The story of "What's the Experience of Being a Kindred" has finally come to an end.

Although there are still many imperfections, it is basically a step-by-step approach, writing here step by step, and finishing the book according to the plan.

As far as I am concerned, compared to the last book, which the Great Eagle Dog stumbled and reluctantly, the completion of the blood family has made great progress.

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I will briefly summarize and review the writing process and thinking of this book.

1. Ideas.

When I first thought about this book, in fact, the setting of abilities was mainly based on physical abilities, supplemented by mental abilities and system abilities. The protagonist also wanted to **** human blood, but he set himself a one that only sucks. The core contradiction of the blood principle of the heinous criminal is the conflict between the protagonist's ability improvement, bloodthirsty instinct and his self-awareness, social order, and moral bottom line. The main perspective is focused on the protagonist, and the overall style will be dark.

But listening to the description also knows that writing like this is too dangerous.

So in the end, my idea is to take the development route of mutation ability as the main line, sensory ability is the core, and all stories and plots are developed around the ability system.

Because the daily style is set at the beginning, the roles of Nana, Lao Xia, Little Fat Girl, Little Apple, and Yang Laosan will be very important.

Many readers will complain about how the world is too small, and you can encounter it everywhere, because this book is not a mode of changing maps or changing copies. Most characters basically appear from beginning to end, so Only relatively important characters will have names, which reduces the burden of remembering names for readers.

As long as there is a name, there will basically be follow-up contact, otherwise it will be a special pronoun from beginning to end, such as tall and thin men, flat-headed men, and studded teenagers, such as Officer Chen, until the end, it is also Officer Chen.

2. Writing.

The main theme of this book is "exploration" and "discovery" rather than "confrontation", so everyone should find that Xiang Kun is more about searching for the roots of ability and strength, and more about "negotiations with the unknown." "Instead of other "mutated creatures" or villains.

It is to keep repeating the process of [discovery-analysis-fusion-development].

It is based on this writing method, so in the later period of this book, there is basically no tension and suspense, whether it is facing "Mr. Liang" or "Ultimate Predator".

It’s like writing about the confrontation of the two armies and wars, usually from the battlefield, from the layout of the two armies, from the commander’s wits and courage, from the conspiracy of the two spies, but I’m writing about the military factory, a car. Tanks, fighters, rows of missiles, and battleships are displayed one by one to the readers, describing their performance and power, and then when the actual fight begins, the camera reaches the battlefield, and the reader sees the weapons and equipment on the opposite side. , I can understand the result instantly.

So relatively speaking, this method is Gujing Wubo, flat push all the way, without any heart-stringing passages.

3. Hesitate.

In fact, when it was put on the shelves, I found that the book's performance was better than I expected, so I hesitated-hesitate to use a faster-paced writing method.

For example, owls, Guo Tianxiang, and spiders swallow them one by one, and after swallowing them, they will gain abilities. The abilities are the treasure chests that are packed, just click on them, simple and direct.

Mr. Liang represents a force, fights with him, kills, swallows, and gains abilities; in Europe, John and Joel and the Red Rose are another force, kill, swallow, and gain abilities; to Japan, they can create several vampires. Family, fighting wits and courage, killing, swallowing, gaining abilities, and even getting ambiguous with vampire sisters; in Africa, fighting wits with the ancestor vampires, discovering ancient conspiracies, prehistoric treasures, secrets, etc.; to the bottom of the sea, there are other A world, get pets, mounts, bases, etc...

The pace of writing like this can be much faster, and the speed can be much faster, but I did not hesitate to give up. It’s not that I think writing this way is not a good book, but it is contrary to the writing plan I established at the beginning. It may get more and more boring, and then collapse.

So I continued according to my original writing method. Although the subsequent results have fallen a lot, my overall plot has not collapsed, nor has my writing confidence collapsed. I know why the subscription has dropped, knowing the problem, and I can bear it.

4. Introspect.

I think I did not choose the wrong way of writing, but I miscalculated the difficulty of the long series.

[Discovery-Analysis-Integration-Development] This cyclical model can be written and beautiful, but for me, the daily 4K update cannot hold, and there is not enough time.

If I can expand the time five to six times, or even ten times, I think I can write a lot more wonderfully, unlike many of the content that is too boring and boring, and there are too many words like explanatory texts.

Not interesting enough, this is the most deadliest point.

However, it is impossible for a long serial novel to have so much time to ponder. One is that the reader does not have the patience to wait, and the other is that the author does not have the patience to keep the investment for such a long time.

I know that the appearance of Alice will make many readers who think the previous writing method is reasonable accept that they cannot accept the book, or even abandon the book, but I still choose to let the protagonist create Lisi, and give her surreal ability, because she originally gave the protagonist A super plug-in of, can facilitate me to directly describe a lot of capabilities without having to make long descriptions.

When Mr. Xiangliang broke through the limits of carbon-based biology and used biological building blocks to transform his own life form, I actually bought some books and prepared some materials. I wanted to write more excitingly after reading it, but I didn’t have time and no time. If you have time to look at it, you can only construct ideas based on a relatively superficial understanding;

When I was "Ultimate Predator", I bought a lot of microbiology books and prepared some materials. I wanted to build up the basic fantasy framework of how it affects the life and death of living things and how to monitor information through this system. Enough time, so the entire "ultimate predator" system is relatively superficial;

When writing the "Antarctic Crisis", I bought some books on climate and geography. I wanted to figure out what kind of changes the drastic changes in Antarctica would bring to the global climate and ecology, and create a "2012"-style doomsday. The sight, but there is no time to see it, no time to acquire knowledge and make detailed ideas;

There are still many, many points. I have ideas in that area, but I still don't have enough reserves in that area, and serialization does not allow me to absorb knowledge first and then polish the content.

During the "Antarctic Crisis", I also thought about putting aside this wording and directly describing a crisis, describing a tragic battle, that the protagonist had to take a risk in order to save the world and for the people he loves. Everyone thought that he and the "ultimate predator" would die together, and then the king would return.

I also thought about how to crush the research base team by only writing "Yidu One", how to defeat Mr. Liang and Jiang Chun, how to descend to the **** of Kuntian when everyone is desperate, come with thunder, and reveal that everything is his layout. The truth of the temptation, and then all the way to the "world of different degrees", playing with "Yindu One" between the palms.

Writing in this way is definitely easier to mobilize readers' emotions and look better.

But in the end, I was still limited by the writing of this book, and I still showed the readers the "Arsenal".

Trapped by the writing, a little bit paranoid, but the inertia is too great to stop. I just feel that Xiang Kun is now almost omnipotent, that kind of crisis is unreasonable and shouldn't be. If there is a crisis and don't give the villain's intelligence, then Xiang Kun's development team will be hit hard, and I can't let that happen.

This is a kind of paranoia of 1, 2, 3, and 4 if you want to write 5, then you must have the paranoia of 1, 2, 3, and 4 before using this function, then you have to define and declare the habit first, which is the self-consistent in my mind. Reverse constraints brought about by the capacity system.

I understand that this will make the novel unsightly, but there is no way, the inertia of the whole book has been formed and cannot be controlled.

5. Plan.

Serialized novels are not a reference book after all. UU reading is always the first element.

So my goal for the last book is to "finish the book", the goal of this book is to "finish the book as planned", and the goal of the next book is "readability".

At the same time, I will also write some ideas in the form of short and medium articles. This format allows me time to revise and polish, and it will not be affected by grades—because it is impossible to have grades.

The book Blood Race is over, but the lives of the characters in the book are not over.

Their stories continue to happen in another space, and I will also record them in the form of a fan.

After finishing this book, the chapter may not be able to be operated, so it will be posted on my official account (sxhb2020).

In addition, the starting point is a full book of welfare chapters, which is a 7000-word story of Liu Shiling, which can also be read by interested book friends. At the bottom of all chapters, only the mobile APP can view it temporarily.

So, see you in the next book.