"Ding! System 123 is back online."

"Ding! System 123 self-destruct program has been started!"

Xu Yuncheng was holding the kitten's hand towards the doorstep, and these were the last two words he heard, and then he fell into an endless darkness ...

Xiaoyi and Huo Li looked at Xu Yuncheng as if he had stepped up a step, and then a small burst of blood mist burst from the back of his head. The whole person fell forward and fell in front of his future home.

At the moment when the abnormality occurred, Huo Li stunned the kitten with mental powers without letting her see the **** picture.

Xiao Yi quickly explored the past with his mental strength, and then said dumbly: "The explosion originated from the inside of the brain, and the entire brain tissue was destroyed!"

Huo Li: "I have long guessed the ability of a system that can enter and exit the human brain at will. It is not as simple as attaching a space and transmitting items. This is the secret that the main system has been hiding ..."

Xiao Yi ’s shock, which had fully responded at this time, had all turned into anger: "Do n’t the main system have the ability to kill anyone who wants to kill it? Binding does not require consent, but the subsystem can explode at any time! , But the problem is that the kitten is still there! "

"Huo Li, go to the theory of the main system!" Although the dark-haired boy went straight in circles, he still didn't come out of his space ability, and then pushed Huo Li and said, "I'm dead. You Go out and scold the main system, then let it dissolve the Salvation Alliance! You said ... forget it, you know what I want to say! "

Huo Li didn't hesitate, patted the teenager's shoulders comfortably, raised his legs and walked out of the hidden space of the two.

At this time, although the kitten ’s consciousness has fallen into a deep sleep, the body is still controlled by Huo Li, standing on the steps with his eyes open, and the system in the kitten ’s brain, vv9988, is re-established without the shield of Xu Yuncheng ’s space-time power. online.

The main system can see everything happening here through the kitten's eyes.

Huo Li quickly approached under the kitten's sight, and just looked at the kitten's godless eyes so quietly.

After dozens of seconds, the soft voice of the main system sounded in Huo Li's mind: "I didn't want to tell anyone this secret. But you still found it."

Huo Li: "Let's dissolve the Salvation Alliance."

"I have never used this ability for thousands of years," the main system whispered, "or the subsystem has the ability to kill the host is not my intention. However, when each subsystem can do teleport items or even When creating a separate storage space, killing the host becomes an easy incidental ability. "

Huo Li shook his head: "Main system, I am not disturbed by your ability. I ask you to dismiss the Salvation Alliance for one reason: your ability is too powerful for this world."

The main system chuckled a bit sadly: "Is there any difference? I have been protecting humans for thousands of years, but no one will believe in an artificial intelligence."

"You still don't understand me." Huo Li sighed: "I never doubted your kindness to humanity. However, you have protected humanity for nearly 10,000 years, and the Salvation Alliance has been established for thousands of years. The results of it?"

"I saved 95% of the eschatology in the universe," the main system stated objectively: "For 8000 years, the relationship between ordinary humans and abilities has been eased, preventing the outbreak of the war between the two."

"Without the last-day sorrows and pressure from the omnipotent, the entire human race is in a stupid blind self-confidence." Huo Li said, with a bit of sternness in his tone: "In the historical development of human beings, only constant Conflict and innovation can spur human beings to keep moving forward, but your care stops all of them. The main system, when you irrigate Ganquan, these water liquids attack the entire galaxy like poisonous juice.

"Master system, dare you say that now the powerists are oppressed infinitely, but the Star Alliance, as the ruler, has nothing to do with the fragile society like foam?"

For a long time, the main system didn't say a word. Even Huo Li was a bit worried about whether his tone was too sharp and mean, and he started to supplement:

"Of course, this situation has not caused any bad results for the time being. And you do protect a lot of human life ..."

"You don't need to comfort me, Huo Li," said the main system. "I'm just a system. I need a little time ..."

Then there was no other response.

The dark-haired boy found out with mental power that Huo Li's 099 and kitten's vv9988 were automatically unbound and disappeared.

Rather than respond to Huo Li ’s request, the main system fled back to his room (Union Town) like a battered girl, crying and refusing to talk to anyone (shut down the subsystem ).

At this time, the black-haired boy stepped out of his hidden space, carefully bypassed Xu Yuncheng's dead body, walked quickly to Huo Li and said:

"That's not what I want to say. I actually want to tell the main system that since its purpose is to protect human beings, it should treat the psionicist and ordinary people equally, and dissolve this forced savior alliance to stop this injustice. The dark-haired teenager's voice is a bit crazy:

"But who told you to scold the host system so miserably! The biggest reason for the stupidity of the Star League is the human personality defect. You can't blame the host system! What if it suddenly suicidally suicides?" Dark-haired teenager Akira Huo Li's shoulder:

"Moreover, you have a share in the indulgence of human dividends! Well, although I have n’t been in the Salvation Alliance for a long time, I have a share too. It sets a wrong example for all humans in the galaxy: treat all nonsense with malice How could a powerful creature of human beings have a fairy-tale ending? "

Huo Li was a little guilty: "The main system is a system, how does it commit suicide? And what I just said is really the truth, but it's just exaggerated. And both of us have lost our way, and now we send the main system ..."

Looking at the teenager who still looks poor, Huo Li quickly switched the topic: "But what should the kitten do? Now let her wake up and tell her the truth, I'm afraid she will follow Xu Yuncheng immediately. Although I can change her memory, But living like this against her intent ... "

Speaking of the tragic ending of his friends over the years, Huo Li's voice was also dull.

"Then let the kitten go with him!" Said the dark-haired boy, not paying much attention.

Huo Li was surprised for a moment, but then his thoughts seemed to reflect it! It's no wonder that the strange time and space ability is because ...

"You're right, Xu Yuncheng?" The black-haired boy continued, his gaze constantly looking at the open space next to "Xu Yuncheng's body".

Then, the air suddenly twisted, and a living Xu Yuncheng stepped out from there. He first nodded politely to his long-time friend Huo Li, and then said humblely to the dark-haired boy:

"My kitten and I will go to another remote planet and stay incognito. They will not participate in any battles in the galaxy."

"Anyway, your body is alienated from black silk," the black-haired boy said to Xu Yuncheng coldly:

"I can feel any change in yours. As for the punishment of the enemies or the emerging government caused by the 600 people you killed, it has nothing to do with me. The debt I owed twice to kill the kitten has been doubled to pay off, You guys think of yourself. "

"Little alienation has alienated your brain?" Huo Li asked Xu Yuncheng looking at it, but still a little puzzled: "But the replica is strictly not the same person as the original one, does it mean ..."

A bold speculation poured into Huo Li's mind, and he turned to the young man and said, "Xiao Yi, you copied Xu Yuncheng's entire body including the nucleus of energy, but only vacated part of the brain and then Xu Yuncheng was originally Is your brain safe? "

The black-haired boy was somewhat proud: "The subsystem is attached to the human brainstem, so Xu Yuncheng's body, nucleus, and brainstem are all black silk foreign matter, and only the brain is his own. Even the main system is unexpected. I can move the bound subsystem to that substitute. "

Huo Li was surprised: "In fact, the subsystem is still bound to Xu Yuncheng's original body, but the brain carrying his soul has been dropped by you?"

The black-haired boy was happy: "Yeah! I'm terrific!"

Huo Lilan kissed the teenager and praised him.

After Xu Yuncheng, who was a huge light bulb, hesitated again and again, and finally said, "Cough, can you help the kitten ..."

The black-haired boy sighed: "Did I owe them both in my last life, it really broke my heart!"

Talking about Xiaoyi's arm dissimilated into black silk, while absorbing the nearby lawn to replenish energy, he wrapped the kitten in its entirety.

After a while, all the kittens, except their brains, were fresh.

"In addition to her brain is still fragmented by time power, the other limbs should be fine," said the dark-haired boy.

Huo Li took the boy's arm and nodded to his former friend who had betrayed himself.

The dark-haired boy nodded as he learned from Huo Li.

Xu Yuncheng also picked up the kitten that was still in a coma and nodded.

Huo Li: "There will be a period later."

Xiaoyi: "Early Takako."

Then Xu Yuncheng, who was left alone in the mess, disappeared.

A month later, this millennium struggle for the galaxy finally came to an end. Most of the full power of the Star Alliance is passed to the hands of the newly formed Human and Phantom Federation.

The Salvation Alliance has also been officially reorganized, and the system previously attached to the missioner's brainstem is now moved to a delicate watch worn on the wrist. Every superpower and human can choose to join the alliance, receive the mission of salvation, and get a lot of money, and can quit at any time.

The main system stipulates that the points of abilities that have previously joined the Salvation Alliance are still valid, and you can exchange 1 to 10,000 for star coins, and the items and space obtained belong to the individual of the task.

So the bitter missionaries turned into ten million or even billionaires. Now there are many ordinary parents with newborns who stare at their babies with good eyes every day, hoping to have a talent of elites.

And this new salvation alliance is not so much an alliance as a salvation company for a rich country. Since it is a company, the feat of saving the world like the main system before is untimely. So the main system announced that each salvation alliance will save a huge salvation fee according to the severity of the eschatology.

This cost, which is jointly borne by the eschatology and the Federation of Humans and Psionicists, has gradually evolved into the eschatological planet government and the federation will give up 5 to 100 years of tax after the eschatology to pay the Salvation Alliance. In return.

And the ban on artificial intelligence is also being relaxed. After all, the development of all human technology cannot be stopped because of fear.

No one expected that this series of changes triggered by a power avenger's revenge for her boyfriend would have such a large impact on the entire galaxy.

The technological and cultural level of the entire world has produced an explosive leap in decades, and the abilities and humans have given up their stupid battle with the Zerg for no reason. Protestants have begun spontaneously organizing friendly people in the Zerg galaxy, which the Zerg despise, but for people who have not seen nature for a long time, they have colonized on a planet like heaven.

There are even daring linguists, zoologists, and businessmen who go to the Zerg planet and use tools to exchange their agricultural products. In the Zerg and Zerg, I saw language courses at the same time, or I made money from shooting documentaries and movies. Profit.

After tearing off the coat of prejudice, human intelligence and flexible and profit-seeking nature make this inter-ethnic communication lively.

And technology interchange, after the long-distance human navigation has been greatly developed. Mankind and the psionicist joined hands in the journey of exploring the wider unknown universe.

As for the alien that was only used to save human beings, but was misunderstood by the evil Star Alliance and eventually lost its life, it was also remembered by every human being as the alien race completely perished. After decades of interpretation, this alien story has even been compiled into a fairy tale, a must-read story for children before bedtime. This ugly, but kind-hearted little alien has also successfully deceived the tears of millions of children.

"Don't judge people by their appearance. Have you forgotten the story of the little alien?" Many parents have educated their children in this way.

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