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Wealthy Female Supporting Roles Do Not Want To Go Bankrupt

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Fu Lichuan became the love-brained female partner of Bai Fumei in the book. She had a prosperous beauty and a wealthy family, but she went to the front line of suppressing the heroine all day long.
So in the ending of the original book, the male protagonist of the original book was angry with the crown, and she went bankrupt.

There are still five years before the bankruptcy end, and she still has a chance to make a comeback!
However, the reality is cruel, and the powerful power of the original plot forced her to repeat the plot of the brainless cannon fodder.

By accident, Fu Li bound a cub raising APP, and the system told her that as long as she raised her cub with peace of mind, she could gain permission to change the plot through the upgrade of the cub.
Before the change of the plot, Fu Li scolded the original heroine and let the little followers bully the original heroine.
After changing the plot, Fu Li was gentle and considerate of the original heroine and helped the original heroine.
The original male protagonist: Don’t believe her, she must have some conspiracy waiting for you!
The original heroine: She said that she liked you only because she had bad eyesight, but now she doesn’t like you anymore. She wants to be good friends with me. How could such a kind and beautiful young lady have a conspiracy!
The original male protagonist:  …

Fu Li originally just wanted to be a ruthless free prostitution upgrade machine, but when she saw the villain in the picture was hungry and shivering, she embarked on the road of no return.
Her cubs are so cute, they must be the brightest, trampling the group of villains with red tops and whites under their feet!
“Why didn’t you wear this season’s limited edition! Buy, buy, buy!”
“This color is suitable for my cub! Buy, buy, buy!”
“Huh? Zaizai’s wrist is missing a watch, keep buying it!”

At the rich and powerful banquet where aristocratic families gathered, Fu Li was staring at the cub in the phone, showing her aunt’s smile, and the whispered admiration of the surrounding ladies made her look up.
The arrogant and noble man was giving a speech on the stage. It was the uncle of the protagonist in the original text, who was a wealthy business genius.
It’s just that the suit on him is exactly the same as the top-level customization she just gave to the cub krypton? ? ?

After the official meeting:
Fu Li sighed: I treat you as a cub, but you want to be my partner.
Cub squinted dangerously: you look at me and say it again?
Fu Li: No, when I didn’t say it.
The cub took out a black card: darling, the latest model is on, buy it all.

One-sentence introduction: How to get rich after reading books, how to keep wealth?
Purpose: self-transformation, wholeheartedly for good
Content Labels: Female Match Wearing Books
Search keywords: Protagonist: Fu Li ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:

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Alternate Title:豪门女配不想破产
Author:Fan ink bamboo
Weekly Rank:#6815
Monthly Rank:#6895
All Time Rank:#6748
Tags:Female Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Multiple POV, Power Couple, System, Transmigration,
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  1. Honestly speaking… because of its lightweight read and sweet story, I almost found it boring. If author wrote over a few hundreds of chapters, then I would’ve dropped it yet I’m still not satisfied with ending, seems a little lacking.

  2. Fast, light-read novel. Ending seems a bit rushed but the overall story is interesting that you'll get hooked til the end. Also, plot is unique!!! Never encountered something similar as this.

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