After the two people finished the microblogging, they accompanied the six cute baby to go to the horse to see the pony.

They didn't know, because of their interaction, the Internet exploded at once.

After the group had dinner, it was already eight o'clock in the evening after returning to the baby's house from the racecourse.

By this time, Huo has time to take out his mobile phone. Because she muted her mobile phone, she now found that there were 17 or 18 missed calls on her mobile phone.

There are people from the heart, Gu Yan, Gu Chi, and from Moser.

When Huo Wei just looked at the phone, the phone rang again. And the caller, it is Moser.

Huo Hao picked up the phone.

Moser’s voice came out of the phone in the next second, and it was boring and heavy. It was like a thunderstorm in summer, bringing a damp and repressed atmosphere. “Are you with him?” Who is it, both of them are tacit.

Huo Wei admitted generously, "Yes."

Moser laughed at himself with a mockery. "Huo, I am the first person who likes this person for the first time."

Huo Wei did not know what to say, and he could only choose silence.

Moser continued to laugh at the phone and said, "Huo, you know, I am a person, I have no family since I was a child, and I have not experienced the warmth of my family. My so-called parents are playing their own. No one taught me how to love someone. So I never understood love, and I didn't want to love. I said that I didn't want to go down the beam. My so-called parents shuttled between men and women. I look at it. I have learned a lot. I have never been unfavorable for more than a decade. But you know, after meeting you, I used to really want to learn to love someone, but you I didn't even give me a chance."

Huo Wei grabbed the phone's hand and slowly grasped it.

This paragraph of Moser’s self-dissection can be described as sincere. However, she was unable to respond to Moser’s feelings.

She clearly knows that this kind of thing is not reluctant, she can't give him the response she wants, but she really wants Moser to be happy.

"Moser, even if it is not me, you will meet another person who is most suitable for you. I wish you happiness and happiness forever." In the last life, the person who can make Moser happy is Huo Yuqing. In this world, even if there is no Huo Yuqing, Moser’s air traffic belongs to the man, and Huo Wei does not think that he will be unhappy with his means and charm.

Moser laughed and couldn't hear the emotion. "Oh, then borrow your words."

"You're welcome."

After talking about this conversation, the two were silent.

After a few seconds of silence, when Moser opened his mouth again, the tone was a bit easier than before. "Huo Wei, I am leaving the Imperial Capital. I will temporarily shift the focus of my career to the neighboring city and go to the neighboring city."

Move your career to the neighboring city? So suddenly, and so big?

Huo Wei didn't know if Moser's departure had anything to do with her. However, if he changed his environment, he might have a better life.

She sighed and gave the most sincere blessing, "Moser, I wish you a successful career, everything will be fine in the future."

Moser was silent for a long time. When he arrived for a long time, he thought that he would not respond, he said faintly, "Thank you, I wish you all the best."

After hanging up the phone, Huo Wei took a long breath.

The last blessing of Moser should have been to let go of her feelings. Moser is free and easy, he can afford it, and he can let it go. Since she is now with Huo Yusen and has never given him a chance, then he will naturally let go.

When Huo Wei received a call from Moser, Huo Yusen’s mobile phone had already been blown up.

Most of the calls he ignored, he connected his father Huo Yuan’s phone.

"You are crazy? You are openly related? Do you know what you are doing?"

As soon as the phone was connected, Huo Yuan’s anger’s questioning sounded one after another.

Huo Yusen's indifferent and Huo Yuan's violent contrast formed a sharp contrast, his clear and very textured voice sounded on the phone, "I know."

"Can you bear the consequences of the relationship open? That is your sister!"

"she is not."

"In any case, she has been your sister for 18 years!"

Huo Yusen took the phone and slowly walked to the window. He looked at the lights outside the window and felt a ridiculous and ridiculous feeling for the first time. He looked at the scenery outside the window, his face was cold, and the words of the export were as chilly as the cold wind. "If it weren't for the debt you owed, you wouldn't have the two babies lost eighteen years ago. I never knew that after you got married with your mother, you still had a relationship with that woman. The original family harmony, perfection, and happiness were all false."

Huo Yuan took a breath and asked incredulously, "Do you know?"

"Yeah, I have known about you and the woman." Not only did he know the past between his father and the woman, but he also knew the original intention of the woman to drop two children. She did this, but she wanted to retaliate against Huo Yuan, retaliate against him, and let him not raise his own daughter, but to raise other children. Later, the information about Huo's life experience was also revealed by her own initiative. If Huo Yuan does not know the truth of the matter in his life, then the things she did at the beginning will have no meaning.

She just wants to let Huo Yuan hurt.

However, she did not know that for such a person as Huo Yuan, her so-called revenge in the way of using the child, in fact, is irrelevant to him. This woman who is hurt by love is not sure how much the man she falls in love with.

But these have nothing to do with him. In Huo Yusen’s opinion, he would have to thank the woman for doing the same thing. Otherwise, he and Huo Wei are like two parallel lines, and there will never be an opportunity to meet.

It was this time of the package that gave him the opportunity to get along with her day and night.

I don't know if it was because Huo Yusen turned over the old bottom, or because of other reasons, Huo Yuan sighed a long sigh on the phone, and his tone suddenly changed a lot. He sighed and said, "With you, You have grown up, your wings are hard, you have your own ideas. I can't control you anymore, just like this."

After that, Huo Yuan hangs up the phone, and quite a bit has been dug up to understand the embarrassing taste of the old man.

Although knowing that Huo Yuan is not a hindrance between him and Huo Wei, but Huo Yusen's heart is still a bit blocked.

There is no doubt that Huo Yuan had betrayed their family.

During the marriage, he derailed another woman. That woman is just a poor person who is playing with emotions, so he will choose such a way to avenge Huo Yuan.

Huo Yusen was only fortunate at this moment. His mother was happy when she was kept in the dark.

The beauty has been gone for many years. Since she was happy that year, it is enough. As for the woman who has lost two children, the law will naturally give her sanctions.

After Huo Wei and Moser finished the call, they also had a phone call with Yu Xinxin and his cousin.

Waiting for three calls to finish, it is already an hour later.

Huo Wei was free to flip the phone to brush for a while.

Her love affairs are open, the Internet must be blasted.

Because of her previous life problems, she was very concerned about her, and her lover was her original brother. Although they were not related to each other, some netizens with ideological traditions still accepted it.

Huo Wei has considered the worst situation. She is also prepared to bear the gossip.

But when she opened her own Weibo, she was still shocked by the message.

Most of the comments are actually blessing them?

[didi: lying in the trough, inexplicably feel very sensation, how to break? 】

[Zizi word: Red chicken, really red chicken, you are powdered for me! Hahaha. 】

[Another year: Inexplicably feels that two people have a face. And the fake orthopedics are really too sensational! I am inexplicably a little envious? No, this must be my illusion! 】

[Head of the support group: Auntie, you and your brother must be happy! 】

Huo Wei looked at these remarks, and when he was crying and laughing, he was still moved.

The people who bless her are actually not in the minority.

This time, the message under her is very harmonious.

They were tolerant and supported her love, which greatly exceeded her expectations.

Although there are sunspots on the Internet, there are also cute and intimate fans.

As long as there are these cute little fans, Weibo will still feel warm.

Huo Wei looked at Weibo on this side, but the look of Huo Yuqing who brushed this Weibo on the other side of the ocean was not so beautiful.

The person she hates most, has become her nephew?

Is there anything more ridiculous in this world than this?

Originally, Huo Yuqing thought that after she returned to Huo's family, Huo Wei would have been very miserable, but she never expected that Huo Wei would not only be miserable, but she still needs to shout at the end.

This is simply ridiculous!

Huo Yuqing held the phone in his death, and his back was slightly white.

If it is just Huo Wei, she is naturally fearless. But behind Huo Wei, there is still a very short Huo Sen.

She knows very well that Huo Yusen's resoluteness is clear, and she knows that he is savvy and capable. She did not have any winning face at all.

Huo Yuqing thinks more and more and feels wrong.

But she has to succumb to the ridiculous reality.

In order to avoid shouting the situation of Huo Xunzi, she can only choose not to return to China. Anyway, she doesn't have much affection for Huo Jiaben. Even if she is alone, she can be mixed up.

Thinking about it, Huo Yuqing pulled Huo Wei’s Weibo into the blacklist and went straight to the eye.

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