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When an Alien Is Bound to a World-Saving System

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Novel Summary

When the last alien on the world was bound to a stupid but cute world-saving system thinking he was a human:

A resource depleted world:

Alien: “I can help them deplete 5% of the world’s population in the short term, this way, this planet can continue to survive.

System 2d14 was frightened to tears: “No, don’t! Lord host!”

One day:

System 099 was shocked: [Lord host, the record you set for completing one’s first world has been br-broken by a rookie!]

Big boss Huo Li raised an eyebrow in intrigue: [Oh? Who was it?]

A certain alien happily thought that he was invincible among all carbon based life-forms! Until…… he met a powerful psychic ability user!

A horrified alien: “Hey! Why can’t I control myself?”

Powerful psychic controller gong x ultimate evolution of carbon-based organisms shou

Loyal dog with a strong sense of responsibility gong x always pretending to be human black belly shou

In the beginning there is a love-hate relationship and mutual dissing, later there is a pair of husbands cooperating to fight monsters~

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:
Alternate Title:当异形绑定了救世系统
Weekly Rank:#6881
Monthly Rank:#7495
All Time Rank:#6252
Tags:Aliens, Fearless Protagonist, Saving the World, Transformation Ability, World Hopping,
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  1. Di novel (judul)"When aliens participate in escape games//当异形参加逃生游戏....nama MC ama ML nya sama :)....Itu S2 nya atau gmn ya? Soalx alur cerita novel nya nyambung ama yg ini,cuma disitu Xiao Yi hilang ingatan 🙂

  2. When in night mode the last bottom translated paragraph is in black. Please solve this. It is happening in every chapter I think.

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