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Completed 886 ch 5.0
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#1. Farmer’s Stepmother’s Skillful Farming
105.5K views this week 239 Readers 2 reviews Jun 16, 2024 at 12:55

Traveling through an ancient farmhouse, the family is bare, the parents-in-law died early, the husband died, and there are only four carrot heads waiting to be fed. As a notorious stepmother who treated her children harshly, Su Mulan had no time to stare at the sky in silence. She calmly rolled up her sleeves and started to open up wasteland for farming, set up s.... Show more »

Completed 288 ch 3.6
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#2. Doting the Concubines and Ignoring the Wife? I am the Cannon Fodder For This House-Fighting Article
78K views this week 184 Readers 5 reviews Jun 14, 2024 at 12:52

[The Crown Prince of Ji Fu Rituan Supervisor × the Daughter of the Marquis of Mingyan] 1V1 Shuang Jie Sweet Pet Article Dressed as the pampered and pampered daughter of the Hou family, Wei Hanzhang had no ambitions in life and only wanted to marry a little bamboo horse and live a happy life as a couple for the rest of his life. Unexpectedly, the little.... Show more »

Completed 895 ch 4.6
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#3. The Brave Life of a Space Peasant Girl
75.5K views this week 537 Readers 5 reviews Jun 10, 2024 at 12:58

Oops, time traveled! Oh, why is the previous owner a fellow countryman? Oh, how come the poor previous owner fell into the trap? Why did you trick me? ah! Fortunately, Golden Finger was not taken away. Dizzy! Still the best of the family! Tsk, tsk, tsk, there are so many top quality products, it’s a pity that I specialize in top quality products, and I d.... Show more »

Completed 954 ch 3.6
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#4. The Lucky Bag is Reborn with Space
73.9K views this week 583 Readers 7 reviews Jun 04, 2024 at 12:55

In order to protect her, her adoptive brother went to the countryside to become an educated youth, but died on the farm. She could have been a worker in the factory, but because she coveted the affection of her biological parents, she replaced her biological brother and became an educated youth, and stayed on the farm her whole life. She really became a He married a r.... Show more »

Completed 798 ch 2.0
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#5. Rebirth 90s: The Sweet Wife is the Richest Woman
69.7K views this week 503 Readers 4 reviews Jun 11, 2024 at 12:54

She is the most mysterious female mercenary soldier, codenamed Black Fox, who wields long spears, has fighting and hypnosis skills, has a way of thinking, and loves money extremely. She was the only daughter in the family in the 1990s, with a well-behaved personality, sweet appearance, and a heart for good. When the killer turns into a good girl, will she still be.... Show more »

Completed 1518 ch 4.2
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#6. Age of Rebirth: the Stepmother of the Sick Beauty Only Wants Salted Fish
58.1K views this week 1149 Readers 17 reviews May 06, 2024 at 12:58

Jiang Li woke up in the body of Yaonv, a sickly beauty who was raised by the Jiang family in Aoli Village. The original owner was also miserable: first her engagement was annulled, and then she married a second-married man to be a stepmother. Unexpectedly, this stepmother unfortunately became the control group of another stepmother in the compound. She can be call.... Show more »

Completed 647 ch 5.0
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#7. Dressed Like a Pretty Daughter-in-law From the 1970s
53K views this week 158 Readers 2 reviews Jun 17, 2024 at 12:54

The new generation article "Dressed as Fubao and Her Evil Cousin" is being serialized~Please make me fatter~~~~~~ An Zhixia, the empress of Sanqiu, went to her best friend's supermarket in anger, turning herself into a young educated youth who had a stepmother and a stepfather, and was forced to follow her brother to the countryside. She also moved her best friend's.... Show more »

Ongoing 437 ch 4.7
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#8. I Ascend To the Throne of God with Arcane Magic
45.8K views this week 326 Readers 6 reviews Jun 12, 2024 at 00:59

Li Si, a great power leveling player, woke up and found that he had traveled through time in the game "Shenqi" and became a viscount addicted to magic. He knew that what he was about to face was an all-out war on the continent filled with gunfire, a magnificent expedition to another world, the inexplicable decay of the World Tree, and the invasion of the abyssal dem.... Show more »

Ongoing 248 ch 5.0
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#9. Beastmaster: I Am Invincible If I Can See the Evolutionary Path
32K views this week 104 Readers 1 review Jun 16, 2024 at 00:53
Urban Life

Qiao Bai woke up and was reborn? Time travel? The world of beast control? Extraordinary power? A weak pet? Ordinary evolutionary path? No no no! The talent [Eye of Insight] is activated! Many years later—— Qiao Bai stood on top of the world in confusion Qiao Bai: If I said that I really only planned to be an ordinary beast master at the beginning, .... Show more »

Ongoing 5532 ch 4.4
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#10. Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again
31.8K views this week 2049 Readers 140 reviews Mar 05, 2021 at 16:56
Drama Romance

Qiao Nian has lived in Qiao's house for 18 years, and his biological parents came to the door. All of a sudden, all the wealthy people around the city knew that Qiao's family had a fake daughter! A true daughter is versatile, gentle and kind. Fake daughters don't learn or know how to accomplish nothing. Everyone wanted to see how miserable she went back to Shangoug.... Show more »