were intertwined, and neither of them moved away.

The sea breeze blew the Oathkeeper's hood and his robes.

In front of the huge Joan Whale, he is as small as gravel, but his power is as grand as the sky, as turbulent as the deep sea, and he is not at a disadvantage in the face of Joan Whale, even equal.

The thin and light Gaia card keeps flying in the sea breeze, as if it will be torn apart by the sea breeze in the next second.

It flies hard along the wind, draws a track, and finally flies to its destination with difficulty.

Jing Xiao stretched out his hand and caught the Gaia card representing the identity of the oath.

In that second, the pledger raised the corner of his mouth and took a step slowly.


A chaotic ring wave spread out from under his feet, chasing the army of the super power world.

The power users shouted back in panic, and even had no courage to resist the counterattack.

The nine-meter-high Tek roared, it clenched its fists with both hands, and collided with both fists, and a circle of ice and snow storms roared, instantly blocking the ring wave.

The Oathkeeper took the second step calmly.

Darkness spread from his feet, the breath of death spread from the step he took, and the despair of falling into the abyss began to invade all living beings.

Al Yat in the elf prince costume spread his arms.

On his handsome face, his green eyes closed lightly, and an ethereal elf incantation spit out from his lips like an aria.

The phantom of a majestic golden-green giant tree landed with a bang, almost condensing into a solid body.

The rich breath of life spreads from the giant tree, like a mother's embrace, gently embraces all the breaths of darkness and death, and disappears with them.

Until this moment, the Oathkeeper slightly shifted his focus on Jing Xiao and glanced at Al Yat lightly.

The familiar fluctuation of power made the pledger recognize that this was the person who once fought with him.

A summoned beast that has not yet reached the ninth level, but can perform a blow that can only be performed by a ninth-level power user is indeed extraordinary.

But obviously, he also has to pay a heavy price.

The pledger watched blood dripping from the corner of Al Yat's mouth, looked away calmly, and continued to stare at Xiang Jingxiao.

In this decisive battle, in the sea blue eyes of the oath, only Jing Xiao can be placed.

His destiny opponent.

The Oath One takes another step.

An indescribable flame of color began to burn from under his feet. The flame, with the power to destroy the world, instantly turned into a sea of ​​fire, sweeping all directions.

Chrisna, dressed as a mermaid princess, showed her majesty for the first time.

Just like a real mermaid queen, the goddess of the sea, she raised the scepter that was condensed with her own strength and swung it down!

Chrisina's face quickly turned pale. Using the secret incantation to overdraw the magic, let her, like Al Yat, slowly shed blood from the corners of her mouth.

The Pledger raised the corners of his mouth slightly, like a beast that had already slowly tested his prey, he slowly took the last step.


A silent but like a loud noise that echoes in the souls of all people, almost shattering the souls of all people.

The superpowers of the superpower world screamed and trembled, and countless people fell into the sea like dumplings. Even the helicopter began to sway one by one, and finally crashed tragically on the ship.

The only remaining members of Gaia did not avoid it, they rolled on the ground red with blood, screaming in pain and begging for mercy.

Except for Jing Xiao, Al Yat, and Joan Whale unscathed, even Christina and Tek groaned, their faces pale.

Jing Xiao took a deep breath and mobilized the mysterious power that suddenly emerged from her body after she was raised to level seven for the first time.

After coming into contact with this power, Jing Xiao already vaguely understood something.

It's not that she doesn't have superpowers, but the superpowers from the soul are too powerful, the body can't bear it at all, so she can't wake up.

If the system hadn't helped her strengthen her body from the very beginning, and every upgrade would help her continue to sublimate her body and soul, I'm afraid she won't wait until the future superpower technology and medical treatment develop to a certain level. There is a way to awaken superpowers.

On the mother planet, a planet where superpowers have just emerged and superpower civilization is just about to rise, her superpower is like an accident that appeared in advance, and it does not meet the development progress of superpower civilization at all. Naturally there is no way to wake up.


After Jing Xiao understood his super power, he had a strange feeling.

She seems to be born for the oath.

This is like the natural enemy of nature. When a powerful creature appears, the world will naturally give birth to another creature that restrains this creature, thus achieving balance.

The oath was born into this world before her. Although he had not awakened his superpowers at that time, the mother star gave birth to her later.

Although her superpowers cannot be awakened naturally, they can be awakened with the help of rapidly developing superpower technology and medical treatment.

If the pledger really destroys the world first and then creates a new order, then when the super power era under his rule develops to a certain extent, she can naturally get the medicine to strengthen her body, Awaken your superpowers.

In the years when she had no superpowers and needed to be dormant, the biggest asset she could contend against the oath-maker was to ignore the oath-maker's powerful spiritual superpowers and Gaia's brainwashing.

During her dormant years, the tough rule of the Oathkeeper must have caused great public resentment.

The man of the oath.

If the oath dies, unless he cannot be resurrected again, the mother star may also give birth to a person who can restrain her.

This is balance, a natural rule that no one can break.

In the universe, there is no real invincibility, no matter how strong you are, there will be a moment when you are wiped out into dust.

The appearance of the system only brought forward the time when she was hostile to the oath, and brought the future development process to the present.

Even if there is no system, sooner or later, she will go to the opposite side of the oath, and will never die.

After thinking about this, Jing Xiao's mood became more calm.

Since she and the oath are doomed to die, sooner or later, it makes no difference.

Let go and fight, no need to worry, no need to worry, no need to…

Regret or sympathy.

Jing Xiao took a step forward calmly.

A bright golden light erupted from her body, and a golden shadow as tall as a mountain appeared behind her.

That is the female version of Jing Xiao, the real appearance of Jing Xiao.

—Soul Punishment!

The majestic golden phantom pointed at the oath.

The golden light instantly condensed into a chain, and wrapped around the oath's body with an invincible force and an irresistible power, and locked him firmly!

This is Jing Xiao's greatest restraint on the pledger!

No matter how many ways you can resurrect, you only have one soul!

When your soul is annihilated, how can the remaining flesh be resurrected? !

Blood Resurrection is also the biggest restraint of the oath to Jing Xiao.

No matter how strong your soul is, there will be a moment of dissipation.

It is the system's sublimation of Jing Xiao's soul, helping Jing Xiao break this greatest restraint of the oath!

At the moment when the soul chain was entangled, the superpower attack displayed by the oath automatically collapsed, and his whole person fell into a kind of chaos, forgetting himself, sinking in consciousness, and his soul was gradually pulled by the golden chain out of the body.

"Joan!" Jing Xiao immediately shouted.

Joan Whale screamed in the sky, silver-gray light rose from its body, condensed into a river of light, and went straight to the body of the oath.

The river of light is like a shrinking and discolored version of the long river of time, drowning the body of the oath, and taking his body to silence in time, consuming all lifespan.

A little silver-gray starlight began to scatter towards the whole world, and they seemed to have been guided in the dark, streaking across the sky like a meteor shower, flying towards all the oaths of the oath.

Jing Xiao stared closely at the oath.

At her current level, she can only perform Soul Punishment once. If this blow fails, she will die in the battle with the Oathkeeper.

The reason why the pledger did not continue to attack in a large area before is the same understanding as her.

Kill the opponent first, as long as the opponent dies, the remaining enemies are left to kill.

He gave her summoned beast a chance to fight back very fairly, knowing that Joan Whale was her last killer move, and he let her and Joan Whale make a shot together.

Maybe it was for the promise that he would not kill her before she reached level nine, or maybe it was for fairness.

Jing Xiao couldn't guess the reason why the oath did not seize the opportunity to kill her, but she couldn't show mercy.

She was merciful, and hundreds of millions died.

The golden chain dragged the soul of the oath with difficulty.

The river of silver-gray light is flowing with all its strength, consuming the lifespan of the oath.

Jing Xiao didn't know if she could completely kill the Oath, but this was already her, the strongest killing move in the world.

Jing Xiao was about to be surprised when he saw the soul of the oath and slowly opened his eyes.

He chuckled, and the words passed to Jing Xiao through his soul.

"So this is your ultimate move, my nemesis, my natural enemy."

Jing Xiao widened his eyes suddenly.

"Thanks to you, I finally know the secret of the power user's promotion to the tenth level." The Oathkeeper smiled lightly, and there was peace in his sea blue eyes.

Jing Xiao's heart sank suddenly, giving birth to a bad premonition.

The body of the pledger submerged in the silver-gray river of light suddenly burst into a dazzling light, a powerful and unparalleled force, sweeping the world in an instant!

—The ninth-level power user, the oath, blew himself up!

Joan Whale chirped angrily.

Its huge body fell like a mountain, directly blocking Jing Xiao and the super power world army behind.

In this second of focus on defense, the flesh and blood left by the oath's self-destruction broke free from the silver-gray river of light, and instantly scattered to all parts of the world.

And the soul of the oath, taking advantage of the opportunity of the body's self-destruction, tried its best to break free from the golden light chain, and quickly disappeared under the cover of flesh and blood.

Jing Xiao only heard the last sentence he left.

"Jing Xiao, my life and death can only be controlled by myself, we will have a future."

Jing Xiao was shocked and angry, he couldn't believe it.

During the final battle, the Oathkeeper actually used his body to blew himself up, risking being completely killed, and ruthlessly calculated her!

What a fair duel, all farts!

It was the cover of the Oathkeeper, and his purpose was one from beginning to end—

Explore the secret from her to the tenth level of the power user!

The secret of soul sublimation!

The oath is still the oath who turns his hands into clouds and turns his hands into rain, who can easily calculate the world.

Jing Xiao was so angry that he only wanted to stab the Oathmaker a few times, and hated him so much that he felt that he would never forget this opponent in his life.

But no matter what, Gaia is still defeated. In the eyes of the world, the oath has also blown up and died.

This war was won by the super world.

Jing Xiao closed his eyes and asked Qiong Jing: "Joan, is the oath dead?"

Joan Whale let out a long cry very unwillingly and answered Jing Xiao's inquiry.

—I didn’t die, but the silver-gray light river consumed at least a hundred years of the lifespan of the oath, and the punishment of the soul also caused heavy damage to the soul of the oath, even if he

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