"You ... big liar!" mumbled the small and vaguely in the overlapping lips and teeth.

"Little difference," Huo Li still could not bear to let go of the boy's lips, "again, who do you love ... eh?"

Xiao Yiqi punched Huo Li's abdomen with a severe punch, trying to push him away. Huo Li sighed with pain and slammed the punch, instead he tightened the boy tighter.

"Xiaoyi, don't move, let me hug for a while." Huo Li buried her head in the young man's neck, and there was a hint of blankness in her voice. "You don't know when I saw the starless star blown into pieces by my own eyes, I ... ... "

Huo Li gave up his words and hugged the boy tightly. Xiao Yi lowered her head and froze on Huo Li's face, successfully soothing this traumatized, pitiful gangster.

After a long time Huo Li released the boy, and he took the opportunity to sit in a chair and hugged the boy to his lap. Huo Li looked petulantly at a pair of dark-haired young men with big eyes, and then extended a finger and touched the young boy's swollen lips.

With a slap, the dark-haired boy opened the hand of the following offender with annoyance, and then asked, "How did you find the difference between me and that black silk alien substance? I pretend to look like that!"

Huo Li looked at the boy affectionately: "Xiao Yi, you are the most precious gift in my life, even if you become ashes ..."

Dark-haired boy: "Don't bullshit!"

Huo Liwaner, stretched out his hand to let the boy lean on his side, and then frankly said: "When I went downstairs, I felt a momentary fluctuation in mental strength. At that time, I didn't expect that you really came back. But when I showed my intention to kill the 'replica' I thought, I actually saw that 'replica' stepped back! "

Huo Li: "Xiao Yi, you don't know. I was so excited that I rushed towards you directly. But I was scared, and even this solid evidence was just an illusion caused by my too much expectation. So it was like a treat Like the real replica, he said a lot of eloquent words. When I heard you answer 'OK, sir', I confirmed that it was you! "

Xiaoyi tilted his head and wondered, "Why? Why didn't I see the flaw?"

Huo Li rubbed the boy's head and explained carefully: "Although the copy has no memory, its genes and nature are the same as you. Little difference, if you suddenly lose memory and wake up in a strange place, then there is a What do you do if you show a strong intention to kill you and then speak scornfully? "

Xiao Yi also responded, slap his head in annoyance.

Huo Li gave a kiss on the boy's cheek, then said with a smile: "So if it is really a replica, even if the ability is suppressed by me, it will rise up. The timid expression will never appear to you Face, unless you're acting. "

The black-haired boy stared at Huo Li angrily: "You mean I'm too cowardly, and the stand-in will be more proud than me? Are you bragging about that black silk alien substance?"

Huo Li looked at the bombed boy and clarified, "The second time I went downstairs was to dispose of the substitute. If it wasn't for me, it was you. I would have been a killer! But I really can control it. Alienation of Black Silk, but dare not tell you ... "

Dark-haired boy: "I can also use mental power. In the last days of the machine, I simply wanted to heal you. I did not expect to steal your mental power after I copied you again. coming."

Huo Li: "I originally wanted to never use this ability."

Xiaoyi: "Me too."

Both looked at each other innocently.

After a few seconds of gaze at the same time laughed!

"Hahaha!" The black-haired boy laughed out of breath, and said intermittently, "If we have confessed each other long ago, can the Star Alliance and the Parasite be considered enemies? They can be destroyed by waving!"

"Xiaoyi, I'm just afraid of losing you." Huo Li jumped his legs and kicked the teenager who was about to slide down, and said to the teenager sidewise, "If you know that I can remotely control everything including you Alien limbs, but you ca n’t even perceive them, you must be afraid. It ’s not the fear of me, but the feeling that the alien gene is out of control. ”

"This should be called double distrust." The teenager said with a smile: "Before our precarious relationship was maintained by the lies of both sides. I said why you always emphasize that you can't alienate black silk! Of course I always pretend Let you control the patron saint remotely, and also say that they are afraid that their black wires are tangled together ... ha ha ha ha! "

Huo Li looked at the boy who smiled happily, couldn't help but peck on his face again, and then said, "Maybe this kind of mistrust has to be added to the third."

The dark-haired boy tilted his head, "What?"

"Master system," Huo Li reminded.

Dark-haired boy: "The main system is already powerful enough. What else can she do? Does she really build her power in the dark?"

Huo Li smiled: "That's not true. I mean ability, not behavior."

The dark-haired boy disapproved: "If you say that it can bind anyone without the consent of the host, I already knew that! Every time before it was bound to a tasker, it took every effort to talk to them about the conditions , And then earn their consent to bind, this is a polite disguise! When 2d14 bound me, I did not agree. "

Huo Li appeased the boy and said, "Maybe it's more than that, maybe I think too much!"

"Anyway, we're okay, just go and see!" The black-haired boy eagerly said, "Xu Yuncheng is now sneaking into the Alliance Town. He should be trying to pick up kittens. But he killed more than 600 questers. Let him go, let's go to Alliance Town and see if he can succeed! "

Huo Libai Yibaishun said: "Okay! I am still bound to 099, but I have been blocked. I will now release it and build a teleportation array."

Dark-haired boy: "Wait! I don't want others to know that I'm still alive. I finally designed to let Star Alliance kill the alien, and let the alien die forever!"

Huo Li: "Then I will prepare the starship ..."

"It's not that much trouble." The teenager said proudly and took Huo Li's arm, and then disappeared into the air in an instant.

At this time, the Alliance Town was empty, and there were only a few low-level beginners on the translucent starry stone street. All the missionaries went to play against the human government and the army in the gap between the main system drops.

Xu Yuncheng laboriously maintained space powers. Since the end of the earth and later Starship prisons, his powers have been continuously consumed. Until Xiaoyi rescued him from Alliance Town, and now Xu Yuncheng has always remembered the words of the teenager, shielding the system 123 with time and space power.

It took him a week to finally find a livable planet that is easy to hide and beautiful in the environment on the edge of the universe.

Now that I have played a good hand, and the main system and the powers have reached an endless situation, the opportunity to occupy the top of the world is also hopeless. Then in the second half of her life, she lives in seclusion with the kitten, and the ordinary life is not so unacceptable.

The little girl, the kitten, didn't even know that she liked her. Over the past 300 years, I have done it enough. Every mission world has been patiently with her, helping her to score points, and even wearing her couple necklaces ...

Even the entire Salvation Alliance knows that Xu Yuncheng likes cats, but she ridiculously thought that these were all my gratitude and guilt to her! Every time I met, I didn't squint, and for 300 years I didn't glance deep into the neckline of my necklace.

If I don't like you, how can you do these things for a girl as usual? Ridiculous Thanksgiving! There are many who have grace and I have been killed by me in the end.

Xu Yuncheng maintained the space ability and walked to the kitten's apartment. He used his last strength to shield the kitten's system vv9988, and with a trace of embarrassment, he took out three roses that had been prepared earlier, and then rang the doorbell.

After dozens of seconds, the door clicked open, and the kitten saw Xu Yuncheng first stunned, then shouted anxiously: "Xu Yuncheng? Why are you back! Now the entire Salvation Alliance is looking for you! You run away!"

Then when the kitten saw the rose in Xu Yuncheng's hand, the whole person was completely choked like thunder ...

Xiao Yi, who was hiding on the side watching the warm scene, could not help whispering softly: "A misunderstanding can last for 300 years is really ... But Xu Yuncheng killed hundreds of powers after all. The main system cannot let him go, I hope he escapes fast."

However, Huo Li, who had already suspected it in his heart, shook his head slightly: "Seriously, I can't bear to look any further."

Xu Yuncheng took the kitten's hand and overdrawn the last trace of power to teleport to the door of a planet on the edge of the universe.

"This is our future home." Xu Yuncheng told the kitten a little flat, but Xiaoyi knew that this was his shyness covering up.

The kitten has been stunned by this sudden great happiness, but she is still a little worried, for fear that it will be like a dream that may break at any time.

"Will the main system come over?" Kitty asked.

In fact, Xu Yuncheng had a little uncertainty in his heart, but he calmed down, "Here is the edge of the galaxy, very far away from the Alliance Town. My power is almost unsustainable. I stop and rest for 10 minutes, and then continue to block the system. The programmer has deployed a signal shielding system throughout the planet. The main system cannot be located in such a short time. Don't worry. "

The kitten nodded and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Let's go home!" Xu Yuncheng walked into the room holding the kitten's hand, and at this time his space-time power was completely exhausted, Xu Yuncheng still barely maintained the shield of the kitten system vv9988, but had to let himself System 0123 broke through the weak space-time barrier and went back online.

Xiao Yi grasped Huo Li's hand nervously, holding his breath and waiting.

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