Starry Amusement Park, 8 am, leaving the park for an entire hour. But the whole amusement park has been decorated with a variety of colorful Q-shaped dolls, balloons, statues and paintings.

Today is the annual Alien Birthday, and the staff at the Star Amusement Park are busy in their respective posts to welcome this kid's favorite cartoon festival.

In the open space behind the stage theater, a long queue was photographed, and the waiters inside were without exception black hair and black eyes. But as for the appearance, I want to be uneven. As small as 15 and as big as 40, some of the sharp-billed monkey cheeks are round, and others have thick beards and thick glasses.

This contrasts the style of the penultimate waiter: it is a delicate-looking boy who is whispering with his wrist-type brain, and has a pair of black eyes showing dazzling brilliance. Dark-haired waiters who are tired or lazy are completely different.

"Relax! I can definitely be selected." Xiao Yi glanced at the dark-haired middle-aged uncle in front of himself, and the young man with the square-faced eyes and the frog protruding behind him, confident in the brain. Huo Li said over there: "This act is alien! Who can be more like me? I have already experienced 63 kinds of professions, but I have not been an actor yet!"

Huo Li, who is on the side of Zhinao, couldn't help but smile, and then heard the sound: "I ’m different, I wish you a happy 18th birthday! I have booked a limited edition ice-cream birthday cake at Landis Restaurant, and I will go Pick you up. "

"Yeah!" Xiaoyi replied, and then whispered with her mouth covered, "I discovered my talent for acting since I was 2 years and 11 months old. Unfortunately, I have been acting in my life and have never played it till now. stage……"

The only greasy uncle and frog face who could hear the teenager clearly couldn't help rolling his eyes in the dark. They all came here poorly to play a special role in the children's playground. How could they live in their dreams and be pretentious?

The pair is very long, but the interview is very fast, basically keeping the speed of 1 minute. One third of the people in front of Xiaoyi were left as candidates. After 20 minutes, it was finally Xiaoyi's turn, so he was glad to be led by a chestnut-haired middle-aged female assistant into the backstage of the small theater.

Xiaoyi turned into the curtain and saw a bearded director sitting in front of him.

The teenager has just adjusted his expression and is about to speak the first line.

The bearded director said impatiently: "Eliminate, next."

"Why!" The black-haired boy blurted out.

The bearded director was lit like a firecracker: "Be ugly, be different, be lonely, and be sympathetic to everyone!"

The beard turned his head and shouted at the middle-aged woman with maroon hair: "How many times have I said that, although we are only a crew on a children's stage, we can't play it! We have to take every character seriously! Moreover we The alien is to be played, to save all humanity and to give away their lives. Maggie, have you got water in your head? How could you bring this vase like a porcelain doll to interview! "

Dark-haired boy: ...

The middle-aged woman with maroon hair hurriedly said, "Sorry Lake, I'll take the next candidate."

The director is still angry: "Maggie, go out and reflect! Tom, go and pick the next candidate."

Maggie saw that the dark-haired boy wanted to argue again, and quickly dragged Xiaoyi out and whispered, "Don't say it, let's go! Don't offend the director, so if you really lack money, you can Try the protagonists of other children's plays. "

When the two walked out of the orange-red curtain, they could still hear the director's loud and intoxicated self-talk: "Ugly, bullied, but so kind. The heart of a tragic hero! How can this only focus on beauty and materiality? Can the world be perceived? "

Maggie brought Xiaoyi to the door, and she stood there to breathe. She looked at the dreamy expression of the boy, thinking that he had been hit because of elimination, so she said comfortably:

"Child, you are still young. Even if you ca n’t get mixed up in society, you ca n’t just count on acting aliens! Yes, every alien drama is funded by the Federation, and the poor who play the role of aliens can still have one. A huge subsidy. But after all, it is not a long-term plan, but it requires honest work ... "

The black-haired boy shouted: "I wasn't hit by the elimination, but the alien image is really ... how could the alien be ugly!"

"That's him!" Maggie heard the director shouting excitedly before continuing her persuasion: "Perfect, it's perfect!"

Then the frog-faced young man walked out proudly.

The dark-haired boy took a deep breath and turned away.

"What expression do you have!" The frog-faced young man was dissatisfied, and yelled at the dark-haired boy.

Maggie also chased after him and advised, "Don't be discouraged by your children! Try another role ... Although the salary is not high, it is an income."

The black-haired boy turned his head a little helplessly and explained to Aunt Maggie: "I'm not short of money, I just want to play an alien today."

But all the candidates around, including Maggie, theater handyman, and fat man selling popcorn next to it all regarded it as a hard face for a teenager.

The uncle Fat who bought popcorn shouted kindly: "Young man, you can't come here to be a helper for me, and pay by day ... then, that is the 7th generation suspension car of Haiyin!"

Uncle Popcorn shouted at the blue afterimage on the main road in the distance.

"It's true, you guys look!"

"Wow! I saw it with my own eyes today ..."

Everyone has long forgotten the incompetent conflict between teenagers and frog faces, with gossips of excitement as famous gossips who can afford eight-figure luxury cars. What are you doing here?

A few seconds later, the blue afterimage steadily stopped before the dark-haired boy.

No way? Isn't that what we thought? Everyone held their breath and waited.

I saw a handsome man in a suit, holding a bunch of flowers composed of various flowers in both hands, got out of the car and walked quickly to the dark-haired boy, kneeling on one knee. Then asked affectionately:

"Xiaoyi, would you marry me?"

How could he, he, he be so lucky! A lot of candidates who did not receive the relief shouted in their hearts. I am no longer acting ugly and I want to be a vase.

The teenager looked at Huo Li's look like a big dog, stared at himself without blinking, and took the bouquet happily. Then he reached out and shook Huo Li's head with a smile and said:

"If I remember correctly, we've both been married for 14 years, haven't we?"

After Huo Li touched the hair of the boy, he stood up proudly and rippling, leaning against the boy's ear and whispering, "You were not yet an adult, Xiaoyi, you are 18 years old today, I just want to Confirming ... "

The teenager also chuckled in Huo Li's ear and said, "What to do if it is unsuccessful? Divorce?"

"Don't think about it!" Huo Li turned his head and kissed the boy's lips.

Just as the pink bubble between the two was about to drown the entire small theater, another miniature watch, which had been hidden in the sleeves of the teenagers, suddenly made a sudden sound of intellectual brain—a loud noise!

The teenager had to push Huo Li back up his sleeves to see who sent the special emergency message. The moment he saw the sender, the teenager almost jumped up like a bird of surprise.

"It's Xu Yuncheng again! He is definitely suffering from pregnancy syndrome now, and the kittens are already pregnant with the third baby ... this time, nothing will happen!" The teenager asked with a wary expression: "What can't a girl find?" Isn't his girl still in the kitten's belly? How can you not find it! "

Huo Li also tolerated the unhappy destruction of the n-th duo's space, and fatefully opened the radio communication unique to Haiyin's mini-brain, and asked with mental energy in his brain.

The dark-haired boy also quickly walked to Maggie and reached out and handed her a business card: "If you want to change your job, Star Entertainment, a subsidiary of Haiyin, welcomes you at any time."

After the teenager finished speaking quickly, he followed the brainstorming and joined Huo Li and Xu Yuncheng's brainwave group chat to understand the situation.

"Starlight Entertainment! He said it was really Starlight Entertainment?" Tom, who had been sent to replace Maggie, shouted, "Impossible? Even an executive of Haiyin can't go to Starlight Entertainment at will! He Bragging right? "

And after reading the translucent, exclusive contactable business card made of starry sky, Maggie has already read the above name as if she was stepping on the cloud: "Chairman ... Ethan Hein."

At this time, Xiao Yi, who had already used the identity of Ethan Hein to integrate into the human world, looked solemnly: "Let's go!"

After Huo Li waved his hand into the space, the dark-haired boy grabbed Huo Li's arm and disappeared into the air.

"A stranger, a stranger?"

"I actually saw a living power ..."

"The black-haired young man just turned out to be the chairman of Haiyin's chaebol! And he's a power ..."

Xiaoyi and Huo Li had no time to take care of the petrochemical crowd in the amusement park, and they immediately teleported to Xu Yuncheng's home outside several small galaxies.

Immediately upon the appearance of a small difference, he released his mental strength and leaped toward the kitten sitting on the sofa in the living room.

"Well, just now the child is back." Xu Yuncheng said behind the two.

Within 1 second, it was confirmed that the fetus was well, and the kitten had no problem with the kitten.

"Xu Yuncheng, are you playing with me! I shot 4 times on the kitten, but it has been paid off. How come I am still the exclusive nanny for you two!"

Xu Yuncheng was still very anxious: "My daughter really disappeared for 5 minutes and 27 seconds when it was just now! Kitty she ..."

"She's fine." The dark-haired boy said angrily.

Huo Li, on the other hand, snatched the teenager who was on the edge of the blasting hair, soothed and kissed him at the back of his neck.

Xu Yuncheng stunned, only a moment before he squeezed out a sentence: "You are very polite!"

Under the strong request of Xu Yuncheng with severe pregnancy anxiety, Xiao Yi and Huo Li had to stay in Xu Yuncheng's home temporarily.

But the black-haired boy still muttered indignantly, "I'll give you a gun now, and you can fire 4 shots at my head, 40 shots! Then how about we don't owe each other, Xu Yuncheng?"

"Then he won't do it!" The kitten leaned on the sofa and said with a smile: "Yuncheng still wants to keep these four bullets until the next century!"

Xiaoyi looked at the kitten on the sofa with a happy face touching her belly, and was teaching her ordinary two-year-old sons, 4 and 6 years old, with fun in mathematics, and wanted to get them both to pass the exam. Xu Yuncheng, the first elementary school of Starcraft, received the best elite education.

I have to sigh that Yun cats are becoming more and more suitable.

The well-prepared proposal was interrupted in the middle, and Huo Li, who was also sprinkled with dog food, was not to be outdone. He reached out and gently held the black-haired boy and began to introduce Xiaoyi to his 99 flowers that he had planted ...

Half an hour later, the kitten's belly suddenly became a little smaller, and Xiaoyi and Huo Li, who had been prepared for a long time, instantly filled the entire room with cobweb-like black silk.

At the same time, Xu Yuncheng sent the two sons to the second-floor room with space-time abilities.

"Analyst, your girl is actually an almighty!" Xiaoyi said in surprise as she explored.

"Her ability seems to be transforming herself into all things ... not even her mental strength can capture her." Huo Li also said the result of Heisi's timely investigation.

When Xu Yuncheng talked about his daughter-in-law, she had a rare tension and overwhelmed in her voice: "But the power is not inherited ..."

Dark-haired boy: "Who said that, but the former powers would basically not marry and have children. Your daughter is a power, a very powerful power."

At this moment, the kitten's belly slammed again, and the child went back again. Then the kitten and Xu Yuncheng were relieved for a long time.

"Come on, Xu Yuncheng! I am afraid that before your daughter grows up and can control her powers, you can only focus on one question every day with all your energy: Where did the girl go today?" Huo Li said gloatingly.

"My own girl, you have to grow up even if you are exhausted, don't you?" The black-haired boy joked, "I mean your girl is just 6 months old now, and she can spread herself in the room. , When she is 6 years old, who knows if she will go to the moon? "

Huo Li and Xiao Yi both waved to the petrified cloud cat husband and wife, disappeared and went on to the interrupted birthday date ~