The book records the development history of the super power world over the years, but on the title page, someone wrote a line of words with an iron and silver hook.

—"As I said to you, the Oath will return."

Jing Xiao looked at the line of words, sighed deeply, and smiled helplessly.

"Alas, the old rival is back, our vacation is over."

Al Yat laughed softly, he said, "Do you need to gather everyone to fight together?"

Jing Xiao forcefully closed the history book, humming: "Yes, of course!"

Her leisurely retirement is now over, and of course the perpetrator must be beaten up!

Krisina next to her was very resentful, she sighed and said: "It's the oath again? Why is it always him, can he stop cheating corpses!"

Teck laughed and said: "Then this time, you try to kill the oathmen cleanly!"

Joan Whale let out a long cry of approval, the battle was tied many years ago, and it has been haunted until now. This time, it must have a winner with the Oath!

Listening to the laughter of the family, Jing Xiao silently missed another person.

Holly, the Oath One has returned, where are you?

On the distant planet, Holly, who was just awakened to heal her injuries, suddenly raised her head and looked at the starry sky above her head as if she heard the thoughts from afar.

She seemed to feel the care of another person, and there was a rotten smile on her delicate baby face.

—Sister Jing, Holly is back!

According to historical records, after a lapse of 180 years, the oath who once blew himself up in public led Gaia to make a comeback.

His resurrection seems to be the real beginning of his magnificent life.

The Gaia civilization, led by the Oath, showed its strength and soon became glorious in the interstellar age.

In the records of later generations, it was really a splendid battle.

The leader of Jing Xiao and His Excellency the Oath, from leading their respective forces against each other to calculating the entire interstellar layout, played a game of chess that amazed all civilizations.

Their battle has affected countless interstellar historical events, and even changed the direction of the entire interstellar society, making countless races amazed and admired.

In the later stage, the battle between the two people is no longer a battle between them, but a battle between two great ideas in the entire interstellar space, which has swept all interstellar civilizations and stretched for hundreds of thousands of years.

It was not until Your Excellency the Oath was short of a move and lost to leader Jing Xiao that the Gaia civilization he led retreated to the newly discovered realm of the starry sky, bringing the battle between the two to a complete end.

Later, enemies from unexplored regions appear.

Faced with a more powerful interstellar civilization invasion war, the leader of Jing Xiao and His Excellency the oath joined forces to fight against the enemy, and gave the whole interstellar a wonderful lesson.

People all sighed that the leader of Jing Xiao and His Excellency the Oath were really destined opponents and the most tacit ally.

The lives of the two legendary leaders have made countless future generations yearn and admire them.

Their deeds have been passed down through the ages, and even after a thousand years, they are still the most dazzling stars in the interstellar age.

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