Chapter 151

04 sat on the chair, the strangeness that was shown in front of Wen Jianyan before had disappeared, and the elegant and indifferent, almost polite demeanor was restored again.

"Good day."

He nodded to the three uninvited guests, his gray, misty eyes gleamed dimly under the light, and there was a little alienated smile on his lips: "What's your business?"

Black-haired 03 squatted down, and picked up a piece of crumpled drawing paper from his feet.

He held the black "black" rabbit doll that was dripping blood in his arms in one hand, and spread out the paper with the other hand. The lines of the charcoal pencil were rough, and there was not much modification, but the strokes were extremely vivid and full of tension, although there were only a few A few strokes, but it clearly shows the bent and opened human body and the situation of the slender limbs being pulled apart.

The black pupils constricted.

Nair bent down and picked up a piece of drawing paper from the ground again.

He squinted, the innocent smile on his face faded for the first time, and his brother's terrifying look was shining in those spotless blue eyes.

"What are you doing to my little bunny?!"

Black-haired No. 03 looked violent.

No. 04 looked at the three people in front of him, with a pleasant smile on his lips, as if enjoying their anger, he had no intention of denying it at all, just nodded, and said softly:

"As you can see."

With a few words, it is easy to put yourself in the position of the winner, and tell the few people in front of you openly and secretly.

You are late.

Your prey has been preempted by me and has become a part of my artwork.


The moment his voice fell, the air in the hall fell into silence.

The killing intent, so viscous as if solidified, spread instantly, almost suffocating.

Edward picked up the axe, his strong muscles swelled under the thin cloth, his expression was sullen, and his white teeth were as sharp as a beast:

"Then I'll chop you into pieces—"


Baifa Neil suddenly interrupted.

Since 04 opened his mouth, he has not spoken from the beginning to the end.

Neil stared at No. 04 in front of him thoughtfully, and his eyes flicked across the hall in front of him little by little—whether it was the messy and scattered drawing papers all over the floor, or the neat ones, none of them were messed up. 』Tables and chairs with traces, even a table full of delicate dishes, and...


Nell laughed suddenly.

His facial features are exquisite, his complexion is snow-white, and he smiles as if the world is mortal.

Holding the **** white rabbit in his arms, he stepped forward step by step.

04 stared at each other blankly.

He knew that among the two people, number 01 and number 03, only this seemingly harmless personality was the most difficult to deal with.

"I think, you haven't had time to do anything yet? Look, no matter the scene or the draft, it is too clean, so why do you want us to think that you have already done it?"

Nair's venomous gaze swept across the gray-eyed man in front of him inch by inch, as if he had already seen through the man's true appearance hidden under the elegant mask.

The smile on his face is even bigger:

"Let me guess? You were bitten by your own prey? And let him escape?"


04 stared coldly at the little lunatic in front of him.

"So, in order not to let us join your little game, you let us think that my little rabbit is gone?"

Neil leaned down and picked up another garter stocking that hadn't been put on yet from the table, a pair of blue eyes sparkled, and the long, soft, water-like fabric ran along the fingers It flows down, reflecting an extremely seductive shimmer under the light.

"That is to say, the other one is on his body?"

The white-haired boy's eyes sparkled, the corners of his lips curled up uncontrollably, his expression was like a shark smelling fresh blood, and he showed a warm smile.

"You put it on him, didn't you?"

Nair put the fabric on his lips and kissed intoxicatedly. When he made this action, his eyes full of malicious provocation always fell on the gloomy No. 04 in front of him:

"Guess who'll take it off for him?"

[Integrity First] The audience in the live broadcast room was also shocked by the sudden surprise.


"What's going on?"

"nbsp;" Hahahahaha I just came over from the next door, and I let it go when I saw everyone's shock! "


"In short, 0103 is brought in!!"

"??? Good guy, so how many high-risk patients are crowded in this spiritual world now!"

"If number 03 counts as two...that's four?"

"Good guy... what is this, the Ping An Sanatorium's perverted team building!!"

Wen Jianyan jumped up from the iron bed.

He rushed to the door quickly, pushed open the door gently with his fingertips, and cautiously looked towards the corridor—the corridor was completely dark, only the faint light seeping in from the stairway could be vaguely seen.

It's hard to tell what's going on, but...

Wen Jianyan felt a little ominous.

In the darkness, he lowered his eyes and pondered for a while, then clicked on the live broadcast interface.

The moment the barrage was opened, a reminder sounded in the live broadcast room.

[Integrity First] The audience in the live broadcast room suddenly became excited:

"Ah, ah, let's play the barrage!"

"How long! How long! I'm so excited to finally open the barrage!"

"Ah, ah, ah, baby, look here! [Reward 50]"

Wen Jianyan habitually ignored those overly enthusiastic greeting barrages, he lowered his voice, his light-colored eyes shimmered with alertness in the dark: "Let me guess, is it a few other high-risk people?" A patient appears?"


"!! Wow, the broadcast is so strong, one guess is right!!"

"Hahahahaha, this is the only possibility that can cause such a chaotic scene!"

Wen Jianyan lowered his eyes and quickly scanned the barrage.

All topics related to 01 and 03 were not blocked, there were no obvious gaps in the barrage, and the conversations between the audience and the audience were consistent and seamless.

In other words, no matter what happened below, "the plot of the dungeon" has nothing to do with it, so it will not be judged as a "spoiler" by the live broadcast room system.

That is to say, the weird feelings displayed by No. 01, No. 03 and No. 04 have nothing to do with the original plot.

If you connect this point with the conclusions you have drawn before...

Wen Jianyan blinked thoughtfully.

As a high-risk patient, but the deep logical desire body has changed?

It's almost like being replaced...

At this moment, a few bullet screens popped up suddenly to attract his attention, dragging him back from the daze.

"Ah, yes! The live broadcast room has been upgraded to B-level, don't forget to manually enable new functions!"

"That's right! The new functions above level B have to be activated manually! As soon as I saw the reward interface only has the initial reward amount, I knew I forgot to enable it!"

"Hurry up!"

Wen Jianyan was startled, and subconsciously opened the backstage, but there was a red dot with [New Function Enabled] waiting for him there.

Apparently, the enablement of this feature will only show up after the dungeon has started.

And after entering the dungeon, he was always in a state of exhaustion, so it was only now that he had the opportunity to click on the live broadcast interface.

Wen Jianyan quickly scanned the function update introduction above in two seconds.

It is similar to what was notified when it was upgraded to level B before. First, more reward levels are opened. In addition to the initial 50 points and 100 points, 150200 rewards are also opened, and the reward list can be displayed in the live broadcast room. Although viewers are not yet able to donate rewards, they can buy gifts of higher value in the live broadcast room, making the recommended spots in this live broadcast more prominent.

In addition, there are also new audience reward tasks.

The tasks in the dungeon are different. The font of the reward task released by the audience is light red. You can choose to accept it or not. After accepting the task and completing it, you will get the reward product (not included in the clearance product, but But it can be used to buy props, or exchange for survival time).

The rewards posted by these viewers range from high to low, some are related to the line, and some are just to satisfy personal hobbies.

Since spoilers are prohibited in the live broadcast room, good viewers will post reward tasks to remind them when broadcasting levels, but similarly, there will also be malicious viewers posting tasks similar to prompts so that they can be broadcast and seek excitement.

After Wen Jianyan turned on the new function, almost in the blink of an eye, several bounty tasks posted by the audience appeared in the floating task list.

He glanced from top to bottom.


【Skirt】【Suspenders】【Take off】

Wen Jianyan stared at the task with the above key words expressionlessly, and then refused without hesitation.

He closed the mission interface and fell into deep thought in the dark.

Although there are currently three high-risk patients downstairs, and one of them has a dual personality, it does not mean that he has no possibility of getting out.

To be precise, it made him more likely to escape.

Just take advantage of those perverted dogs biting dogs and activate the invisibility props

Wen Jianyan's eyes flickered slightly, and he subconsciously stroked the brushes and props he had found in the room, when suddenly, something hard hit him.

He was stunned, lowered his head by the light in the corridor, and looked towards the end of the brush, where something seemed to be roughly carved...

Taking advantage of the dim light in the corridor, Wen Jianyan looked carefully.

It turned out to be...

A tiny, Ouroboros mark.

Wen Jianyan was stunned.

Wait...Ouroboros? !

The props obtained in the last dungeon, for which no method has been found for the time being, jumped into his mind at that moment, causing his breathing to suddenly become rapid.

What is the relationship between the two?

Ping An Sanatorium Dreamland Amusement Park, what is the connection between the two? Will those crimson pupils split in the air also appear in this copy?

as well as…

Is the opportunity to get that guy hidden in this dungeon?

Wen Jianyan subconsciously pursed her lips, and there was faint excitement in her calm eyes.

always feel...

I seem to have gradually touched on the key things.

At this moment, familiar footsteps came from the door, pulling Wen Jianyan out of his contemplation.

He froze and instinctively held his breath.

Through the door panel, the boy's sweet and loving voice can be heard from a distance—

"My little rabbit, where are you hiding?"

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