Wasteland Commander

This is a story about the protagonist getting the system, going crazy in the biochemical apocalypse, producing aircraft and tanks, destroying zombies, saving good people and killing bad people..... Read more

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Chapter 227 Chip control? Mind control? (Three updates, Chapter 226 Within the trading market Chapter 225 Throw money! Strength surges!

Chapter 226 .The last two days at the end of the month, monthly ticket charge! Chapter 224 New technology! (Third update, 10,500 monthly tickets plus Chapter 223 The roar of the dragon! Chapter 222 Launch a counterattack against the zombies! Chapter 221 Railway guerrillas! (Three updates, 10,000 monthly tickets Chapter 220 What I saw on the way home Chapter 219 Make a fortune! Chapter 218 Golden warehouse! Chapter 217 The railway is built to the front gate!

Chapter 216 Battle of annihilation! (Fourth update, 9500 monthly ticket plus Chapter 215 Night fight! (Third update, 9000 monthly ticket added!) Chapter 214 The train is also crazy!

Chapter 213 Artillery plows the ground! Chapter 212 The lightning storm that year! (Third update, 85 Chapter 211 Great transformation into a living person Chapter 210 The Hongmen Banquet begins Chapter 209 Big blast! (Third update, 8,000 monthly tickets added! Chapter 208 Recruitment of troops and mass production of recruits Chapter 207 Build a train station Chapter 206 New technology, super armor! (Third update, 75 Chapter 205 Get ready to upgrade!

Chapter 204 Destroy everything! Chapter 203 Prison robbery! (Fourth update, 7,000 monthly tickets added!) Chapter 202 Do you have a problem with me? (Third update, 6500 months Chapter 201 gold store gold Chapter 200 market conflict Chapter 199 Gold collecting action! Chapter 198 This girl is destined to me Chapter 197 Heavy Truck Legion (three updates, 6,000 monthly tickets added) Chapter 196 robber Chapter 195 Let’s go to the golden city! Chapter 195 .The fifth update is completed, salute! Chapter 194 Commander-in-chief, fly south (fifth update, May 5500)

Chapter 193 Angel Holds a Gun (Fourth update, 5000 monthly ticket added) Chapter 192 Build a wall at the speed of light! (Third update, 4500 monthly ticket plus Chapter 191 give you a ride Chapter 190 Crazy gunship! Chapter 189 catastrophe! (Third update, 4000 monthly ticket added) Chapter 188 Winter zombie tide Chapter 187 Supply box floor licking maniac Chapter 186 Supply box in the sky (three updates, 3500 monthly pass Chapter 185 crack generator Chapter 184 Two and a half tons of gold! Chapter 183 Commander of the Armored Forces (third update, September 3000 Chapter 182 Catch them all

Chapter 181 Extreme joy brings sorrow Chapter 180 Breathtaking moment! (Fifth update, 2500 Chapter 179 Wonderful Dawn Party! (fourth update, for Hj Chapter 178 Song and Dance Troupe (third update, added for Hjz666 leader Chapter 177 special teams Chapter 176 Newly added magic weapon! (Please subscribe) Chapter 175 Second level evolution! Left eye killer! (Three updates, Chapter 174 Fighter warning! Chapter 173 high tech! Chapter 172 The King of Flower City! (Third update, 1500 monthly ticket plus Chapter 171 Chase and intercept! Chapter 170 Flying to dawn

Chapter 169 Evolve, Commander! (Third update, for Fu Chapter 168 Second level evolution Chapter 167 Bang bang bang! Chapter 166 Suddenly rich Ye Fan! (Third update, 1000 monthly ticket plus Chapter 165 migration of survivors Chapter 164 Stars are coming to Dawn City Chapter 163 The New Corpse King (Third update, 500 monthly tickets added!) Chapter 162 Recruits and Contribution Chapter 161 Technology brought by spies Chapter 160 The Expendables: Fall of the Suicide Squad (fifth update, for four two Chapter 159 The magic of multifunctional infantry vehicles (fourth update, for Chapter 158 Battle of Pinggang! (Third update, I hurt myself by blowing water

Chapter 157 Shen Ruihui’s highlight moments Chapter 156 Deputy Shen Chapter 155 63 artifact! (Third update, for the leader of Hjz666 Chapter 154 The whole army is mobilized! Chapter 153 The storm is coming Chapter 152 Coming across the river! (Fourth update, for Jiangnan V Myth Chapter 151 Two treasures from supply boxes (third update, for Hj Chapter 150 The first hero! Chapter 149 Who is the hero? Chapter 148 Building a hero camp (fourth update, hurt yourself by blowing water Chapter 147 The war is coming! (Third update, for Hjz666 Alliance Chapter 146 Dear Chief Ye

Chapter 145 Control zombies Chapter 144 Flyer offensive (third update, added for Fu V Qiang leader) Chapter 143 zombie evolution Chapter 142 Teachers and classmates Chapter 141 Second level evolution (third update, for the sake of youth Chapter 140 Triton Chapter 139 airborne troops Chapter 138 An excuse to start a war (fourth update, continue to be Hjz6 Chapter 137 The plane needs to catch people alive (third update, for Hjz666 Chapter 136 Wu Zhi appears Chapter 135 Hug the thigh Chapter 134 The War Eagle and the Hind (Fifth update, for Jiangnan V Myth

Chapter 133 New troops at the airport (fourth update, for Hjz666 alliance) Chapter 132 Power plant and empty finger department (the third update is the blood moon Chapter 131 Here comes the money giver Chapter 130 victory! Chapter 129 Red gel (seventh update, for small things in the city) Chapter 128 The power of the giant cannon! (Sixth update, getting slapped in the face for a layup Chapter 127 Ultimate Defense (Fifth update, for the Grandmaster of JieguaJ Chapter 126 Destroy King Kong! (Fourth update, the years are like water Chapter 125 Artillery sniper (third update, for the leader of Hjz666) Chapter 124 Who will win? Chapter 123 Mushroom cloud in the dark night! Chapter 122 Night attack

Chapter 121 Fierce attack and defense! Chapter 120 armored attack Chapter 119 Let the war begin! Chapter 118 Let’s talk about listing and adding updates Chapter 117 Ye Fan’s meeting gift Chapter 116 Setup and arrival Chapter 115 Rain is coming Chapter 114 Surrender Chapter 113 The core area of ​​terror Chapter 112 godzilla Chapter 111 The beheading operation begins Chapter 110 Capacity and changes

Chapter 109 New gift packs, new troops Chapter 108 Infantry vehicle minelayer Chapter 107 arrival Chapter 106 Conditions for joining Chapter 105 Alliance arrives Chapter 104 Mining Site and Dawn Hotel Chapter 103 Underground street jewelry store Chapter 102 Courier Chapter 101 Death of Li Xiang Chapter 100 bridge sniper Chapter 99 Attack the county seat Chapter 98 Evolution secrets

Chapter 97 Night falls Chapter 96 Weaknesses of Dawn Army Chapter 95 Blame platoon in action Chapter 94 Logistics and staff Chapter 93 Book title change notification Chapter 92 Official residence and radar Chapter 91 power plant Chapter 90 Unlocked buildings Chapter 89 The base vehicle arrives! Chapter 88 Supply box stuff Chapter 87 Asking for votes on Monday! Chapter 86 water supply tank

Chapter 85 rapid construction Chapter 84 Encircle a wall and build a sentry tower Chapter 83 Creepers and gold Chapter 82 Attack the jewelry store Chapter 81 Material recycling bin Chapter 80 Base core area Chapter 79 The mystery of zombie evolution Chapter 78 Erlian is in production Chapter 77 On the run Chapter 76 massacre! Chapter 75 Betrayal Chapter 74 Anti-Leaf Alliance

Chapter 73 The commander-in-chief appears Chapter 72 Hardware Building Chapter 71 first transaction Chapter 70 a letter to readers Chapter 69 Encounter on the road Chapter 68 Elite troops Chapter 67 left eye shooter Chapter 66 try to become stronger Chapter 65 Gift packs and new troops Chapter 64 promotion Chapter 63 Base site selection Chapter 62 About the new zombies

Chapter 61 Mutations Chapter 60 Mutated beast meat Chapter 59 Replenish Chapter 58 cost Chapter 57 New vehicles from the tank factory Chapter 56 ambush Chapter 55 Come to your door Chapter 54 Attack the town Chapter 53 The number of people exceeds one hundred Chapter 52 Construction concept Chapter 51 News in the broadcast Chapter 50 Let the dogs out

Chapter 49 The birth of a fake mercenary Chapter 48 Smith's attitude Chapter 47 The foreign teaching team of No. 1 Middle School Chapter 46 Powerful firepower group Chapter 45 Hidden gold and violent soldiers Chapter 44 Director's Office Chapter 43 Samsung military dog ​​Xiaotian Chapter 42 jewelry store news Chapter 41 Strength (three updates) Chapter 40 New unit of the company Chapter 39 New gift pack Chapter 38 Lan Lili's gift (third update)

Chapter 37 running man Chapter 36 this is father Chapter 35 Shock (three updates) Chapter 34 survivor camp Chapter 33 hometown Chapter 32 drive train Chapter 31 Supply box rewards Chapter 30 Carousel Defense Chapter 29 Opened a suite building Chapter 28 Second supply box Chapter 27 Heading towards the city Chapter 26 Radar functions and new troops (third update)

Chapter 25 building radar Chapter 24 friend's house Chapter 23 suddenly rich Chapter 22 great victory Chapter 21 So cool Chapter 20 one star army soldier Chapter 19 mutated zombies Chapter 18 rich people Chapter 17 Break out of the ghost Chapter 16 the way home Chapter 15 Supply boxes of foreign goods Chapter 14 eliminate evil

Chapter 13 New arms Chapter 12 upgrade Chapter 11 attacked Chapter 10 survivor Chapter 9 Brush first Chapter 8 supply box Chapter 7 rising star Chapter 6 The combat effectiveness of mobilized soldiers Chapter 5 Mobilized Soldier Wang Hu Chapter 4 Hunt zombies Chapter 3 go out Chapter 2 Commander gift pack

Chapter 1 The end is coming

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