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Ongoing 575 ch 4.8
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#11. The Whole Family Went Crazy Listening To My Thoughts, I Was Responsible For Feeding
20.6K views this week 965 Readers 33 reviews Mar 14, 2024 at 12:57

[Family reading skills + cannon fodder + group pet + boss wears books + pretends to be a pig and eats the tiger + cool article] Lu Chaochao went through the book. He was transformed into a cannon fodder who was drowned at birth and whose identity was taken over by the heroine. The heroine killed her relatives out of righteousness and reported that her adoptive moth.... Show more »

Completed 647 ch 5.0
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#12. Dressed Like a Pretty Daughter-in-law From the 1970s
19.1K views this week 98 Readers 1 review 16 hours ago

The new generation article "Dressed as Fubao and Her Evil Cousin" is being serialized~Please make me fatter~~~~~~ An Zhixia, the empress of Sanqiu, went to her best friend's supermarket in anger, turning herself into a young educated youth who had a stepmother and a stepfather, and was forced to follow her brother to the countryside. She also moved her best friend's.... Show more »

Completed 3760 ch 4.5
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#13. The Eldest Sister Has Space
19K views this week 2207 Readers 78 reviews Sep 08, 2022 at 09:57

From the end of the world to the ancient times, before Gu Yundong could breathe a sigh of relief, he found that he was on the way to escape from the famine. And their family was being kicked out by their grandparents from the fleeing family team, and everyone else was watching from the sidelines. The father is missing, the mother is stupid, the little radish-headed .... Show more »

Completed 457 ch 4.6
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#14. Farming In the Beast World: the Villain Zaizai is Super Clingy
18.1K views this week 377 Readers 11 reviews Jun 05, 2024 at 12:58

[There are many females, young males, farming and raising cubs, spatial abilities] After a bomb hit the base, Si Yan was stunned. When she woke up, there were four cute villain snake cubs in front of her who would kill her in the future. In the original novel, her legs were broken by the fourth child, her arms were broken by the third child, her eyes were blinde.... Show more »

Ongoing 5747 ch 4.4
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#15. Valkyrie Domination
18K views this week 988 Readers 56 reviews Sep 06, 2020 at 15:56
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

The legendary Qin Chen from the Tianwu Continent accidentally fell into the Martial Domain because of his friend's betrayal. Three hundred years later, he was reincarnated on an illegitimate son of the royal palace who had been bullied. He used his previous life accomplishments, concentrating on his skills, refining the pill, and rising against the sky, rising .... Show more »

Ongoing 698 ch 4.3
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#16. Immortality Begins with the Master of Alchemy
17.3K views this week 191 Readers 6 reviews Jun 13, 2024 at 00:57
Fantasy Martial Arts Xianxia

The mountain people are immortals who travel to and from Qingyun Peak. Refined in the furnace of yin and yang, the great road is in the heart. Luo Chen traveled through the world of immortality, using a proficiency panel to refine elixirs, practice methods and techniques, and step by step towards the road to immortality. (Skip the mortal world and start directly.... Show more »

Completed 10962 ch 3.3
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#17. Urban Medical God
17.1K views this week 817 Readers 38 reviews Aug 12, 2020 at 09:53
Urban Life

Five years ago, the Ye family was destroyed, and the waste Ye Chen was ridiculed like a worm on the ground! Five years later, the Ye family trash came back! He came back with a cultivating base of weeping ghosts and gods! This time, Ye Chen wanted to let the sky awe! Let the earth tremble! Be in charge of everything and reach the top of the sky! This is an ex.... Show more »

Completed 1436 ch 4.7
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#18. Full-time Artist
17K views this week 1230 Readers 235 reviews Jan 14, 2021 at 12:56
Urban Life

"Music, film, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, literature..." "You know everything?" "Know a little." "Any point?" "Well, it means billion points." With the system, relying on art to conquer the world and become the uncrowned king worshipped by people from all walks of life.

Completed 1688 ch 3.6
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#19. The Return of the National Goddess
16.8K views this week 297 Readers 5 reviews Jun 08, 2024 at 12:52

In her previous life, she was a national goddess, a daughter of a wealthy family, with a god-given voice and countless fans. She was framed by a scumbag and bitch and returned to high school again. In this life, she not only wants to regain her own glory, but also lives a wonderful life that everyone envies. When he became a top student, he abused a scumbag and slap.... Show more »

Completed 3031 ch 3.8
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#20. Battle Through the Heavens’s God: The Flame Emperor
15.7K views this week 345 Readers 27 reviews Apr 07, 2022 at 12:58

Three realms and seven realms, ten thousand ways to fight for the front! Go through the seven worlds alone to save the Iraqi people! Butterfly into Gu, soul-shattering! The sacrifice of life and death, the love of the city! Medusa, petrified pupil! Xun'er knew each other, looked back and smiled! The beautiful woman wears clothes and dances in all directions! Te.... Show more »