Chapter 227 Chip Control? Mind control? (Third update, added for the Huaxuejian leader!)

 Coming out of the trading market, Ye Fan gave Shen Ruihui a task.

 Go shopping for new year’s goods.

 Ye Fan gave him a long list and asked Shen Ruihui to buy new year's goods and send them to his parents.

 Shen Ruihui happily accepted this task.

 But after walking for a while, he felt that the commander might have forgotten something.

 I only gave him a list, but I didn’t give him a degree of contribution.

 Do you have to pay in advance yourself?

Shen Ruihui didn't dare to say or ask, so he could only go to the market to buy things with a list.

After going around for a while, it turned out that this was a bit of a coincidence. It happened to be that the contribution points in Shen Ruihui’s identity card were all spent.

 Not a dime left.

Before Ye Fan reimbursed him the money, he could only go to the military camp and eat in the canteen with the soldiers.


 As people look forward to it, New Year’s Eve has arrived.

  Nearly half a year has passed since the end of the world, and people finally ushered in the New Year.

This year has special significance. Being able to spend this year happily proves that everyone has established a firm foothold in the end of the world.

 Crackling~~~~! !

 Early in the morning, there was the sound of firecrackers in Shuguang City.

 Some children were running and playing on the street. Occasionally they took out a small firecracker, lit it, threw it up, and exploded in the air.

 The adults put on brand new clothes for the children.

 There are some children who have lost their parents in the last days, but they now have many parents.

Parents who have lost a child are happy to adopt a child to accompany them in the last days.

 Some families are made up temporarily, but they are still warm and happy.

Colorful pennants are hung on the streets, and bright red braided knots are hung on the street lamps.

 There are small pine trees stuck in the snow, and they are covered with colorful lights, but they are not lit up yet and will not be lit up until night.

 There is a performance tonight at the newly built Shuguang Theater.

The old people in Shuguang City are also very familiar with those actors. They were the ones who came to assassinate Ye Fan last time.

But the masterminds have been arrested, and these people are all innocent actors.

Now they have become a part of Dawn City, and under the organization of the logistics department, they are ready to present a small song and dance performance to everyone.

At that time, Shuguang TV will broadcast the entire performance.

Today, there is another TV station that can be watched on TV.

Hunter's TV station.

After Shuguang City and the Liberation Army, Li Yuntian of Oil City was the third company to conquer a TV station. However, Haishanwei seemed not that proficient in this aspect. He was the first to conquer the city, but only completed the construction of the signal tower today. It can be officially The program is playing.

Ye Fan believed that people from other provinces should have built TV stations, but because the territory of Qin and Han was so large, their signal towers could not receive signals from other provinces.

 Every TV station broadcasts more cheerful programs.

But these programs are all from the past, and they don’t have the energy to prepare new programs to entertain the public.

 In this regard, Shuguang City is leading the way.

Ye Fan went to the Army's combat laboratory early in the morning.

 The engineers of the Combat Laboratory brought him a new surprise.

 With a heroic engineer like Luo Jiaxin here, we are constantly able to achieve breakthroughs in technology.

Today, Luo Jiaxin told Ye Fan early in the morning that she would give him a surprise.

 After Ye Fan arrived, Luo Jiaxin happily welcomed Ye Fan in.

“Sir, we have been working day and night on research and development. Based on the theory of evolution, zombie viruses, human genes, and our powerful red alert technology, we have finally developed a good thing.”

 “What good stuff?”

 “Smart chip!”

 “Oh! What’s it for?”

Luo Jiaxin clapped her hands and several people walked out of the room.

When Ye Fan saw these people, they were all the second-level evolvers who came to assassinate him last time.

 Including former star Xu Weiwei, these people came to Ye Fan and gave him gifts together.

 "Soul-Chasing Mandala Xu Weiwei reports to the commander!"

“Snow Mountain Eagle Feng Qi reports to the commander!”

 “The Tiger of Jiangbei, Qiao Lie, reports to the commander!”

 “Five-stepping snake Yousisi reports to the commander!”

 “The Deadly Clown King will report to the superior!”

The eyes of several people were too familiar to Ye Fan. These were the eyes of the red police unit. Facing him as the commander was like facing the **** in his heart.

 But they are not a red alert unit, which is interesting.

 “How did you do it?” he asked Luo Jiaxin.

"Sir, this is the credit of the chip. As long as the chip is implanted in their bodies, they will completely accept the control of our system. Although they are still themselves in essence, their souls have been implanted with the will to always be loyal to the commander. Faith, now even if the commander asks them to die, they will do it without hesitation."

This function reminded Ye Fan of a special unit in Red Alert.

 That’s Yuri.

 Yuri can be said to be the strongest soldier unit. Their ability is mind control, which can make anyone become a member of the red alert unit.

Presumably the red alert technology mentioned by Luo Jiaxin contains mind control components, but it is carried out through chip implantation.

 “Haha! Yes, this matter is a bit interesting.”

 Ye Fan has infinite reveries in his heart. If he can control some people with special identities, many things will be done with half the effort.

Luo Jiaxin continued: "Sir, these people have a deep understanding of this end of the world, and they also know some news that we don't know. If you have anything to ask, just ask them, and I promise to tell you everything they know."

Ye Fan said to them: "Do you know what Guo Zhun's secret is?"

The others were confused. Only Xu Weiwei said: "Sir, Guo Zhun does have a secret, but we don't know what it is. He has a radio receiving device that no one can use. Guo Zhun often uses the radio alone to talk to people. On the phone, the reason why his Liberation Army is developing so fast is because there is someone behind it."

"you sure?"

“Definitely, the origins of many of his technical soldiers, such as pilots, tank drivers, military instructors, etc., are not very clear to us. If there is no support, it will be difficult for him to do this.”

 Hearing this, Ye Fan's heart moved slightly.

There seemed to be something profound hidden behind Xu Weiwei's words, but there was too little information currently available for him to guess.

 This news also reminded Ye Fan that things in this world do not seem to be as simple as they appear.

But Ye Fan is not afraid. As long as he has this system, as long as he has money, and with his increasingly powerful strength, he will definitely make all the monsters and monsters reveal their true colors.

Although Ye Fan's current strength does not lack the combat power of a second-level evolver, these second-level evolvers can be absolutely trusted.

 If there is a third-level evolution one day, these people will be the first choice.

"Okay, you guys can go to the party tonight. It happens to be one of your old professions."


 Several people left the combat laboratory. Now they are free, but they have lost their freedom forever.

Luo Jiaxin continued to introduce to Ye Fan: "Sir, we also tried to control the mutated zombie king Huining."

 “Oh! Can you control it?”

“Well, it’s under control, but the strength of the control is weaker than that of normal humans, but there shouldn’t be any problems.”

 Speaking, Luo Jiaxin brought Wang Huining out.

Wang Huining did not report to the superior like others did, but came over to salute Ye Fan, his eyes still scarlet.

"Wang Huining, do you think you can contribute to our Dawn City? If you contribute, it proves that you are still valuable. If you don't contribute, then you don't need to exist."

Wang Huining immediately said: "Sir, I can make a contribution. There are zombies coming to attack the city. I can also help you control many zombies, and then attack the zombies attacking the city. Use zombies to fight zombies. This is not the best way." Is there any way?"

Ye Fan's eyes lit up slightly, what he said made sense.

Since Wang Huining has been controlled by the chip, Ye Fan doesn't mind letting Wang Huining go out and give it a try.

"That's good. From now on, you leave Dawn City and gather the zombies outside. It is estimated that in two or three days, the zombie army will come to Dawn City. Before that, you can control as much as you can, but remember one thing. Don't hurt other survivors, or I will completely destroy you."

 “Okay sir, but my ability is a little weak...”

Ye Fan signaled to Luo Jiaxin, and Luo Jiaxin injected Wang Huining with a little more zombie virus.

Wang Huining's current zombie transformation is only 30%. After the injection, it gradually recovered to 60%.

 Sixty percent zombie transformation was the state he was in when he first came to Dawn City. In this state, Wang Huining could control a group of 300,000 zombies.

 Ye Fan waved his hand, and someone came over to take Wang Huining out.

Ye Fan has given him an order. Wang Huining will not disobey Ye Fan's order. He was sent out of Shuguang City.

 With such a rare soldier, Ye Fan believes that it will be of great use at critical moments.

 “Your technology is very good!”

Ye Fan patted Luo Jiaxin on the shoulder happily.

“Sir, I’m just dabbling in evolution. If you want to make progress in system technology, it’s best to produce another hero-level engineer, otherwise the development of giant cannons will be a bit slow.”

“Okay, I have neglected this aspect. I will assign you a new engineer now.”

This time Ye Fan found Wang Shun, the first engineer of the red alert system.

Wang Shun was good at the research and development of vehicle machinery and other technologies. Ye Fan sent him to the Army Hero Camp, spending 10,000 gold. After a while, a new hero engineer was born.

Now there are two heroic engineers here in the combat laboratory, and I believe they will bring a steady stream of surprises to Ye Fan.

 Leaving the combat laboratory, Ye Fan received a call from Ye Luo.

"Brother! Your guard company commander sent a lot of new year's goods. Was it you who asked me to send them?"

 “Haha, I let it go, but someone else was more generous and he paid for it.”

 “Haha, you are such a good person. My parents have prepared a large table of dishes and are going home for the New Year!”

 “Okay, here we go.”

Ye Fan walked out of the core area, and Shuguang City was already enveloped in the sound of firecrackers.

There are people on the street carrying New Year's goods and rushing home to cook, and people at the market are also closing their stalls.

The delivery boy also finished his work and was preparing to go home with his wine. When he saw Ye Fan, he greeted Ye Fan excitedly.

 “Happy New Year, chief!”

 “Okay, okay, everyone is fine.”

 Ye Fan chatted with people and raised his head. The cold wind of the twelfth lunar month blew on his face, but he felt warm.

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