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When I Transmigrated for the Second Time, the Male Leads Got Reborn

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During her first transmigration in the book, Qi Qiu perfectly went through the plot. She refused her arranged marriage, hooked up with the movie emperor, redeemed the wolf dog, persuaded the flirtatious prodigal second generation, and waited for them to fall in love with her before ruthlessly dumping them like a slag woman, and then killed herself to give way to the female lead.

She thought she was done and that her mission was completed, yet, she was unexpectedly told that the mission had failed, and that she could no longer return to her original world, therefore, she could only be reborn in the book if she wanted to stay alive.

In order to live well, Qi Qiu decided to become a new person, stay away from the original male protagonists, and honestly marry the low-key big boss in order to spend the rest of her life with the status of a wealthy married woman.

However ….

The fierce and aggressive wolf dog looked at her with red eyes: Qiu Qiu, this time I will definitely protect you, okay?

The most popular movie emperor tugged her wrist with tears in his eyes: Qiu Qiu, the lowest point in my life was when left me.

The big boss’ brother asked her with a devastated expression: Qiu Qiu, why did I go back in time and find out you became my sister-in-law?

Qiu Qiu: ????

Crap, did all the people I slagged get reborn?!

No no no, this is scary. Husband, hug!

The big boss, the only one living this life as his first, walked on his journey of daily catching adultery. He slowly raised his eyebrows: am I your husband in name only or also in reality?

Qi Qiu: In reality! It must be in reality!

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Short Title:WITFST
Alternate Title:二次穿书后男主们重生了
Weekly Rank:#2339
Monthly Rank:#1660
All Time Rank:#3464
Tags:Acting, Celebrities, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Misunderstandings, Showbiz, Transmigration,
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3 Comments on “When I Transmigrated for the Second Time, the Male Leads Got Reborn
  1. Waiting for spoilers! I read around 30chapters n i like the novel coz it's super funny BUT i feel really bad for ML. Even though he's kind of awkward it's abundantly clear from his actions that he likes FL and takes care of her meticulously but she... tbh she's just getting benefits from him. even after her friend tells her how he'd been supporting her all along! she'll force any 'logic' just so she can continue taking advantage w/out having to commit to anything n it's just..especially given that starting from the whole marriage deal it's always him who's giving and giving and she just takes n takes.. also even w the past life and knowing at least 1 of them is reborn she still refuses to draw the line decisively with any of the 3 ex-MLs and keeps stringing them along.. the thing is, the novel is nice n i like FL aside from her subconscious green tea tendency so please spoil if she starts treating people responsibly!!

  2. I don't wanna give this a 1 star since I didn't finish reading this. MC wasn't someone I like nor dislike. Just like she said she stayed wayyy too long in the mary sue novel that it affected her thoughts. Lol. And that's what I don't like was whenever she assumed about Mal's actions. Again her thoughts were affected by the Mary Sue world. I might pick this up again but not now.

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