Chapter 226 In the trading market

 The wave of violent soldiers was over, and Ye Fan checked.

The defensive buildings that can still be constructed now include the Prism Tower, but the Prism Tower is also in the defense page and cannot be produced until the spy satellite is built.

 If engineers can unlock the giant cannon, they also need to build spy satellites before they can be produced.

Ye Fan feels that his construction production is a bit slow, but there is no way. He only has one base vehicle.

 Having a dual base vehicle will double the building construction speed.

 We need to eat the meal one bite at a time, and we should wait until the spy satellite is launched.

Close the red alert page and Ye Fan left the official residence.

 Ye Fan went to see Xiaoba first.

  Xiaoba now spends his days lazily in the small pool, which is at best a bathtub for him, and it is difficult for him to take a deep dive.

 In addition to eating and sleeping every day, I became chubby.

Seeing Ye Fan's arrival, Xiaoba excitedly slapped his eight feet on the water, causing the water to roll.

There are war bears such as Big Fat and Xiao Mei beside the waterhole. Feeding Xiao Ba is really a tiring job, so we can only let these war bears take turns.

Now the animals in Dawn City have become Xiaoba's younger brothers. After all, the strength of the deep sea giant squid is there, and the big fist is the king.

Ye Fan threw several pieces of mutated beast meat to Xiaoba, and then touched its big head to show his closeness.

 The construction of the navy is far away now. Otherwise, if there is a naval hero battalion, Ye Fan will definitely upgrade Xiaoba to a hero unit.

"Stay here obediently. Spring is coming soon. When the ice and snow melt, I will let you go play in the river."

   Xiao Ba puffed out bubbles and looked very happy.

After playing with Xiaoba for a while, Ye Fan left the core area.

 With only Zhuge Yunxue and Shen Ruihui behind him, he was very safe in Shuguang City.

Step out of the gate of the core area and enter the main city area.

In the core area, there was no feeling, and Ye Fan immediately felt the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

Yesterday's panic has completely disappeared. After seeing the crushing power of the Dawn Dragon, the hearts of the people in Dawn City have also calmed down.

 Everyone begins to prepare for the New Year with enthusiasm.

  This is the first New Year after entering the end of the world, which is of great significance to everyone.

 The Chinese New Year is a traditional custom passed down from the Qin and Han Dynasties for thousands of years. It is the most important day of the year.

 In ancient times, this festival was called Spring Festival to welcome the arrival of spring.

Later on, the meaning gradually changed, and it became a day for family reunion.

But no matter how it changes, this day has an irreplaceable sacred status in the hearts of the Qin and Han people.

Ye Fan still wore a mask, hiding his face and walking among the crowd.

The most prosperous place in Dawn City is the trading market in the main city.

Nowadays, Shuguang City has a large population, with a total population of more than 250,000, and the trading market can be described as hot.

There is a place in front that is very popular, it is Gao Dongliang’s hot noodle stall.

This guy occupies the best location in the trading market, and the business of this hot noodle stall is so good that it has taken off.

According to Zhang Kunlin's report, Gao Dongliang is the first resident in the city to book a duplex building in the main urban area, and he can be said to be the richest man in Shuguang City.

However, Ye Fan did not go over to eat noodles today, but walked around casually.

Beside Gao Dongliang’s stall, there is a Yumo Malatang.

This is Qin Yumo’s stall.

 Qin Yumo’s adventurer team was the first team in Dawn City, and now the team has grown to more than a hundred people.

Although she entered Shuguang City later, her contribution in Shuguang City has already caught up with Gao Dongliang. It is estimated that the position of the richest man in Shuguang City will be replaced soon.

Looking at Gao Dongliang's face, Ye Fan didn't want to eat it, but when he saw Qin Yumo's spicy hotpot, he wanted to have a bowl.

Hand Zhuge Yunxue found a seat, and then Shen Ruihui went to order spicy hotpot for Ye Fan.

Many of Malatang’s ingredients can be frozen. It seems that Qin Yumo has not collected supermarket items during this period. There are a lot of quick-frozen seafood, meatballs, etc.

I ordered a small portion for Zhuge Yunxue, a large portion for Shen Ruihui, and three large portions for Ye Fan.

 Ye Fan was already able to eat, but after becoming a second-level evolver, his appetite increased greatly.

While waiting, Ye Fan saw Qin Yumo himself busy behind the stall.

Maybe it was the Chinese New Year, so Qin Yumo didn’t go out to collect supplies, but chose to come here to sell spicy hotpot.

The surroundings were full of people and steaming, and I couldn’t feel the coldness of winter at all.

After a while, Malatang was served on the table, and Qin Yumo brought it to him personally.

 Ye Fan took off his mask.

 He was in a corner, and the people next to him could not see clearly from a distance, but Qin Yumo was stunned.

Ye Fan first made a shushing gesture, and then greeted Qin Yumo.

 “Hi! Chief Qin, it’s like we haven’t seen each other since three autumns.”

Qin Yumo glanced at Ye Fan: "There is nothing like three autumns. Isn't this the same day...Ye Fan, you take advantage of me!"

Qin Yumo glared at Ye Fan angrily and said accidentally.

Ye Fan seemed to understand nothing and took out a pair of disposable chopsticks.

Seeing that Ye Fan didn't pick a fight, Qin Yumo couldn't dig deeper: "Where did you go to be romantic and happy during this time? If you don't come back, I think your old nest will be turned over."

"What Chief Qin said is wrong. My old nest has been overturned, and your business and contribution will be gone. Therefore, you should make Shuguang City your home. If there are any difficulties, you must go up bravely."

 “Get on top of you! Eat quickly!”

Qin Yumo went over to greet the other guests, then walked around and returned to Ye Fan.

“Hey, are there enough people to defend the city? If you need someone, just speak. Although our Doomsday Mountains team is not large in number, our strength is pretty good. We can also participate in the defense of the city when necessary.”

Ye Fan finished the first bowl quickly, and when he picked up the second bowl, he said, "Are there any other teams with this idea?"

“Dai Yu and his team also said this. In fact, many people in Dawn City have said that if it is really necessary, we can all support the defense of the city at any time. After all, this is our home.”

Ye Fan raised his head and glanced at Qin Yumo: "Do you think there is a possibility that our city cannot be defended?"

“A few, maybe. After all, the zombies we saw on TV were too scary, but no one has completely lost confidence, especially after you came back. It’s much better now. It was just the first two days that made people panic.”

Ye Fan smiled: "It seems that I still have the effect of calming people's hearts."

"Don't be such a slut. It's mainly winter and the roads are difficult. No one can escape even if they want to. I have no choice but to be tied to a boat with you. If it were spring or summer, I might have gone far away."

"Where can you fly to? Is there a better place around?" Ye Fan knew she was joking, so he answered casually.

Unexpectedly, Qin Yumo suddenly became serious: "Don't tell me, it's really happening now."


"Bingcheng, Guo Zhun was on TV again this morning. He boasted about his Bingcheng for a while, saying that he would be able to recover Jiangbei District within half a month at most. If he couldn't do it, he would step down. As long as he regained it, Jiangbei, his base is truly number one in the province."

Hearing this, Ye Fan didn't believe it.

He also passed by Jiangbei District when he came back. It seems that the battle will continue for at least a month.

 Why did Guo Zhun suddenly dare to say that the battle would be over in half a month?

 Could it be that his strength has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few days?

 There seems to be something going on here that Ye Fan doesn't know about.

But now Ye Fan doesn't want to care about those things. Dealing with the coming zombie swarm is what he wants to consider.

 Chatting with Qin Yumo for a while, she asked a few more questions.

"Ye Fan, I think there are too many idle people in Dawn City now. You have conquered the Qinghe River and made everyone's lives richer, but I don't think this is a long-term solution. We adventurers can go out to collect supplies, but what about ordinary people? ?They don’t have the ability to fight zombies, they still need to work, right?”

 Ye Fan nodded, this is indeed a problem.

In fact, Shuguang City has many problems. Food for the more than 200,000 people is a big problem. They have harvested a lot of supplies by laying down the Qinghe River, but they can't hold on for long.

Besides, it is difficult to store this year’s food until next year. By next year, Dawn City will have too many things to do.

 Construction of bases, cultivation of food, and production of various industries.

 When life becomes stable, people will have higher requirements. This is human nature.

 Except for the military aspect, all other aspects can be said to be in desperate need of improvement.

“Don’t worry, since I can build Dawn City here, I must strive to ensure that everyone has something to do and everyone has food to eat.”

"As long as you can remember it, you will naturally arrange it with so many people under you. I'm just reminding you."

 After eating Malatang, Ye Fan had to pay her contribution points.

Qin Yumo smiled: "You are laughing at me. How much money do you need for such a small thing? I am bribing the highest official."

Ye Fan said seriously: "That won't work. If you don't accept the payment, I won't come next time."

“Oh, you are a real person, we can be considered friends, why don’t you just treat it like I’m inviting you?”

"No, my status is here. If I don't give money, I will become a common man. I must give it."

Ye Fan took out his ID card. This was designed by an engineer. It can be directly connected with the other party's ID card to pay the contribution. It is a specialty of Shuguang City.

Qin Yumo wanted to push away Ye Fan's hand, and the two hands were about to be pulled together.

Shen Ruihui suddenly spoke on the other side: "Sir, she has the payment code here. I have already paid."

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, and sure enough he saw a payment code on the wall, which could be paid directly with contribution points.

Ye Fan retracted his hand and glanced at Shen Ruihui: "Good job."

“Haha, it’s right to help the commander solve his problems. Besides, my company commander’s salary is very large and I can’t spend it all, so just treat it as my invitation to the commander.” Shen Ruihui nodded calmly.

 He has learned to be smart and cannot make big moves in front of the crowd.

The woman wanted to reject the officer, so he paid quietly from behind, which immediately relieved the officer's immediate concern. Otherwise, the officer would have been arguing with the woman for a long time, which would have been embarrassing.

 Society is progressing, human beings are developing, and Captain Shen’s IQ is also increasing day by day.

 (End of this chapter)