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What Should I Do If My Deskmate is Too Clingy?

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No.1 Lieutenant Colonel Ba Nanjia is good-looking and can play basketball well enough to protect herself. She is definitely a well-deserved goddess among the girls in No.1 Middle School.
It’s a pity that this beautiful and sassy goddess can only be seen from a distance, not close-up, after all, they don’t have the courage and courage to turn their black and beautiful hair into a rainbow.
In this regard, Nan Jia is very happy. To be honest, things like love will only affect the speed of her punching.
However, on the first day of entering high school, this situation of keeping away from strangers was broken.
Who would have thought that looking at a soft and weak girl, she would have such courage to break free from the eyes of the world for love.
Nan Jia: Sure enough, is this the charm?
Yu Xinan fed her candy.
Nan Jia: I actually want to use sugar-coated cannonballs to soften her, it’s impossible, she won’t like each other.
Yu Xinan watched the ghost movie and was scared to climb the bed.
Nan Jia; soft and comfortable to hold. No, it was only when she saw that the other party took pity on her to comfort her.
Yu Xinan teamed up with the active classmates.
Nan Jia: Oh, I want to make her jealous before I catch up, my little roommate is too fluttering (clenching fist).
Yu Xinan confessed.
Nan Jia: Since you like me so much, I agree.
It seemed that the other party took the initiative, but in fact she was already tempted.

Content tags: Flower season, rainy season, soft spot, sweet text, campus
Search keywords: Protagonist: Nan Jia, Yu Xinan ┃ Supporting role: The next book pre-received “After Abducting Junior Brother’s Love” ┃ Others: Campus
One sentence introduction: She specified that she likes me
Purpose: to treasure the most beautiful student time, study hard together, and work hard for a better tomorrow

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Alternate Title:同桌太粘人怎么办
Author:Shili Qinghua
Weekly Rank:#9335
Monthly Rank:#8758
All Time Rank:#9958
Tags:Academy, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Clingy Lover, Clumsy Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Jealousy, School Life, Shoujo Ai, Slow Romance, Yuri,
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