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When Does This World Have a Blood Bar Displayed?

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An obscure restaurant in an ordinary street? The cursed thing sealed in the steel city? Reverse the mysterious time-space history of confusion? …

From the moment he was able to see the “ID” and “Blood Bar”, Gu Mo thought that his way of opening was wrong. He was determined to return to the world of normal people and not be dragged down by his own imagination and hallucinations.

However, the painting style of the everyday world is still breaking down day by day, and the broken daily life is becoming more and more magnificent day by day, and he found that something was a little wrong.

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Short Title:WDTWHBBD
Alternate Title:这个世界什么时候有血条显示了
Author:Brilliant moment
Weekly Rank:#5075
Monthly Rank:#5245
All Time Rank:#9176
Tags:Evil Sprits, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Tailsman, World Hopping,
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23 Comments on “When Does This World Have a Blood Bar Displayed?
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  1. What's the point of mc being so strong if he's still being forced into marriage by his own slaves, I hope this lousy novel gets deleted. The person who made this novel is too stupid

  2. the novel is good until the fox guardian spirit has consciousness and fights to be mc's wife, i have never been this hateful to a novelist. he ruined his novel when the fox forced mc to get married

  3. Read the first 7 chapters and gotta say I agree. I just mc actually starts understanding what's happening, feel like it would be a much better story if tye mc understood what was going on

  4. It's okay... The horror tag is a scam tho. It's more action rpg based. MC is surprisingly not a tranverser but a guy who somehow has his world turned into like a game. He goes into instant dungeons and stuff every night and raises his level. The instant dungeons are anime worlds shougeki no sound -> jujutsu kaisen and then demon slayer. First two worlds are only a few scenes while demon slayer gets main focus after. Didn't read much after that but it seemed okay... I guess

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