Shenwu territory, border land.

There are numerous mountains, ancient trees and forests, and the population is rare.

I saw that above the void, Wu Yu looked gloomily at several figures in black clothes with their faces covering their faces, and the corners of their mouths were full of coldness.

really! !

Just as he and Junior Sister Xiang Yun had guessed, although Emperor Shenwu pretended to be generous and allowed the two to leave, he still arranged a manpower behind him and robbed him in the middle.

It's just why, there is a gloomy and ethereal aura in these few figures in front of them?


even! !

Originally, according to Wu Yu's wishes, these people showed up to capture Junior Sister Xiangyun, so that they could know how to lift the blood curse in her mouth.

However, before Wu Yu could react, countless long chains of pitch black and mist suddenly burst out of their hands, trapping the world and killing all souls.


Wu Yu's complexion changed, the whole body was full of radiance, and the whole person turned into an afterimage, and he wanted to escape from here.

However, even though he is a contemporary evildoer and unique in physical ability, he is as weak as an ant in front of the five strong holy realms.

I saw the ghost mist enveloping the long chain, which contained extremely evil intentions.

Then, they actually linked up with each other and turned into a one-hundred-zhang formation, banning the entire world.

In the formation, the wind whistling, ghost fog everywhere.

Vaguely able to see countless souls and ghosts shuttled among them, rushing towards Wuyu.

"Ghost's means?"

At this moment, Wu Yu only felt a tremor in his body and mind, and did not dare to hesitate at all, a magic talisman suddenly lit up in his hand.


Shenhui broke out, and the whole world seemed to be torn apart by an invisible force.

The void in a radius of hundreds of miles shattered and shattered directly under this force, and the thunderclouds fell, like the doomsday.

I saw in front of Wu Yu, an illusory tall figure appeared out of thin air, seeing the people in the holy realm in front of him, pushing out with a palm.

After a while, the infinite fairy glow spewed away, dispelling all the layers of ghost fog.

In the fairy radiance, it seems that there are ten thousand divine patterns mixed in, bright and scorching, and shocking the evil spirits.


And the world that was originally banned suddenly cracked a hundred zhang cracks.

Wu Yu gritted his teeth fiercely, stepped out, and his figure completely disappeared in midair.

This divine mighty shadow is a life-saving thing given to him by the master, and it carries a ray of supreme divine power.

In the face of five holy realm powerhouses of unknown origin, Wu Yu had no chance to escape for his life at all, and directly displayed this trump card in the first time!


The terrifying void crack spread thousands of miles, suppressing all directions, and the five holy realm powerhouses, directly in the long river of Linghui, were shattered by life.

The master of Wuyu is the real supreme power of Tianque Mansion, even if a ray of divine power manifests, it is beyond the power of ordinary supreme power to contend.

Seeing this scene, a coldness suddenly appeared on Wu Yu's face.

The reason why he dared to draw Shenwu's attention away by himself was precisely because he was holding such a trump card in his hand.

Now it seems that the princess Shenwu is a little underestimating him. She has only sent five holy realms to try to capture him and Xiang Yun, which is ridiculous.

only! ! !

When Wu Yu looked disdainful, and when he raised his foot towards the far empty space, he saw the empty space above his head, unexpectedly Jin Hui lit up again.

Then, a red gold pagoda ran down in the air, encompassing the heavens, making life a humble and insignificant meaning.

Even if Wu Yu was confident, the techniques he practiced were hard to contend even for the strong in the holy realm.

But under this golden light, he couldn't have the slightest desire to escape.

"Are you going with me obediently, or let me take you away if I'm disabled?"

In the depths of the void, a black figure stood with his hands behind his hands, his expression indifferent.

Hearing this, Wu Yu's eyes condensed slightly, and his face was full of doubts.

Who is this again?

Or to say, the five holy realms that just appeared were not the strong men sent by the princess.

Who is this talent in front of you? !

"Who are you?"

"A dead person doesn't need to know too much."

Li Xun shook his head, and the moment he took his steps, the void shook.

And the range covered by the golden pagoda shrank rapidly at an extremely terrifying speed.

In a short moment, it only covered the top of Wu Yu's head, restraining his figure in place, making it difficult to move.

In front of a supreme powerhouse, Rao used Wu Yu's method, and at this time he could only be slaughtered like an ant.

I saw Li Xun sticking out his palm, turning it into a spiritual seal out of thin air, and grabbing the black robe puppet beside Wu Yu.

Can! !

As soon as the puppet started, Li Xun's face was taken aback, and a look of astonishment flashed in his eyes.

He hurriedly shot, shattering the black robe outside the puppet, revealing a figure shimmering with metallic luster.


Li Xun squeezed the palm of his hand suddenly, and directly crushed the puppet, staring at Wu Yu fiercely, "Say!!! Where are you going!!! The woman who is walking with you, where are you!!!"

"Hahahaha, why, are you scared? As long as I die here today, you, the eldest princess, and even the Emperor Shenwu will be buried for me!!"

Wu Yu sneered, but felt that Jin Hui's whole body was suddenly tense, and the bones and blood all over his body were shattered under this tremendous force.


After a breath, Wu Yu's breath wilted.

"It's okay, you will say."

Li Xun's eyes were gloomy, and he flicked his palm lightly, grabbing Wu Yu in his hand, turning around and about to leave.

Can! ! !

At this moment, the mutation rebirth! !

I saw the Langri that was originally suspended in the sky, suddenly emitting a faint black light.

Immediately afterwards, the world in front of Li Xun's eyes fell into darkness strangely.

Dead silence, no sound! !

It seems that everything is frozen at this moment, all souls are dead, and the era is stagnant.

At the end of the darkness, a figure slowly emerged, silently, and appeared behind Li Xun like a ghost.

It wasn't until the dagger glowing with black light touched his neck that the earthly supreme powerhouse felt a ray of chill rising from the soles of his feet and gushing out.


Accompanied by a faint breaking sound, Li Xun's head fell directly from the air.

The shock on Wu Yu's face turned into a deep panic after all.

"Senior!! Thank you Senior for your life-saving grace."

At this moment, the contemporary Ying Jue had some doubts in his heart, but the way he looked at the dark shadow was somewhat similar to the master.

All of them are superb, and murder is invisible.

Could it be that... Master Uncle or Uncle?

only! !

Before Wu Yu could react, he saw the black light dagger once again slash out. Without any hesitation, he cut off his head neatly.


At the last moment of his life, Wu Yu was completely lost.

Why are there powerhouses of the three forces who all want to kill themselves?

Except for the Emperor Shenwu Dynasty, who are the remaining two forces!

Invisibly, Wu Yu felt as if he had fallen into a deep trap.

However, who laid this trap, or how many layers of this trap, he didn't even see until he died.