Chapter 225 Throw money! Strength surges!

Spy satellites are a vital part of the red alert system.

 In the game, this is the full screen light, and you can see anywhere through the radar.

At present, Dawn Army's radar with a radius of 50 kilometers is obviously unable to keep up with the situation. At least it cannot detect the movements of zombie groups in the distance.

If there are spy satellites, then combat will undoubtedly be much more convenient.

Even though the cost of building this guy reached 2 million gold, Ye Fan still clicked to make it without hesitation.

 2 million gold was spent, and spy satellites began to be included in the production options.

“It is confirmed that the construction of the spy satellite will cost 2 million gold and will take fourteen days. Please be patient, sir!”

Although it takes a little longer, Ye Fan thinks it’s worth it.

 What he's not sure about is how far the spy satellite can cover.

 The game can be full-screen because the game only has such a large area. In the real world, it is obviously impossible to cover the entire planet.

 In Ye Fan's view, it is not easy to cover more than one city.

If it can really cover a city, it will be of great help to Ye Fan in the future.

 After clicking on the spy satellite, the next thing Ye Fan needs to do is to attack the enemy.

 Before Ye Fan could prepare to attack, Nana gave a reminder.

“Sir, engineers from the Army Combat Laboratory have completed a new unit unlock and it has appeared on your soldier page. Please check it carefully.”

“Oh! Is the cannon completed? It shouldn’t be. The cannon should be on the mechanical vehicle page.”

Ye Fan opened the soldier page and saw that there was indeed a new unit.

  25mm chain cannon: cost 4000 gold.

Chain cannon is adapted from the cannon of an armored train. The cannon uses a motor to connect the cannon and will not stop shooting because a certain shell is missing.

The machine gun has a maximum range of 4,000 meters and a maximum anti-air range of 2,000 meters. It carries 5,000 rounds of ammunition in a starless state and requires two people to operate.

NOTE: It cannot be moved after installation. You can choose to place it directly in the sentry building.

Just looking at the picture, this thing is much taller than the heavy machine gun.

 This is a piece of equipment that has a metal baffle that is as tall as a person, matched with a cannon, a motor, an ammunition box, etc.

 Without drag wheels and tools, it cannot be carried forward by a vehicle.

Although it cannot be carried forward by vehicle, the emergence of this weapon has largely made up for Ye Fan's lack of firepower in defending the city.

 As zombies evolve day by day, ordinary firearms are becoming less and less lethal to advanced zombies.

For example, King Kong zombies and heavy machine guns cannot pose a big threat to it.

The emergence of the machine gun comes at the right time. Judging from the combat situation of the armored train, the machine gun can effectively cause damage to the second-level mutant zombies.

Seeing the appearance of machine guns, Ye Fan immediately ordered to continue to build Buman in the outer city of Shuguang City. He wanted to build a new batch of ten-meter gun towers!

Last time, Ye Fan had built a batch of ten-meter gun towers, but the towers were equipped with machine guns, and the number of towers was very small. This time, he has money in hand, and he wants to build a batch of machine guns!

 The cost of a machine gun is 4,000, and the cost of a ten-meter guard tower is 1,800. If the heavy machine gun on it is removed and replaced with a machine gun, it will cost 5,000 each.

 Make a hundred!

 It’s only half a million gold, Ye Fan is not short of money!

He wants to decorate the outer city area, the inner city area, the core area, and the entire Shuguang City with ten-meter watchtowers.

The zombies are coming, let him have a taste of Dawn City's bullet storm!

After receiving Ye Fan's order, the engineering troops immediately dispatched and began to pull up clothmen on the outer city wall to block people's sight.

The people of Dawn City who have experienced this are not surprised. In their opinion, the construction speed of Dawn Army is really world-class. Under the conditions of ice and snow, a circle of sentry towers can be built in a few days.

 The engineering troops are indeed professional.

 Fifty thousand gold was spent, and Ye Fan had already spent five million gold.

 One million for the maintenance factory and 1.5 million for the Air Force Combat Laboratory.

 Two million spy satellites and 500,000 machine guns.

There are still 13 million gold in hand.

 At present, Ye Fan's Dawn Army has more than 6,200 red alert units.

 He built twelve barracks, which could accommodate up to 6,600 people.

 Since the addition of War Eagle and War Bear, Ye Fan no longer allows military dogs to occupy the regular establishment.

 These three mutant beasts do not occupy establishments because they do not need to rest in the barracks.

At the moment, it is too late for Ye Fan to continue adding barracks, because the production sequence of the building has already been occupied by the Air Force Combat Laboratory.

 So normally, if he continues to increase troops, he can only increase the number of soldiers in the barracks to 6,600.

 But these troops are obviously not enough to cope with the upcoming war. According to Ye Fan's estimate, the scale of the zombies this time should be around three million, which is ten times the last time.

 So the troops must be expanded, but it is impossible to let the soldiers camp in the open air. After all, it is winter and there is no way to live outside.

Just when Ye Fan had a headache, Nana gave Ye Fan a hint.

“Sir, the maximum number of troops you can currently expand should be 13,200 people. In twelve barracks, two soldiers share a bed and take turns to rest. This is OK in a short period of time.”

 Ye Fan's eyes suddenly lit up, what a great idea!

The soldiers were supposed to take turns on duty, so it was okay for two of them to live in the same bed for the time being.

Red Alert soldiers have strong physical strength and four to six hours of sleep a day is enough.

Even if it is inconvenient for female soldiers to live in the military camp, Ye Fan can still make some concessions and let the female soldiers live in his official residence temporarily.

Ye Fan still has this big-mindedness.

The worst case scenario is to ask Company Commander Shen and others to move out.

With confidence in his heart, Ye Fan began to attack.

 At present, his army consists of four thousand men per regiment, and now it belongs to one and a half regiments.

 There are more than 500 people in the air force and more than 5,700 people in the army.

Air Force Ye Fan is not moving for the time being. He plans to wait until the Air Force Combat Laboratory comes out to study it.

 The most important thing at the moment is to create the troops to defend the city.

 It is definitely not enough to rely solely on machine cannons. Machine cannons are used to fight high-level zombies and large mutant beasts. The massive numbers of ordinary zombies still have to be dealt with by ordinary soldiers.

 With a regiment of four thousand people, Ye Fan started new production.

 He wants to expand the army to three regiments at once!

 Twelve thousand people!

 Ye Fan calculated the average value of producing a regiment of troops.

The minimum mobilization force is one hundred, and the minimum number of army soldiers is two hundred.

 Some advanced units cost thousands. If vehicles are not included in a regiment, the cost of soldiers alone is about one million.

 If all kinds of vehicles are added, it will be at least 1.5 million.

 If the full force is fully equipped, it will cost 2 million.

Ye Fan expanded the troops this time, so he simply expanded the troops to full strength.

He asked Nana to calculate the unit data for herself, while Ye Fan started throwing money.

 In addition to the production of helicopters and tanks, Ye Fan also focused on the production of artillery.

There were originally only twenty cannons, but this time they were expanded to fifty!

There were originally only thirty 107 rocket launchers, but this time they have been expanded to one hundred!

Mortars have also been expanded to 100 units!

 In this way, Ye Fan has formed a complete artillery system here.

 There are cannons at long range, rocket launchers at mid-range, and mortars at short-range.

If the giant cannon is developed again, then everything within tens of kilometers of Dawn City will be within the range of the cannon.

Although there are enough zombies, let’s see if they can withstand the bombardment of the cannons!

Three and a half million yuan of money was spent, directly raising the army to three regiments at full strength!

 Twelve thousand people!

 Coupling the current city defense forces, such as the soldiers in the guard towers, artillery and guard companies, etc., Ye Fan's army has reached 12,500 people!

 Including the air force, it reaches 13,000!

It can still produce about 200 soldiers, but Ye Fan did not continue. He wanted to leave some space for the new arms after the Air Force Combat Laboratory came out.

 It shouldn’t be created by soldiers. It would be a bit embarrassing if no one had a place to live.

Even now, two soldiers have to squeeze into one bed. This is only if commander Ye Fan takes the initiative to take responsibility and is willing to accept female soldiers.

  After throwing away the 3.5 million gold, Ye Fan only had 9.5 million left in his hand.

 “This is just a waste of money!”

 Ye Fan couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

Although he spent a lot of money, Ye Fan felt very happy.

 Since the construction of the maintenance factory, eight million gold has been spent continuously.

 But what resulted was a rapid improvement in strength.

 The number of troops was directly doubled, with the total number reaching 13,000.

Of course, these 13,000 people will not be available immediately, and production also requires a process.

 He has twelve barracks, and his troops can attack quickly.

 Now various barracks have begun to send out troops, and within four or five days, all the production troops will be available.

Even though the number of people has only doubled, the actual combat effectiveness of the troops has definitely increased by more than four or five times!

Not to mention anything else, just a few months ago, a row of dozens of cannons might have turned the former Dawn City into ruins with a single salvo.

  This is the power brought by technology, which is definitely not comparable to the advantage of numbers.

Of course, the numerical advantage is also useful, at least when fighting zombies, the number of people can still play a big role.

 After repeated calculations, Ye Fan determined that the current production could almost cope with the situation, and he felt a little relieved.

 Next, you just need to wait patiently for the troops to appear, and then wait for the zombies to come to the door.

These things are simple to say, but Ye Fan has been busy all day.

By the time he finally completed the production of all units, it was already the night of the 29th of the twelfth lunar month.

I checked the situation of the armored train. The train was still rushing back and forth in Huacheng and Pinggang Town.

 The body of the car has been covered with thick plasma, but there are no signs of being unable to hold on.

 It's just that the bullet consumption is very large. It is estimated that it can last for one day at most, and it will have to be withdrawn on New Year's Eve.

“It’s almost time to go out for a walk and prepare to have a good New Year!”

 (End of this chapter)