"The Whale Clan: One of the starry beast races in the universe, the level is legendary (top), and once stood at the top of all starry beast races. Later, due to the difficulty of reproduction, the offspring's talent awakened The rate has been greatly reduced, and the number of ethnic groups has gradually shrunk, and has now been close to extinction.”

The sound of the system continues.

"Son of the Whale: Joan Whale, the darling of the Whale family, the youngest child, the legendary hero of the magic continent, the son of the sky remembered by the world.".

"The initial skill is, Sky Overlord: can control wind, rainstorm, thunder and lightning, etc., can fly freely in the universe, and has the sturdy cosmic survivability."

"Top defense: Whales are the well-deserved king of defense capabilities. Three whales at their peak of adulthood can drag down a galaxy-level civilization with their defense and self-healing capabilities, allowing the universe to let Countless civilizations are terrified."

"Krypton Gold Upgrade: In ancient times there were war horses and famous generals who made great achievements. Today's whale mounts are also one of the host's combat power. This is still a temporary upgrade of the krypton gold mode on the battlefield familiar to the host, One level upgrade is 10 billion, two levels are 20 billion, and the host is allowed to upgrade in arrears."

As the sound of the system fell, the silver-gray light gradually disappeared.

The huge Joan Whale, like a majestic mountain spanning the sky, covered the sky and caused an uproar throughout the battlefield.

The coercion emanating from the starry beast and the deterrence brought by the huge body made everyone fight with their teeth and shiver.

That is the power that transcends the essence of the race, it is the fear that penetrates into the soul and genes, and it is the panic of a civilization on the surface of the universe.

His legs were soft and he knelt directly to the ground.

When Jingxiao began to summon, Al Yat and Tek rushed out of the tent and guarded her.

At first, the two were attracted by the Void God Armor on her body.

Tek wiped his eyes twice, wondering if he was wrong.

Al Yat thought a lot in an instant.

He thought of the advanced knowledge that the system had rewarded to Jing Xiao before, the practice of sublimating Jing Xiao's body and soul every time the system was upgraded, and now appearing in Jing Xiao With the Void Divine Armor on his body, he completely affirmed the guesses of the past.

This system that rescues them with Axiao wants to help Axiao create a super civilization!

It is not limited to super civilization on the surface, but develops into the interstellar universe, super civilization!

Al Yat had this kind of speculation before, and after the system let Jing Xiao learn the knowledge with life-extending medicine, he became more and more sure.

Now, seeing the Void God Armor on Jing Xiao, Al Yat is completely sure.

Void armor is not ordinary armor, it is said that it comes from the bones of gods, it is true.

The three sets of Void God Armor are made from the bones of the first gods born in the magic continent, and the skeletons of the wandering whales who were far above the gods in status and power at that time.

It is the most precious treasure left by the gods to the magical continent, and it is also the mercy given to the creatures of the continent by the whales.

Each set of Void God Armor has incomparably magical power, and the skeletons of the whales from the depths of the starry sky give them the ability to travel freely in the starry sky.

Even the most powerful native creatures of the Magic Continent cannot survive in the starry sky, but as long as they wear the Void God Armor, even the weakest creatures can survive safely in the starry sky .

Al Yat completely affirmed, the system, this is preparing for Jing Xiao to go to the interstellar universe, the Void God Armor is one of its preparations for Jing Xiao.

When Al Yat saw the silver-gray light in front of Jing Xiao again, his heart was completely put down.

The summoned beast this time is really a whale!

The war between the super power world and Gaia is sure to win!

When he was still in the Magic Continent, Al Yat read through the history of various ethnic groups and the history of the continent, so he knew that the whales were the first creatures to appear on the continent, and they came from the depths of the starry sky.

But where is the depths of the starry sky, in the vast galaxy outside the magic continent, are there any other continents, and whether there are other races, these things, Al Yat all know do not know.

It wasn't until he was summoned by Jing Xiao to the mother planet that Al Yat knew that the Magic Continent was just a planet similar to the mother planet, with intelligent life, and in this vast and boundless world In the sea of ​​stars in the universe, there are many, many other planets like this.

At that time, he guessed that the legendary group of whales from the depths of the starry sky was probably an alien civilization, so his comrade-in-arms, the little whale called Joan Whale, was an "alien".

The final battle between the super power world and Gaia has a great relationship with the life and death of the oath, so Al Yat guessed at the time that since the system wanted to help A Xiao develop super power civilization, Naturally, it will not see the oath person alive and let Xiao encounter failure and danger.

The system will try its best to summon the whale, because it is an "alien" from an alien civilization. Their surface civilization can't kill the oathers, which does not mean "alien" "There's no way to kill the Oathkeeper.

And now, the silver-gray light in front of Jing Xiao proved that Al Yat guessed right.

System, help Jing Xiao to summon the "alien" back!

When Joan Whale's chirping resounded throughout the world, its huge figure stunned all directions, Teck laughed and welcomed his comrades back.

Al Yat looked at Joan Whale with relief and joy.

Joan Whale's eyes swept to this side, and it suddenly chirped happily.

It greeted Al Yat and Teke warmly, then slowly lowered its huge body, put its huge head in front of Jing Xiao, and acted affectionately, wanting to see Xiao touched its head.

Jing Xiao stretched out his arms and hugged this brave and strong little whale.

She gave Joan Whale a loud kiss on the head.

Joan Whale let out a happy cry and wagged her tail.


In an instant, the wind blew wildly, and the nervous power users on the ground were suddenly blown away, and a large group of people screamed and screamed in fright.

Joan Whale quickly stopped her tail and waved her pectoral fins gently, and the power users in mid-air were sent back to the ground by the wind.

In addition to the bad image, the hair is blown to one side, the clothes are messy, and the expressions are panic, the power users seem to have not been blown into the sky at all.

Joan Whale wagged her tail so little, and the consequences were irresistible to a large group of power users. It is foreseeable that when Joan Whale really went crazy, it could stir up What a terrible situation.

Not to mention, it can also be upgraded with krypton gold on the battlefield!

A level 7 swimming whale is going to scare people to death, a level 9 swimming whale has no opponent in the entire parent star, it can walk sideways!

Rong Can and other little golden cauldrons have already rushed over.

When they learned that this terrifying giant beast is the new summoned beast of Jing Xiao, it has extraordinary power and can compete with the oath, and immediately spread the news excitedly go out.

In the camp, on the battlefield, the soldiers of the super power world cheered one after another, and their morale was boosted.

One after another, shouts from far and near came neatly.

"Decisive battle! Decisive battle! Decisive battle!"

"Decisive battle! Decisive battle! Decisive battle!"

"Decisive battle! Decisive battle!..."

The cries of the various great groups in the super power world demanding a decisive battle are deafening.

Just arrived at the camp. The leaders of the various superpower organizations who originally came to support Jingxiao were startled by Joan Whale and quickly realized that now is the most decisive battle. Great time!

Christina's arrest is enough to cause the anger of the entire superpower world.

The appearance of Joan Whale boosted the morale of the entire super power world.

Now that they have the reason and strength to fight, of course they have to fight!

The leaders of various super power organizations discussed with Jing Xiao, and soon dispatched troops, leading most of the super power world, and rushed to the Gaia base!


Fight to the death!

In the super power world, you must win!

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