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What If I Can’t Die?

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Song Shi came to a fairy world where demons and ghosts danced wildly. He thought he was going to walk a trembling road of cultivating immortals, but he awakened the death flow system, which gained power from death and became stronger every time he died.

The style of painting suddenly changed. Others practice immortality to seek immortality, but he is not dead, so he can only seek immortality by dying. He is either trying to die or looking for death along the way.

“You have been killed by Yin spirits 10 times, awaken the spiritual root of fire!”

“You have been killed by zombies 10 times, awaken your natural power!”

“You have lost your mind and died 10 times, and you have awakened your Taoist heart!”

“You were killed by the formation, the level of the formation is +1!”

“You die in an alchemy blast furnace, your alchemy level +1!”

Pure Yang Spiritual Body, Nine Yang Divine Body, Sun Holy Body; Vajra Spiritual Body, Golden Divine Body, Desolate Ancient Holy Body; Psychic Sword Body, Innate Dao Body; Formation Master, Alchemy Master…

It’s so much fun on the road of cultivation, constantly unlocking death poses, step by step to the top of the fairy road…

Many years later, it was rumored in the world that when Song Shi died, the immortals were terrified, the demons trembled, and ten thousand Buddhas retreated!

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Short Title:WIICD
Alternate Title:我死不了怎么办
Author:endless sand
Weekly Rank:#3750
Monthly Rank:#4238
All Time Rank:#3012
Tags:Ghosts, Harem, Male Protagonist, Netorare, System,
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  1. Love it actually. Only problem is his view about woman or rather the writer's view about woman. I like harem, but not this kind. The author seems to view woman as just a necessity. Not really a wife, but a reward for being such a strong person as he is. Just a tool for sex and birthing children. Such a good story is being destroyed by the authors wishful thinking. Should have just stick to one wife and never bother making a harem if he don't know how to do it . What a waste

  2. Help me! I'm trying to find this novel/webnovel? Anyway, it's about a death game where MC is transported. MC have the power of doom, All people that is near him will be extremely unlucky. MC is also trying to die but he can't. I forgot the title, need help!

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