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Wear It Until Crazy Beauty Scum a Loses Control

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Copy one:
“Even if the limit is changed, I will take his company.”
This was the last sentence Luan Yenan said before going through the book.
As a strong woman in charge of the world’s top 500 investment companies, she did not expect that the final outcome would be a sudden death and a book after three consecutive days of sleepless nights.
The character that he wears is still a crazy scumbag who first abused the heroine and then had his glands cut off by the black heroine.
Crazy batch? Coincidentally, so am I.
Scum A? Excuse me, my mother doesn’t make an appointment.
As for the heroine, do you mean this little girl who is begging for mercy with tears under my control now?
Black and white? interesting.
It’s better for me to cultivate it myself, but I want to see how she cuts the glands.

Text two:
Zuo Baixuan, who finally differentiated into an Omega, was sold by her adoptive parents to a crazy scumbag, thinking that she would live a dark day from now on.
Unexpectedly, on the first day of marriage, when I was being held down tightly, just because I said “I want to graduate smoothly, I don’t want to have children so early”, the scum A, who was almost out of control, put away the pheromones and calmed down.
Afterwards, the ignorant and incompetent scum A seemed to have changed his personality and became a visiting professor at the school.
One day, Luan Yenan’s pheromones were disordered and his life was dying on the hospital bed: “I’ll give you back your freedom, let’s get a divorce.”
Zuo Baixuan chuckled, grabbed Luan Yenan’s hands, and brought them closer together: “I have successfully graduated.”
“so what?”
“I want to have a baby with you.”
Let’s see who is crazy.
Private settings are like mountains, don’t spray me (hold your head) A has no second set of organs, other settings are also subject to the text.

Content tags: A soft spot for a match made in heaven Sweet text Wearing a book
Search keywords: Protagonist: Luan Yenan, Zuo Baixuan ┃ Supporting roles: Jiang Lingdan, Chen Huanyu ┃ Others:

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Short Title:WIUCBSLC
Alternate Title:穿到疯美渣A失控前
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Tags:Abandoned Children, Absent Parents, Abusive Characters, Adopted Children, Amnesia, Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Business Management, Businessmen, Calm Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Childcare, Cold Love Interests, Cold Protagonist, College/University, Complex Family Relationships, Contracts, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, Familial Love, Family Business, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Marriage of Convenience, Multiple Transported Individuals, Mysterious Illness, Omegaverse, Possessive Characters, Power Couple, Previous Life Talent, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sickly Characters, Smart Couple, Wealthy Characters,
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19 Comments on “Wear It Until Crazy Beauty Scum a Loses Control
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  1. Apenas por el capítulo 20 voy bastante bien, me gusta hasta el momento. Ahora alguien me puede recomendar una historia Yuri donde el alfa si tenga un órgano extra, osea que sea futanari pues. Me causa curiosidad porque veo que la mayoría de los autores omegavers dejan una nota adjunta aclarando la falta de este órgano extra con si fuera algo común, no sé;tal vez lo sea y yo no me he encontrado con ninguna de estas historias, así que me gustaría leer una, por favor recomendaciones.

  2. I recommend u all to give this story a chance, there's drama in it, but overall it's good story. Drama mostly among the two, mc n FL . The ml is basically doesn't have much effect in it. It is ABO world but it doesn't focus much on pheromones abuse, mc even tho she's crazy, she respect FL. It's a enjoyable reading for me.

  3. Pretty good, the Mc is a sly fox thru and thru and it's quite entertaining watching her fck everyone over with her scam. Mc also learns to be quite sly. There a bit of drama but it's well done. Just wish they had more extras

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