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What If All the Girls In the Cultivation World Want To Catch Me

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I, Xia Yi, innate Taoism, all abilities are acquainted, double cultivation with a girl can improve the physique of any girl.

But what will the innate Tao experience encounter for those who have not yet cultivated into the strong?

Of course he was arrested and practiced for the other party!

ps: The whole book is not divided into chapters

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Alternate Title:整个修真界的妹子都想抓我怎么办
Author:Nuki Liri
Weekly Rank:#1218
Monthly Rank:#1174
All Time Rank:#3782
Tags:Adapted to Manhua, Alchemy, Androgynous Characters, Artifacts, Beast Companions, Bloodlines, Character Growth, Cowardly Protagonist, Cultivation, Depictions of Cruelty, Enemies Become Allies, Enlightenment, Forced Living Arrangements, Harem, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Multiple Timelines, Naive Protagonist, Reincarnation, Returning from Another World, Reverse R*pe, Sex Slaves, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Cultivation Technique, Spear Wielder, Transmigration, Transported into Another World, Weak to Strong,
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  1. There is Manga Adaptation of this series [Female Cultivators Are After Me] translated till ch36 as when i made comment i would say it quite decent, so i wonder i read the same stuff with others who comment

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