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When Humans Are the Strongest To Reincarnate Into Dogs

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The dog copy cannot describe the dog content that is difficult to say in the dog text…

Son of the Chosen, the world is dying… the owner of the Breath of the Sun died of life after beating his non-human brother, but he opened his eyes again and found that he was reincarnated.

He has become a half-demon, and he has a brother who is not human…

So the question is, how can he reasonably explain to his brother that the dog will “spit” fire?

This article was originally named “Sun and Moon”, also known as “My Brother Can’t Be So Strong”, “About My Brother Cut the Boss With One Sword”, “In order to protect the dignity of my brother, my brother can kill even the gods”, “What kind of devil is the younger brother who doesn’t need defense at all because he is so strong”, “The male gods were all decent people before they were alive, so let’s go before you go to Zhuxiang”…

Content Tags: Comprehensive Manga Girl Manga Juvenile Manga Growth No CP
Search keywords: Protagonist: The strongest half-demon ┃ Supporting role: The big dog of the West Country ┃ Other: How to raise a half-demon that is open and hanging is really embarrassing
One-sentence brief: Tumobao dog, just click it.
Idea: Growth and Redemption

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Short Title:WHASTRID
Alternate Title:当人类最强转生成狗
Author:Old liver mom
Weekly Rank:#5831
Monthly Rank:#5975
All Time Rank:#6553
Tags:Bleach, Childcare, Cooking, Demon Slayer, Inuyasha, Jojo Bizarre Adventure, Jujutsu Kaisen, Rebirth, World Hopping,
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  1. Okay so, it’s probably Yoriichi Tsugikuni from Anime Demon Slayer who reincarnated as half-demon Inuyasha from the Anime Inuyasha.

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