Following the high-dimensional factors in the "alien activation state" and the "alien consciousness" to which those high-dimensional factors belong, Xiang Kun's consciousness can also penetrate bit by bit, bit by bit through the support of his The high-dimensional factor enters the "different world" with slightly different bottom-level rules and spaces.

The difference between the two worlds is not the difference in topography, topography, or biological style, but a difference in the form of space existence and basic energy form.

The "other world" and the "local world" where Xiang Kun and the others are in, usually do not perceive each other and do not influence each other. Each has its own operating rules, but they are not completely different.

If the spatial existence form of the "own world" and the underlying rules are 1234, then the "different world" is 3456. Although there are overlaps, as long as they are not exactly the same, the "biological consciousness" is not the same world.

If you are an ordinary person, it is naturally impossible to perceive the world, or even if you perceive the world, you cannot understand the information you perceive at all.

And Xiang Kun, because of his special evolution and mutation process, because of the existence of "super-sensing state", because of the compilation of "super-sensing information", and Alice's continuous calculation of him on the "super-sensing object system" With modeling assistance, he has the ability to quickly adapt and analyze any new types of perceptual information.

Under normal circumstances, "biological consciousness" can only stay in the world structure of one spatial form, and the entire material composition and consciousness carrier of the organism itself cannot exist in two different spatial structures.

However, the high-dimensional factor is special. It can shuttle in different spatial structures—to be precise, it is not "shuttle", but it exists in various forms of spatial structures at the same time. When it is in a certain spatial structure , When a certain "world" reacts with the "biological consciousness", it is its explicit projection in that spatial structure, but it also has the attributes of the world rules of all different spatial structures.

Through its characteristics, some stronger consciousness bodies can use this to explore the world of other spatial structures.

But this is difficult, it takes time and luck, similar to exhaustive methods.

But Xiang Kun is a bit different. He “captures” the high-dimensional factors of the “different world” and has the “analysis tool” of “super-sensing information”, which can use these high-dimensional factors of the “different activation state”. The different characteristics shown, find a way to enter the "different world".

However, finding a way to enter and being able to enter are two different things, just like you know how to drive, but you can’t drive without a car.

Because of the deep connection between high-dimensional factors and consciousness, Xiang Kun can even directly know what the "different consciousness" wants to do-it is driven by the instinct of high-dimensional factors, trying to obtain and swallow other high-dimensional factors in more ways Opportunity.

It wants to invade Xiang Kun's "this world", but like Xiang Kun, it doesn't have a "car".

If Xiang Kun still doesn't know anything about the "other world" it came from, then there is no doubt that the first reaction is to stop the possibility of such an invasion.

But after he had a basic understanding of the space structure and energy form of the "alien world", and the "alien consciousness" he came into contact with, Xiang Kun changed his mind.

After awakening, he had already learned a lot of information through Alice, and deduced a lot of things that would happen in the future.

The lifting of the ban on "mutant creatures" research has allowed humans to gain rapid technological development, and the "super-sensing item system" has also shown explosive and subversive under the joint operation of Alice and all system linkers because of its improved capabilities. Enhancement and expansion of sexuality.

At present, he can easily allow Xia Libing, Liu Shiling, Tang Baona, Yang Zhener, Xiaoping and other people who have established in-depth connections with the "super-sensing item system" to obtain improvements from system application ability to body quality, such as immortality. , Such as the rapid repair of the body, such as the perpetual existence of consciousness and the body with the "super-sensing object system".

Ordinary people who have a slight connection with the "super-sensing object system" or secondary links of affective objects, such as Li Shiying, Yang Zhuo, Liu Zhengyi, etc., and even his parents, such as Chang Bin, Zicheng, etc. Ordinary people who are connected with the "article system" have a way to make them detach themselves from the shackles of birth, aging, sickness and death to some extent, and beyond the limits of the original life system of the earth.

As time goes by, there will be more and more people around him who have a relationship with him, such as Lao Xia’s parents and relatives, such as Tang Baona’s parents and relatives, such as his relatives and friends’ relatives and friends, if he can easily do it , It is impossible to sit back and watch them die out naturally-and he can indeed do it easily.

But everything has a price, and everything that exists has consumption.

The breakthroughs that led to the fourth industrial revolution, such as controllable nuclear fusion, brought about by "mutated organisms" research can temporarily ignore the dependence on basic resources, but for Xiang Kun, the more critical aspect is the level of high-dimensional factors. It is the foundation of his ability and the foundation of the existence and development of the "super-sensing object system".

From the current point of view, because of his special control, guidance and development of high-dimensional factors, and because of the existence of a very special form of "super-sensing object system", the stage limit, the expansion of high-dimensional factors, and the instinct of swallowing can be Well regulated, all the "mutated organisms" in the system, their high-dimensional factors can also obey the dispatch.

In the foreseeable future, all the high-dimensional factors that have been "activated" on the entire earth, and all the high-dimensional factors that may be "activated", will be included in the "super-sensing item system". There is no choice, which will be able to give The continuous growth and improvement of Kun's system operation belt, coupled with the "super-connected matter matrix" established on the entire planet, enables high-dimensional factors to carry out "reconstruction" with the entire planet as an "individual unit". His stage Sexual limits are not yet visible.

However, people who are not far-sighted must have near-worries. Constantly swallowing and enhancing themselves are the characteristics of high-dimensional factors and their innate instincts. This cannot be changed no matter how deep Xiang Kun develops them, just like people No matter how high the level of education is, he has to eat and drink Lazar, which is why after he personally killed the "ultimate predator", even if he did not want to, he had to carry out this prolonged swallowing and transformation.

Therefore, Xiang Kun and Alice’s original plan was to spread the "hyperlink matrix" all over the earth, basically ensuring that all future "mutated organisms" on the earth are in the disk, and then use the driven human spaceflight. Technology advances to space.

But now, the discovery of the "different world" has allowed Xiang Kun to find a new and more secure way to simultaneously develop and improve in the future.

Therefore, Xiang Kun formulated a plan to "bring wolves into the room" to help that "alien consciousness" come to "this world".

If you still use the construction team as a metaphor, to explore from the earth to other planets and other galaxies in the "this world" (this universe), it is the construction team to find skilled construction workers in other cities.

But the question now is that Xiang Kun doesn't know where and how far other cities are, whether there are skilled construction workers, and how many workers there are.

And the appearance of "different world" and "high-dimensional factor of heterogeneous activation state" made him realize that in his original city, those ordinary people who usually don't have any special performance actually exist in another special circle. Their own entertainment company, where they can sing and rap, under the rules of their circle, sing and rap can also bring development to their units.

Therefore, Xiang Kun sent his workers to follow the RAP lads into their circle and inquire about intelligence. Xiang Kun can directly communicate with his workers, but the bosses of the rap guys do not communicate with them, so Xiang Kun discovered them, knew how they operate, and kept their bosses in the dark.

After measuring the strength of the two parties, after discovering that the entertainment company boss wanted to develop into the construction industry, the construction company deliberately sold the flaws to the boss, let the rap guys come to the company to perform, and then let their workers take the opportunity Learn to sing and dance RAP, and understand how the entertainment industry operates.

Next, the construction company "Boss Xiang" and his majestic construction team will drive Gundam and excavator RAP into the entertainment circle.

In this case, although there were no new construction projects, no new construction companies, no new cities were discovered, a substantial increase in business was still achieved, and a new industry entered. All workers have learned to sing and dance RAP and go further. It reduces the possibility of empty windows in the project, increases its own competitiveness, and further widens the gap with ordinary construction teams.


When "Alien Degree Consciousness" under the guidance of Xiang Kun, began to appear in "this world" little by little.

Xiang Kun also told her about the situation through the dream with the little fat girl, and then she and Alice came to communicate with Lao Xia, Nana and others to cooperate with the implementation of the plan.

Although he has basically completed the assimilation of the high-dimensional factors of the "ultimate predator" and has awakened his consciousness, in order to collect information about the "different world", he must remain in this extremely special state.

First, inside a certain gramineous plant in the northwest mountainous area, some of the atoms that should have been very stable had abnormal nuclear reactions, resulting in small-scale radiation mutations, and then "alien consciousness" found support in the plants after the mutation died. The projection of the “degree and high-dimensional factor” in this world began to be “half-activated”.

It is mutating little by little, constantly transferring the depository of consciousness, and in the process, it gradually becomes familiar with and masters the spatial structure and energy system of the "this world", and understands the biological existence of this world.

When it became a reptile, Xia Libing led the field investigation operation team at the base and Tang Baona and other elite action teams began to contain and attack it.

Xiang Kun gave this "Alien Degree Consciousness" a code name, called "Alien Degree One".

However, Liu Shiling, who heard Xiangkun’s task in her dream, heard it as "Unusual Pig No. 1". When she woke up and reported to Lao Xia and the others, Alice did not correct it, so this was the first time in history that the research base and the African The highest-level mission that all secret departments and field investigation departments of the Research Center, Qiankun Technology, and Shenxing Technology cooperate together. The name is:

"Hunt and Kill the Different Pigs".

When Mr. Engle Liang and Lao He first knew the name of this operation, they always thought they were going to deal with a "mutated pig".

Of course, Xiang Kun did not expect them to hunt and kill "Yidu No. 1", but to use their hunting to force "Yidu No. 1" to collect information faster and better and improve the cognitive system. At the same time, it is also taking this opportunity to let Xia Libing and the others understand their abilities further and find inspiration for developing new abilities. After all, in this process, the “super-sensing object system” and Xiang Kun’s consciousness and ability system will all It is rare to carry out high-intensity operation and create conditions for them to exert their abilities.

He knows that Xia Libing is implementing the "Spirit Control Theory" inside the base. With this action, candidates who undergo the test can directly have the strongest perception conditions, basically as long as they are not people who are disgusted by Xiang Kun or Alice. , Can more or less perceive the "super-connected matrix" and establish some connections.

This is also why, obviously they don’t need the old money, Korovin and others to do anything, but they still let them stay in the "Alien Degree One" to break out, so that they can take this opportunity to deepen their understanding of the "Spirit Control Theory". "Understanding, can have the opportunity to establish a unique "inspiration connection."

Such as Li Shiying, Yang Zhuo, and Liu Zhengyi, who have established certain connections, can help them better clarify their perceptions and connection types, better adapt to the use of "high-level spiritual objects", and may come up with better ones. More ways to apply.

The participation of Tang Baona, Yang Zhener, and Little Apple is to let them do more combat exercises, familiarize themselves with the ability application scenarios, and see if they can inspire new ideas and develop new abilities based on the existing system.

However, at the beginning, Mr. Liang, Jiang Chun and other real "mutant creatures" did not directly participate in the mission, and even the "semi-mutant creatures" "little carrot" did not mix, because in the "different high-dimensional factor" When in a semi-activated state, it has a strong ability to "capture and swallow" the high-dimensional factors of the "local world". If its strength is not as good as it, it is easy to be restrained and dangerous.

But when it swallowed the "old vampire" Gerald, "Alien One" can be regarded as a stable carrier in "this world".

At this time, it needs a real, head-to-head battle to fight against the "mutated creatures" of "this world".


When Tang Baona, Yang Zhen'er, and Little Apple jumped out of the black modified car in the parking lot and ran into the main building to take part in the battle, there were three people left in the car. One of them was Director He of the Non-Research Center and also Deputy commander of this operation.

He couldn't help but glanced at the little girl who was "unhappy" sitting next to Xia Libing again. There were a lot of questions in her heart and I didn't know how to ask.

Of course he knew this very cute and beautiful little girl who looked about ten years old.

When investigating Xiangkun, he knew that a fat girl named Liu Shiling had a very good relationship with Xiangkun, Xia Libing, and Tang Baona.

In the past few years after the "Antarctic Crisis", Lao He has also met her several times at the research base in Chongyun Village and at Youlong Hotel in Tongshi Town, and then learned that Liu Shiling, the little girl, is the same as Xia Libing and Tang Baona. She has extraordinary abilities, and her abilities should be related to electricity. It is even possible that she also has the ability to control lightning similar to Xiang Kun.

It is said that according to the ranking of damage caused by ability, she may be ranked in the top three, and Mr. Liang and Jiang Chun are far behind. It's just that this little girl is still a primary school student, and it is said that she is not allowed to participate in any base missions.

I just don't know why, this time she was allowed to follow along?

But perhaps it was also because of her being in the car. During the battle in the morgue just now, they could only see simulated cartoon images on this car. Instead, members of the action team on several other modified cars could see real-time monitoring images. .

After Mr. Liang took the shot, there was a real-time monitoring screen, but the scene of the monster being smashed into flesh and blood was obviously processed. The blood and meat were all like butter and jelly, and it looked like a bomb or even a little bit. funny.

On surveillance, the three of Tang Baona took the elevator to the seventh floor, while Mr. Liang, Li Shiying and others also fought with the weird and hit the seventh floor.

It seemed that they were chasing the monster to the seventh floor, but when he heard about Xia Libing's staged missions before, Lao He knew very well that this monster was clearly caught up to the seventh floor by them.

The whole process was in Xia Libing’s expectation, and even when the monster would be spotted, what behavior it would probably do, and where did Lao Qian and Korovin fall, she had followed before the mission. Mr. Liang communicates so that Mr. Liang can be more confident when he protects two mission members invisibly.

When listening to Xia Libing's assignment, Lao He and Mr. Liang had the same idea:

"Doctor Xia... it's terrible."

Seeing Tang Baona and Little Apple stop in front of the monster on the surveillance, the battle was about to start. Lao He's eyes widened and he was extremely focused. Although he knew that Tang Baona and the others were very powerful, he had also understated the powerful ones in Slovakia before. "The last veteran vampire" came back alive, but he had never seen them make a move and knew very little about their abilities.

Just when he thought he could finally see the real superpower this time, the monitoring screen disappeared.

Lao He wailed subconsciously and looked helplessly at Xia Libing and Liu Shiling next to him. He thought that this was to protect the primary school students and cut off the heavy mouth scene, but the inquiries from the other members of the car sounded in the headset, letting him know Other cars also have no monitoring screens.

"Doctor Xia, is this... a monitoring problem or...?" Why couldn't help but ask.

"Some abilities require shielding and monitoring." Xia Libing said simply.

As she said, she raised her hand and squeezed Liu Shiling's cheek next to her, and then gently rubbed her frowning brow pimple with her slender fingers.

Liu Shiling looked up at Xia Libing.

Xia Libing obviously knew what she was thinking, and shook her head gently.

Liu Shiling sighed and lowered her head again, still "unhappy" on her face.

Before graduating from junior high school, you cannot participate in any base missions. This is a rule set early in the morning. Liu Shiling is also very clear about this. Although she feels that she has a strong "magic power", she should be able to play a role, especially when she matches the old sister. Case. But since the sisters have all made this decision, she has no choice but to hope that she can obtain a junior high school diploma as soon as possible and be able to obtain a "fighting qualification".

But this time is different!

She received this task from Uncle Bald!

Two months ago, when she set up tasks in front of Sister Baked Chicken Wings, Sister Pretty, Sister Little Apple, Sister Old Fairy, Egg Yolk Pie, Golden Shining, Little Steamed Bun, and Alice, she was really energetic and confident. UU Reading www. thought that her first real battle of "The Great Magician Liu Shiling" was finally coming.

But what she didn't expect was that after she told her uncle bald-headed what she had said in her dream and introduced the basic tasks, sister roast chicken wings took over the assignment of specific tasks, and her title of "commander" was so ruthlessly deprived of it. Up.

She was still crying, hugging her thighs, and playing for a long time under the advice of Alice’s staff. Only after persuading the pretty sister, the old fairy sister, and the little apple sister to help her do the job of grilling chicken wings, she finally got the bystander task process. Opportunity.

As a result, today I can’t observe on the spot. Even the monitoring has turned into a cartoon simulation picture because the picture is too bloody.

Liu Shiling felt bitter in her heart, especially bitter in her heart.

She is obviously super...

Looking at the cut-off screen, Liu Shiling was very clear that the cut was not because of the **** and cruel picture, but because Alice was about to participate in the war.

The thought that they could use all kinds of abilities to fight against this "Different Pig One" from another world, according to the bald-headed uncle, Liu Shiling felt itchy in her heart. He really had nowhere to do with the power of the prehistoric man who had raised her stomach. .

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