For the moment when Huo Li met the dark-haired boy's gaze, he was a little stunned, and he murmured unconsciously: "Little difference, you are back ... ... "

It seemed like there was an intuition telling himself that he was different from the fake copy just now.

But then Huo Li noticed the abrasions on the boy's forehead, and those ignorant and empty eyes. This is not Xiaoyi ... Xiaoyi is dead. The reason for returning to the cage gave Huo Li a heavy blow, and his gaze toward the dark-haired boy became unhealthy.

Xiaoyi saw the killing intention in Huo Li's eyes, and flinched back a bit, and asked, "Who are you? Where is this?"

The boy's clear voice echoed in the basement, Huo Li's eyes softened unconsciously, but then he became expressionless.

Huo Li's voice was a little cold: "I will only tell you this once, you have to remember: you are just a stand-in created by me, you are only alienated by the gene of my lover Xiaoyi A replica, don't you understand? "

Xiao Yi was stunned, and the innocent expression on her face almost didn't last. Huo Li is too straightforward, shouldn't he deceive people into thinking of the black silk alienation as the amnesiatic self, and then miss the past dwelling and dwelling?

"And I'm Huo Li, this is my house." Huo Li said, then grabbed the boy's sleeve and took him upstairs.

As soon as Xiao Yi stepped on his leg, he stumbled unconsciously, then while being pulled by Huo Li upstairs, he realized silently that Huo Li's mental power still controlled himself as the black silk foreign substance. So in order to guard against himself, Huo Li shielded all the alienating abilities of this body with his mental strength, and also suppressed the alienated physical ability of this body.

In other words, after Xiaoyi replaced that copy, he was suppressed by Huo Li's mental power into a weak and ordinary boy.

Xiao Yi's heart is not happy for some reason: this replica turned out to be so different from me! This is fine.

Huo Li put the boy in the front hall, returned to the bedroom by himself, and then folded back again, holding a few sheets of paper full of characters in his hand.

"In the future, you will do what you say and do on this paper," Huo Li said. "The purpose of your existence is to be a substitute, understand?"

The dark-haired boy looked at Huo Li obediently with a pair of big clear eyes and said, "I see, Mr Huo Li."

Huo Li still had no warmth in looking at the dark-haired boy: "I give you 5 minutes to prepare."

Little Nod nodded, and his eyes moved to the first note paper.

What the **** is this!

I saw the above:

[The dark-haired boy (a mischievous gleam flashes in his eyes): "Huo Li, haven't you seen it yet? I'm really back!"]

[The dark-haired boy happily patted Huo Li, who was holding on, then explained ...]

5 minutes later.

"Did you finish your back?" Huo Li asked calmly.

The dark-haired boy replied obediently: "It's over, Mr. Huo Li."

Huo Li: "Let ’s get started. Although you are a stand-in, but you have an IQ comparable to Xiaoyi, you have the ability to perform exactly like Xiaoyi himself."

There was a hint of threat in Huo Li's voice, and it seemed that if the dark-haired young boy played a little worse, he would dispose of this useless copy.

So Xiao Yi had to put the sticky note aside, and the innocent and cowardly expression on his face gradually disappeared, and then a mischievous smile appeared to Huo Li:

"Huo Li, haven't you seen it yet? I'm really back!"

Huo Li still looked at the boy expressionlessly, but his reddish eyes and trembling hands exposed his explosive mood now.

Xiaoyi reached out and patted Huo Li's shoulder, then stroked his hand on his right shoulder, and said happily:

"Huo Li, in fact, these are my plans. The wild star did not explode at all, and the nuclear strike was fake. I just tried to trick you into destroying the Star Alliance!"

Huo Li shivered even harder, and this shudder passed down Xiao Yi's hand along his shoulder.

The black-haired boy smiled proudly: "Even you are deceived! Who tells you that you have never dared to probe my mind since the zombie world! The officers and soldiers on many starships that night It was controlled by Langtai. As for the video of the star being blasted into powder, it was faked by the programmer. Yeah, he has changed the evil!

Xiaoyi read this Huo Li's almost fairytale-like script, written to revive himself. The teenager's cheerful tone could hardly be maintained, and he immediately lowered his head and smiled to cover his wet eyes.

The dark-haired boy reached out and shook Huo Li: "What are you worried about? I'm really back. If you don't believe it, take a starship and go to the waste star to take a look at it, and that planet is still there!"

Xiaoyi watched a tear drip from Huo Li's flushed eyes, slipped across the cheek and dropped to the ground.

"Xiaoyi, are you really not dead?" Huo Li's voice was a little tight, "but 2d14 is indeed back to the main system ..."

Xiaoyi now uses almost all his mental strength to maintain his expression, and then continues according to the script written by Huo Li.

The black-haired boy couldn't help laughing, "You believe it, it's the main system and I'm lying to you. You can't see the system. How can you know that 2d14 is back! Now 2d14 is still in my head. Have left. "

The young man stepped forward, holding Huo Li's face with both hands and narrowed his head and looked down at the young man's eyes: "I'm an alien! How could I easily die?"

The teenager put down his hand and looked at Huo Li with a smile.

Xiaoyi looked at Huo Li slightly, and closed his eyes briefly, this beautiful fantasy is like a sweet and deadly poppy. Huo Li wiped his tears with the back of his hand, and he had abandoned all his consciousness and fallen into this woven illusion.

Huo Li stared greedily at the real boy in front of his eyes, with a smile of joy on his face: "Xiao Yi, you are really alive, this is really too ... I know how a smart boy like you would be Groups of humans are killed. "

Huo Li turned to get the tin can on the cupboard, and then said a little embarrassedly, "This is the coffee I prepared for you. It is a brand with the researcher who always walks with coffee at the front of your lab. I spent it. It took a long time to find it. It would have been given to you once the parasite was destroyed! "

Huo Li ran the coffee skillfully, added three spoonfuls of milk and sugar to Xiaojun's taste before handing it to the teenager.

Huo Li looked at the boy with anticipation, his eyes full of joy and pampering, but the sad despair hidden deep in his eyes was more intense.

The boy lowered his head and took a sip of coffee without talking. Xiaoyi had no time to memorize the script now, and all his willpower was used to maintain a happy expression on his face. It would be silly to cry now.

"Xiao Yi, you said, as long as I destroy the Star Alliance, stay with me." Huo Li's voice with a strong meaning of praise: "Now I have completely eliminated the Star Alliance, no more No one will hunt you down and vilify you ... "

Huo Li took Xiaoyi's shoulder and said softly in the young man's ear: "Xiaoyi, I'm sorry, I didn't get rid of Star League in time. When you birthday, you told me so plainly, you know Star League Plan, but I let things go for that ridiculous sense of morality. "

Huo Li's voice carries infinite remorse: "If I make a decision earlier, I will not lose you ... No! I mean I almost lost you." Huo Li firmly denied what had just been said. The fact that the teenager is dead, there is regained joy in the voice:

"Xiao Yi, I love you! Can you stay with me?" Huo Li's voice was a little trembling, even begging with a hint: "You promised me, as long as I destroy Star Alliance, now I do it! Xiao Yi ... "

I do not know whether it is begging for a promise from the teenager or whether this dream can never be broken.

The black-haired boy felt his eyes filled with tears for the first time. He held Huo Li tightly with his backhand and buried his face at his shoulders and necks: "Huo Li, I am really back! I love you too."

Then Xiaoyi heard Huo Li chuckling in his ear, where there was still the despair just in his voice, and there was only a warmth with a shiver:

"Did you finally admit it? Little fool hat! I knew you were the second time I went down to the basement, and you finally got cheated by me ..."

Huo Li turned his head and kissed the boy's lips fiercely.

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