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What To Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes To Reality

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You might not believe it. As long as the heroine I portrays, one day she will come to the real world from the novel. ——Li Shushan

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Alternate Title:笔下小说女主来到现实怎么办
Author:Drunk Lying Laughing Yi Ren
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Tags:beautiful heroine, Business Management, Cheat, eastern fantasy, Entertainment, Fan-fiction, Game Element, Male Protagonist, Modern World, OP MC, Otaku, Skill Creation, Superpowers, System, Virtual Reality, Writers,
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19 Comments on “What To Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes To Reality
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  1. China is literally brainwashing their next generation. They called westerners evil and cannibals, that we take back our dead to chop up and use to cook hamburgers and hotdogs (to be fair, they are about that unhealthy)- when during civil war, a female vice principal of an opposing political party was deboned and eaten by her students during a famine- 120 of that school’s students ended up as cannibals. When PM Abe got assassinated, the assassin was hailed as a hero (and he technically is, Abe despite his ‘nice guy’ vibe had multiple corruptions exposed and resigned due to “health declining” but still had the balls to try and make political speeches in 2022- said hero exposed religious cults running rampant in the Far East- and the cult that ruined his family was invited by Abe’s grandfather and let them run their extortion-scam scheme rampant knowing this. Talk about Karma.) However, China is also currently forerunner for the best country in the world- because it is in fact, one that is run by people that actually cares for their country. Mao unified the country ran by corrupt lobbyists (and this is like 80 years ago mind you) that proved to be incompetent- unable to protect themselves. Today it’s one of the three superpowers, removing poverty and still actively attacking their issues, non political ones at least that make other countries like the US government look like incompetent deadbeats.), avoided capitalism like the plague which was smart for the not corrupt Mao- capitalism has always provoked corruption, and when they finally opened world trade, they actively tackled corruption. I don’t think any other country has ever done this. China is not the best- YET. But with the way the worlds nations are run, it may be in the near future. Honestly their policy of accumulating more patriotism is a good idea- Russia should’ve tried to adopt it. I just wish their patriots weren’t so toxic about it since they should know, that patriotism is the same one the Japanese had when they invaded China. Like seriously, why is China so hostile to Taiwan. Just turn it into a vassal state and push to implement the more beneficial policies-outside of the toxic brainwashing hopefully. Hong Kong, legit had a problem since the Square killing happened because those HK guys did some really sick inhuman stuff to the mainland soldiers. In the first place, why did citizens think picking a fight with their own country’s government was a good idea? Do they think this is Europe or America where they only need a good lawyer to help reduce their sentence to around 3 years? In my eyes, and even MLC citizens can see HK citizens have serious brain damage- and those guys only have a state controlled media outlet!

  2. Honestly reading the author's note at the end of novel made me pity him. Looks like become chinese webnovelist is hard huh, not only there are massive competitors in china, you also need to be careful in making the plots since the government is so strict that they can easily blocked novel's content, thus cut off webnovelist's meal source.

  3. Just because not racist enough... Author had to finish his novel... Fuck... This is why it hard to find Chinese novel without racist...

  4. Well... so don't blame the Chinese authors for the racist novels you read, because maybe that's not what they want....poor author 😢

  5. what could be done, unless you only write for hobby most author write in order to get money for their daily life, this novel isn't that popular enough didn't get that much subscription, the early chapter with government mysterious organization trope is enough for qidian to threaten author to block his novel as anti-china WTF (there's info on the end of this testimonial chapter) so the author have to abandon it & focus more on mc strengthening his power via game, novel & livestreaming not enough face slapping scene is another reason didn't get popular, its really hard to write something on the level of Boss Pei Qian & Roland the Lich where there's no racism & barely nationalism.

  6. Covid19 is a virus make you physical ill.Racism is like another virus which make your mentally exhausted.China has done a good job creating both of it.

  7. China is trash believe me, because I have been to China country, and found that they are all proud of their own race like that all races of this world are inferior or trash except race Those who are strong and extraordinary are HUAXIA CHINA, do you understand?

  8. I just read About "GuangDong Accident " when African faced Discrimination because of Corona19 . After 30m reading Racism in many place span from West to East, I just feel sad . Im not from China or any big country nor being an nationalist . I dont know if im deep-down an racism, But i know i dont like seeing other being discriminate wantonly. I know it is a worldwide problem but there is an idiom """It's an ill bird that fouls its own nest🐧""". Racism is fine,Stupid is fine,Nationalism is fine , what make me disgust is showing it over and over again without any guilt . Have you read some "Apocalypse🌋🌊🔥❄" or "Survival World🌏" ??? I think you will Cause they are Too many recenly, Just like Trash . In those novel , you will find many pharse like : "Without society , ppl will show their deep desire,acting unrestrain,blablabla.." i think that true but the prob is that it appear just in mostly 1,2h , as most a day. That thing just like hit your foot with a stone, Why ? the ppl in the first 1 to 3 chap are all China😂 Doesnt that mean Your own kind is just some Wild type has just been release??? and . I also find it weird,1000 of soliders scatter across the map which as big as a continent some how meet each other and Shout "Great China" to gain Author's buff and restore there IQ back to normal . After that military,goverment will unite ppl (put the shackle back) and face racism from EVERY other countries when "World Mode,Chat" open (are your ppl self-abused?🔪)). There is another Stupid design : 💨💨💨Oh,Somehow our 1000 kind ppl is weaker than 100 other forgeiners who kill,rob each other and gain the Author "0 IQ" buff💡. We has to fight back🗡🛡Oh we lost and they keep inslult us😭😭 Let keep 10000 of Our Hope on the MC.👏👏👏Author has done a great job When lower your country as a weak one althought has numbers advantage and then put it future hope into an beta MC who happen to has a cheat.So that mean that if any criminal,overlord,stupid guy happen to be stronger, slap other will be the face of your country??? And by only using Cheat that Your Proud Country can win??? Is this what you want???. In conclusion ,everything might sound bias, i agree, because im not a chinese so i cant not fully understand them and has to treat them just like how they want to be. There are many great novels worth reading and there are many dont. It was your choice to read.

  9. my opinion about racism is 'why go looking for trouble for something that doesn't help me at all?' so i don't bother with nationalism, skin color or religion because we are all human so 'what's the difference?'... in my opinion 'nationalism' in chinese novels is 'soft racism' because this 'nationalism' of the authors is always written as if China was better than the rest of the world and all the countries in the world were making China a target...

  10. I wonder , if u say china is trash , but why u still reading chinese novel , cuz i think most chinese author only create novel for their own country , only for thoose fan of chinese novel that will mtl the novel And yet u hate it but still minggle with the novel ckckckckkckck....... What a damm losser....

  11. Bitch if you say, why are you reading Chinese novel than why is you writing in English. I don’t consider China as trash but people like you who support racism. Also novel are here for us since it is translated so go read in Chinese websites and enjoy talking to other who think it is ok to be racist just because it for your people. That shit is the most dumb shit I ever heard but it is sad to be honest. Sorry to those author that are being force to write as the government want. Any reader are dumb if they say that it ok just because it for your people lol. People are slave until they start to think for their self if that shit is wrong or not. My advice grow up and admit if that shit is wrong. No one is superior. We came naked in this earth and we died naked.

  12. Well I am here because I am not able to find any good fanfictions anywhere else the novels that I like are too slow on the release or I have to pay and on mtl that's not an issue I don't hate Chinese people they are fascinating to be true from one point of view they are united against the world yet their mentality is that of a nation under a dictatorship if Kim Jung ung was the leader of china he would have been the most happiest person alive it's like china still haven't developed or came out of the shell Chinese have beautiful cultural diversity on them but yet, they are like the uchias from naruto but without the eye power and chakra but only the pride sometimes I feel pity for the citizens of china that their country is psychologically manipulating them to be afraid and indifferent to another human country on this planet for them if the name of our planet changes from earth to china that will be their greatest achievements 🤯🤧🤧😜

  13. another great novel ended early because author isn't racist enough, there aren't that much face slapping scene either nor there are any arrogant young master pop up like cabbage so yeah this is how typical novel attempt to write proper Plot Story from sincere author end, need to ramp up the nationalism in order for this novel to get more popular. this novel is from one of my favorite author simply because he diligently write the chapter ensuring faster update rate without sacrificing the quality of this novel & rarely eunuch his novel even if he have to end the novel hastily. the story is about mc have ability to manifest his fantasy into reality so long he didn't deviate that much from the LAW, mc write novel, the heroine of that novel manifest into reality & help mc, mc build virtual reality game in order to extract dissipate life force from human to power himself that's the gist of it, so if you prefer harem with ton of face slapping scene & racism you won't enjoy this novel.

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