Then the dark-haired boy noticed that the butterfly-like wings seemed to exude a tiny blue arc like a spider silk. After a moment, he keenly looked at the place where the boy was standing, and immediately watched after seeing the boy's figure, a pair of wings became dark blue and ready to attack!

"Don't be nervous," said the dark-haired boy. "I'm not human."

But this sentence obviously did not relax the humanoid butterfly. The juvenile normal human appearance made him look suspicious.

"I've seen so many humans like you!" Butterfly said angrily: "You are just a human liar who came to steal technical data, or stole and sell us as if they were goods!"

The dark-haired boy didn't care about his hostility. Instead, he strolled to the experimental table, picked up a stack of information, and looked at it, then leaned forward and pressed the red button on the console.

With a drop, the metal cuffs holding the Butterflyman and the experimental cage opened at the same time.

The Butterflyman jumped out quickly, not at all as agile as when he was just drawing blood. He stopped at 2 meters in front of the boy, carefully observed the boy's body, and his transparent face was full of doubts:

"Are you really not human, are you here to save us?"

"No. Yes." The young man who was still looking through the materials replied succinctly.

"Oh, okay!" Butterflyman slightly retracted his wings, took a step forward and stretched out his right hand to make a handshake gesture, apologizing: "Sorry for the offense, I am Butterflyman Lance."

"Hello, I'm alien."

The Butterflyman, who was about to touch the finger of a teenager, suddenly drew his hand back when he heard the last two words, and flew outward like a blue lightning bolt.

Then the boy pulled his wings and pulled it back.

"What to run, I don't want to kill you," said the dark-haired boy. "After all, I'm also a non-human intelligent creature. I'm here to help you out."

"Then you let me go, I'll save the others!" The Butterflyman couldn't pull his wings no matter how hard he tried.

Dark-haired boy: "I just let your low-dangerous creatures out. How many days can you survive in the human world? I think your ability is quite strong. You haven't killed your companions in the confrontation experiment. Only one serious injury ...

It is up to you to lead tens of thousands of other wise bodies. Within this hour, the humans here are at your disposal. After an hour of assembly, I will not allow any intellect to escape without permission. "

Butterflyman: "What are you doing?"

Dark-haired boy: "Revenge for you, then take you away."

Although the Butterflyman is still full of doubts, the sixth sense that has been living on the edge of life and death for a long time seems to tell him that I believe this self-proclaimed alien! This is my only chance.

"Okay, Mr. Alien," the Butterflyman said kindly, and then asked tentatively, "what happened to those humans?"

Dark-haired boy: "Rest assured, they can't wake up. Also, don't announce my alien identity, go!"

Seems to hear the impatience in the boy's voice, Butterfly Man flew out of the laboratory quickly to save people.

Everything went smoothly. Lance first rescued his tribe, and then flew to various small experimental bases. Some intelligent bodies trying to escape without permission were also subdued by Butterflyman's arc.

The Butterflyman may not be the strongest race in the Welland company's experiment, but at this critical moment of unanimity, no one is willing to take the initiative.

Half an hour later, 230,000 employees of the Welland Company were squeezed into the cage and the experimental cabin next to each other, and the 4,000 researchers who were usually responsible for experiments on the intelligent body were taken out alone.

Tens of thousands of intelligent creatures pounced on the usual high-ranking researchers, and 31 of them were killed for the pleasure of abusing the experimental body. The rest were all nasal, swollen, and even broken one or two ribs.

And those wise men have long noticed the dark-haired boy who has been standing silently, they know that this is the life-saving benefactor who paralyzed Welland. But after seeing the human form of the teenager and the 31 humans killed by them, they still felt a little guilty.

"This gentleman, our wise body is by no means a brutal slaughter race." An elderly butterfly man could not help explain: "These dozens of researchers are scums in humans, scum! Some of them even I will apply for a species exchange project, and then we will cut our wings and sew them onto the mermaid, just to see how our blue wings glow underwater! "

"Yes! The perverts of these researchers will also put some" excessive subjects "in cages, and one must be killed before they can be released." Lance's eyes were full of hatred, beside the dark-haired boy Gritted teeth said:

"If we are not active enough, we are greeted by endless electric shocks and starvation! You have not seen that desperate scene. When both sides are weak, they continue to electric shock, so we only I can brace myself up, even if the wings have been bitten and scattered in the experimental chamber, I still have to use my last strength to tear my companion with my hand ... "

"I have never seen such a scene." The dark-haired boy nodded and said calmly, "After all, in the space station laboratory where I stay, most dangerous creatures will be fatal with a single blow. The duel time will generally not exceed 5 minutes. The fight did not reflect the shining point of the subject's genes, and it would immediately fall into the carbon dioxide warehouse and be treated without injuries, even the winning side. "

Lance took a sigh of air, and then she remembered the true identity of the boy in front of her.

Dark-haired boy: "Are you revenge?"

Lance's anger was half scared away, and he quickly answered, "Yes, sir."

The dark-haired boy asked Reims to organize their orderly entry into a large Welander starship, set aside, and left the already-expanded Welander company, heading towards the edge of the universe.

After a few hours, the abnormality of the Welland company was finally found. When the media carried cameras to interview those employees who were still not released in the experimental cage, the shocking farce was destroyed by the Star Alliance and the abilities and The war of the human government has overshadowed the limelight.

A week later, this large starship with the striking Welander logo miraculously passed through numerous layers of blockades and barriers in the minds of the psychic, and then went out of the human galaxy in an ordinary way.

When the starship landed in a vast virgin forest, these intelligent creatures truly believed that they were truly free.

At this time, tens of thousands of intelligent creatures flew or ran out of the starship's cabin, with tears in their eyes rushing to the vast nature. Even the aquatic intelligences with limited mobility were lifted by the water tanks of other races. Landed off the spaceship.

After a while of excitement, the talking and non-speaking intelligences gathered again in front of the starship and expressed their gratitude to the dark-haired boy.

At the same time, Lance and his tribe, who were responsible for fleeing, went to the teenager and bowed deeply.

"Sir, we butterfly people are thanking you again for your help. We butterfly people will lead intelligent life ..."

Dark-haired boy: "Wait!"

Lance froze suddenly: "Sir?"

The black-haired boy: "Who told you that the butterfly people are the leaders of intelligent creatures? I just look at your ability to pass, and let you help organize on the way to escape."

Lance and the Butterflyman family stood awkwardly there, but the eyes of the tens of thousands of other races in the presence showed some eagerness to try.

Dark-haired boy: "I just want to save you from the human world. As for whether you are the same kingdom or killed internally or both at the same time, it is not my business. You can Feel free to explore, even if you want to occupy your own exclusive race, even if you want to occupy, and if you want to grab it, you still want to grab it ... "

Some of the intellects present were full of excitement and ambition, others showed anxiety, and some were full of curiosity.

Dark-haired boy: "Of course if any of you can make all races peaceful, I will applaud you from time to time. I hope that after escape from human harm, you will not be worse than in the laboratory. You can develop and enjoy life in the surrounding galaxies. I have only one requirement: not to return to the human galaxy! "

"Yes, sir."

The first few intelligent bodies responded first, and sparsely answered.

Dark-haired boy: "Okay, you can do it!"

After talking about the majority of the intelligent beings in the audience, they turned slightly and disappeared into the air.

During this week, hundreds of thousands of psionicists faced ordinary people's upper-level government and army with the main system 'hardware failure'.

In this ratio of one enemy to another, the human army and government forces who were still full of confidence were like a child who had been used to the main system for thousands of years to be beaten by powers.

The low-level abilities that seemed insignificant in the last days were incompetent, and they found out how powerful their abilities were when they confronted senior human officials. Sometimes it only takes a few teleportation symbols to interrupt the power of several starship control rooms, which can paralyze the entire fleet.

Low-level mental powers need only a little simple confusion to break down a planet's human government ...

In just one week, the iron and steel regime established by ordinary human beings for thousands of years completely collapsed. Ordinary humans who have lost their way have to propose peace talks.

Originally under the influence of the media's hype, among the ordinary human beings who were afraid or sneered at the psionicist, there was even a small trend of blind worship of the p ...

When the entire galaxy's dark tide surged, and everyone took the advantage in the first major reshuffle of the forces in thousands of years to gain a foothold and fight for a good future for themselves, Huo Li was after the collapse of the Star Alliance. The next day, he disintegrated all the black silk foreign matter in the galaxy and left alone.

Huo Li knows that the youngster's least favorite is the feeling that black silk is out of control, so he must not allow the black silk foreign matter with the juvenile gene to continue to exist.

Those who want to use this gene as a scientific research aid to add strength to their own forces, in the dark, see those monsters alienated by black silk suddenly disintegrate into dust, and there is no DnA that can be extracted, only Can go home.

In addition, the members of the Philip Chase who had a history of hundreds of years suddenly disappeared overnight, and there were suddenly a large number of doctors and nurses in thousands of hospitals throughout the galaxy, but these little things were no longer cared at this time.

On a wild star beside the Zerg King City, there is a dilapidated villa on the edge of the forest.

The entire forest and grassland are full of life, but this villa is as deadly as its owner. The depressed atmosphere makes the birds in the forest dare not land around.

Xiaoyi appeared on the grass on the edge of the villa, and now he can finally get rid of the infinite hunting and fear of human beings and worry about the fate of the last days. The dark-haired boy took a deep breath, showing a big smile, and his heart was full of longing for future life.

There will be no aliens in the world, I'm just a human child! In order to surprise Huo Li, who has been suffering so much these days, the dark-haired boy concealed himself mentally and walked creptly into the dilapidated villa.

Xiaoyi turned silently into the corridor and saw Huo Li's back standing in the front room, and just wanted to rush to give him a hug. I heard Huo Li's guilty and depressed voice coming:

"Little difference, sorry ..."

He was still blaming himself for his death, and the dark-haired boy also regretted his aggressive behavior, but before the teenager took the first step, he heard Huo Li continue to say to himself:

"I know that's wrong! But I can't help it ... sorry, I'm a selfish villain ..."

The teenager is a little embarrassed. What is Huo Li talking about? The dark-haired boy quietly took a few steps forward, looking from the side of Huo Li to the center of the living room.

Looking at Huo Li's painful but decisive gaze, a black filament on the white table in front of Huo Li was slowly creeping.

Huo Li seemed to suddenly come down with some determination, and took out a large bundle of fresh grass and flowers from the space and put it on the stage. The black silk tangled up instantly. In a matter of tens of seconds, all the flowers and plants were alienated into the body of the black silk.

The dark-haired boy froze.

He held his breath unconsciously and watched the next development, Huo Li ... could he control the black silk?

The black silk on the white table began to squirm and merged, and gradually drawn into a human shape. At the same time, Huo Li seemed to be completely collapsed, buried his face in his hands, and muttered to himself:

"Xiaoyi, I know that what you most taboo and guard against is your own black silk, which contains alien genes. You even killed all aliens in the world, just because you can't stand the existence of alien genes beyond your control. .Xiaoyi, I didn't deliberately deceive you, but I really don't know how to tell you that my spiritual power also has the ability to control the black silk of differentiation ... "

Huo Li has been burying his eyes in his hands, but Xiao Yi behind him can look at the black silk that originally belonged to his own body. Under Huo Li's control, he has alienated the appearance of a boy and stared blankly at the front.

At this time, a humanoid with no difference from Xiaoyi, a string puppet without soul and memory.

The 'black-haired boy' sitting on the stage opened his eyes and crossed Huo Li, looking a little puzzled to the rear with a little doubt.

At the moment when Xiaoyi and the ‘self’ were facing each other, the feeling of disgust from the inner heart was about to break through the roof! For a while, his own mental illness that was deep in the bone marrow was motivated to the extreme, and when Xiao Yi was going to bully him, he was broken into pieces.

Huo Li was faster than him and suddenly overturned and overturned the stone platform. The replica smashed against the wall with Shitai in the might, and fell to the ground and passed out.

Xiaoyi quietly followed, raising her eyebrows as Huo Li's anger grabbed the body of 'Black Haired Teenager' and threw it into the basement, her eyes avoiding the appearance of 'Black Haired Teenager' like a plague.

"You're not him!" Huo Li looked at the unconscious 'Black Haired Teenager' on the ground and seemed to be picking up the chair next to him and smashing it.

But Huo Li finally just fell to the basement door severely, and then rushed into his bedroom without locking back.

The whole process teleported and teleported to avoid the small difference of Huo Li's sight, and then finally stopped in the basement, and then some innocent said to himself: "I am the one who kills the mental illness every time I am relative! It hasn't exploded yet, but you're angry at the thief ... "

Huo Li leaned on the bedroom door and fell into boundless blame, but he couldn't help but want to see Xiaoyi again ...

At the same time, the dark-haired boy sat quietly watching himself on the ground in the basement. It turns out that Huo Li's mental power can also control the black silk! But he didn't tell him that he had captured his mental powers, so it should be considered equal?

It's really interesting that both of us now have both mental power and black silk.

No one interrupted at this moment, Xiao Yi's intention to kill the ‘self’ on the ground began to rise again. Xiaoyi looked at the dark-haired boy on the ground, opened his eyes, wiped the blood on his forehead with his sleeve, and then asked Xiaoyi softly:

"Who are you? Here is ..."

At the same time, Xiao Yi's mental strength saw Huo Li upstairs still couldn't help but open the door to the basement.

Xiao Yi finally broke out at this moment. He instantly regained control of this black silk alien substance with his mental power, and instantly disintegrated this fake 'black hair teenager' into a powder and scattered in the air.

Xiaoyi listened to the sound of footsteps on the stairs from near and far. For a moment, revenge suddenly started. He controlled his forehead to alienate an abrasion that was exactly the same as the substitute. It happened to be Huo Li who pushed in the door.

Xiaoyi's big eyes were doubtful and innocent.

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