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We Are Still Farming, Have You Become a God In the Whole Country?

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Bluestar 2100, the global land resources are exhausted. Food crisis is coming! For the few available land, the cloud of war shrouded the entire Blue Star! However, at this moment, the National Farm suddenly came! Everyone thought that Blue Star was saved.

However, in the farm, danger is looming! In just one month, the vast majority of people in Daxia have been eliminated from the farm space! Only Su Chen is left! Countless Daxia people fell into despair.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Su Chen’s mind. Ding your infinite synthesis system activated! Please pay attention to check! ! …

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Alternate Title:我们还在种地,你举国成神了?
Author:liar in the waves
Weekly Rank:#473
Monthly Rank:#589
All Time Rank:#1154
Tags:Apocalypse, Demons, Farming, Male Protagonist, System, Weak to Strong,
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45 Comments on “We Are Still Farming, Have You Become a God In the Whole Country?
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  1. Why is every beast, spirit, or person who allows with the Mc a woman/female? Like I get it the Mc loves women and whatever but literally the whole time the only partners the Mc has are women and it’s completely unrealistic. (Yes I know the whole story is fiction before you point that out). The whole every male is bad and every women is conquered by his charm setting is so overused and unrealistic. Even if you’re hot and super strong or whatever it doesn’t mean every women is going to throw themselves over you

  2. quick question that one dude that surrendered to him lost his farm and became his slave what happened to him? did i skip a chapter or something because mc got his farm and everything but i dont remember ever reading about that guy again

  3. Leş bir roman tarım yok sadece tokatlama ülkesinde ki herkes aç a.k tarım yapmıyor öbür ülkeler ile laf dalaşına giriyor Hata 1: ülkesinde 2 milyar insan nasıl yaşıyor yemek olmadığı halde tarımlık alan çok az ve kalitesiz toprakmıs ama dünyanın 5 de 1 nüfusuna sahipler a.k

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