If you want to be resurrected, it will take at least a hundred years.

Jing Xiao's mood slowly calmed down.

Although she didn't kill the pledger completely, and was calculated by the pledger, but the pledger was obviously not feeling well.

In at least a hundred years, it is absolutely impossible for him and Gaia to make a comeback.

In a hundred years, so many things can happen, Jing Xiao can't believe it anymore, after spending a hundred years, she still can't find a way to completely kill the oath!

Jing Xiao took a deep breath and finally regained his composure.

She took advantage of the desperation of the Gaia members, crying and losing the opportunity to resist, and led the superpower army to kill the past, completely destroying the Gaia base.

The live broadcast drones of various super organizations have long been blown up by the self-destruction of the oath.

The last thing people around the world saw was that the soul of the oath was pulled out of the body by Jing Xiao, and the body was blown up in the silver-gray river of light.

They thought that the oath was completely killed by Jing Xiao and the summoned beast, and immediately began to cheer, hugging each other and crying, venting all the fear, sadness, and joy in their hearts.

Gaia, lose!

Superworld, win!

The world is at peace!

They are free!

This day was filled with cries and cheers.

This year, this month, this day is also hailed by later generations as the beginning of a new era.

The war ignited by the death of Magician K was finally extinguished by the death of the Oath.

If the former is the dividing line between peace and war, then the latter is the dividing line between war and peace.

The magnificent chapter of the new era has slowly opened from now on.

"If the Magician K is the brightest star in history, then the Oath is a bright moon in the dark night."

"The bright moon is clear and cold, but it illuminates a lonely and unreturnable road."

"Some people say that the pledger is a great man born in the wrong era. If the leader Jing Xiao was not born, if the pledger appeared ten years later, at the most chaotic time of the world, then everything will be Different."

"The oath will be the only king who will overthrow the old age of darkness and create a new age of light."

"It's a pity that he was born too early, and he also met the enemy of his life - Jing Xiao."

"Sorry and regret."

—The History of the Oath.

They were also executed in accordance with the law, and the world finally returned to peace and tranquility.

But Jing Xiao knew that Gaia must not have been completely destroyed.

The assassin who suddenly disappeared from the world and could not find a trace is one of the clear proofs.

In the years to come, Jing Xiao has not slackened the arrest of Gaia members. There have always been more than ten chapters of power users in the super power world who are in charge of this matter.

And Jing Xiao, after the war, she waited for a long time on the island of Gaia base, searched for a long time on the battlefield, but did not wait for Holly, and did not find Holly's body.

Jing Xiao didn't know where Holly went and whether she had been sacrificed in the war.

She did not dare to restore Holly's reputation, nor did she dare to speak of Holly's contribution to the super world.

Jing Xiao was afraid that Dongqing was still lurking among the remaining members of Gaia. She was afraid that once she revealed her identity as a spy, Dongqing would be in danger.

Jing Xiao waited for many, many years, wanting to restore the glory of Holly in person, but she did not wait until she left the mother star.

For this reason, Jing Xiao can only leave a secret file in the archives of the Jiuding Association, hoping that future generations will know.

The name of the file is - The Unsung Hero.

From then on, Jing Xiao led all the power users to open a new and magnificent era.

Historical name - super power era (money energy era).

Also known as the Jingxiao era!

The decisive battle between Jing Xiao and the oath was called the battle of the oath by later generations.

In those battlefields stained with blood, hero monuments were erected to record the names of heroes.

In front of those hero monuments, flowers are placed all year round, and people from all over the world pay tribute to them.

One year after the end of the war, a generation of power users who suffered from sequelae finally had a cure.

The super power world is in a carnival, and countless power users are grateful to the Jiuding Association.

Two years later, human life extension medicine and super gene awakening medicine began to spread all over the world.

Since then, Jing Xiao's voice has reached its peak, and the world's support and reverence for her is unprecedented and recorded in history.

Three years later, Jing Xiao was successfully promoted to a ninth-level power user. She selflessly disclosed the secret of her promotion to ninth-level, causing a frenzy of cultivation all over the world.

At the same time, Jing Xiao finally regained her female identity and her true appearance.

This shocked the people who had just fallen into the frenzy of cultivation. Countless girls cried out that they had lost their love, and countless boys began to cheer.

However, before the boys cheered for long, Jing Xiao announced his relationship and made a public appearance with his lover Al Yat.

This caused people all over the world to fall into a lost mood, and the sales of tissues and drinks during that time surged. That day was also dubbed "Global Lovelorn Day".

Five years later, the super intelligent brain has become the standard configuration of people, and has completely replaced mobile phones, computers, TV sets and other equipment.

Twenty years later, mankind has made a major breakthrough in the field of space. The first super-power space battleship was born in the scientific research base of the Jiuding Association.

Thirty years later, space tourism has become commonplace, just as common as overseas travel.

Fifty years later, the parent star finally began to expand outwards, and super-powered warships flew to the wider starry sky, and the parent star officially entered the interstellar era!

Sixty years later, the mother planet ushered in the friendly visit of the first alien civilization, the mechanical race, and has since then had its first interstellar ally.

Seventy years later, the super-powered spaceship has entered the homes of ordinary people, and it has become an essential means of transportation for a family just like the car used to be.

And other planets under the rule of the immigrant home planet have become something that people can freely choose, just like immigrating abroad.

A hundred years later, the super-power civilization of the parent star has gradually gained a firm foothold in the vast interstellar civilization.

A generation of heroic leaders such as Jing Xiao officially announced their retirement and started their own interstellar travel plan.

This immediately aroused the sorrow of the whole people. People cried over and over to retain their beloved leaders, but they still failed to stop the pace of the leaders.

When the fleet of Jing Xiao and others sailed out of the home planet, countless people's spaceships formed a long queue to see them off, paying tribute to them along the way.

This year is also regarded by later generations as the end of the Jingxiao era.

From then on, the mother star began to enter the period when the romantic figures were leading the way, countless amazing people in various fields, and geniuses were born in large numbers.

It's just that they can no longer have a leader who can always guide them, **** and guide them like their predecessors with peerless talent.

This is a shame for many geniuses.

A chapter of history.

Jing Xiao and others, who are remembered by later generations, are embarking on their own interstellar journeys and opening another adventure in their lives.

"If the magician K is the brightest star in the long history, and the oath is a bright moon in the dark night, then the leader of Jingxiao is the sun that protects the wanton growth of all things ."

"The sunshine she exudes is warm, tolerant, and with inviolable majesty, she blesses everyone and moves forward slowly in the tide of the times."

"Her strength, gentleness and kindness have formed her unique charisma, which has made countless people crazy and obsessed with her."

—"Superpower History".

"What she wrote is the legend of history. She personally created the super power era and the interstellar era for us. She is a great leader who deserves to be remembered forever!"

"Even after hundreds of years, thousands of years, people will look back and see that in the great wave of the era when the stars were shining and the radiance was shining, Your Excellency Jing Xiao is still the most dazzling star. the morning star."

—The History of the World's Superpower Development.

"She is like the moon to the stars, like the sun to the galaxies. In that great era of ups and downs and fast-changing, she is the pearl embedded in the top of the whole era, leading everyone forward."

"She is a heroic leader who will inevitably appear in the tide of time, and a lofty and great person who will be engraved in history."

"I love her, just like my ancestors, I love her and respect her!"

—"Jingxiao Biography".

A year after the war, spring day.

The prosperous Dingguo Kyoto is still full of traffic and people.

In the quiet Jiuding scientific research base, there was a sudden burst of cheers resounding through the sky.

The generation of little golden cauldrons who retired with Song Qianjun laughed together, laughed ridiculously, and cried again.

The life of being tortured by sequelae for many years is really too bitter.

And now, they are finally cured! Jiuding successfully developed the medicine!

Song Qianjun pulled Huo Hongyi's arm excitedly and choked up: "We succeeded, we succeeded!"

Huo Hongyi picked her up, laughed and turned around, and then kissed Song Qianjun deeply.

Song Qianguang, Minister of Scientific Research, has been thrown into the sky by the researchers cheering.

The smile on Song Qianguang's face just now turned into a frenzy, and he shouted: "Put me down! Let me down!"

Researchers don't listen, take the opportunity to throw the minister high!

Outside the door, Bai Fufeng crossed his arms around his chest, watching this scene with a faint smile.

Besides, Father Song held a camera and made a few "clicks" to capture the scene of Song Qianguang's blushing, powerless and angry.

Then he leaned into Bai Fufeng's ear, hehe smiled and said, "I'll take a picture of him, and when he reprimands us with a straight face in the future, I'll put the picture in front of him and see What more can he say."

Bai Fufeng couldn't help laughing.

He took the camera in his father's hand, aimed at his brother's embarrassed appearance, and "clicked" again.

Song Qianguang seemed to sense something, and when he looked up, he saw his beloved brother photographing him!

Song Qianguang stretched out his hand in shame and shouted, "No! Stop it!"

Bai Fufeng pretended not to hear and continued to "click, click, click".

Bai Fufeng has already thought about it. After the photos are taken, he will send a few to Jingxiao himself, so that when her elder brother hates Jingxiao again, she can send the photos to her elder brother. face off!

Bai Fufeng: Perfect!

The more you build, the more spectacular the Jiuding Association headquarters building.

Mu Cangwu is correcting documents in the office.

She signed the last document and was about to check the time when she received a call from Rong Can.

"Vice President, help! I really can't understand those documents, woohoo, please transfer me to the war department! Wooohoo!" Rong Can howled. Terrible.

Mu Cangwu rolled his eyes and said, "If you don't understand it, study it hard. Jiang Chufan didn't understand it at the beginning. Isn't it easy to manage it now?"

Rong Can howled even worse: "Nonsense! That's because he has a big brother who wants to pursue President Jing!"

Brother Ba has been teaching himself, can Jiang Chufan learn fast?

You are not learning fast, are you waiting for pocket money to be deducted by his brother!

Mu Cangwu hehe said: "There are still three hours before you get off work. If you can't finish your work by then, don't go to the Jingyuan party tonight, and continue to work overtime!"

Rong Can: "Ah! Vice President, you are still my good sister!"

Mu Cangwu said coldly, "Not now."

Rong Can: "…"

Rong Can: Cruel, ruthless, cold-blooded! QAQ

In the beautiful garden with spring scenery.

The sun is warm and the spring breeze is refreshing.

In the shade of the tree, Tek is dozing off comfortably, and a few naughty birds are bouncing on it, pecking at its blue fur from time to time.

From the sparkling lake in the distance, Krisna’s crisp laughter came. She sang a melodious song while teasing the plant housekeepers who were jumping in a hurry.

On the shore, the red rose, a literary warrior, dances gracefully in the air with the singing.

Besides, the handsome man saw blood seal his throat, silently flew a little higher, and quietly stretched out emerald-like branches and leaves to shield the red rose from the sun, for fear that it would be exposed to the sun.

The naughty and mischievous cute ball dandelion was caught by the polite and polite Mimosa again, and was beaten by the fluffy white ball to confess her mistake.

A large white cloud slowly covered the sky over the Jingyuan, and a long chanting came from the white cloud, a little silver-gray tail tip, slightly sticking out of the white cloud, swaying towards the Jingyuan below pendulum.

In the garden, Jing Xiao, who was trying to learn the new knowledge rewarded by the system, looked up at the sky and smiled brilliantly.

Al Yat came over with tea, bent down, and kissed the corner of her mouth gently.

The breeze is coming, and everything is just right.

The time is right.

—End of the text.

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On the first night, she became the lamp of the villain, and she was so shocked that she turned off the lights.

The next day, Yun Fuyao found that he had acquired the table lamp skill - a radiant smile, always the focus of the audience!

She played the role of beauty, and since then has been sought after by the audience as the number one beauty in the world!

On the second night, she became the villain's lighter, and she was so shocked that it turned off.

The next day, Yun Fuyao found that he had acquired the lighter skill - from now on I am fire!

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On the third night, she became the TV set of the villain, and the screen was so shocked that the screen froze.

The next day, Yun Fuyao found that he had acquired the TV skill - I could play the roles I played!

Historical hero, villain of criminal investigation drama, last emperor, empress of a generation... She has experienced all of her life.

From then on, Yun Fuyao's acting skills have improved by leaps and bounds!

On the fourth night, she…


The villain found a new age electrical elf at home.

You don't need to offer incense, you just need to buy, buy, buy, and the elf will actively help solve various problems.

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