Chapter 224 New Technology! (Third update, 10,500 monthly tickets added)

The train passed through the densest place of the zombie forward troops, and Ye Fan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“The train slows down and maintains a speed of thirty to forty kilometers, allowing the zombies to catch up.”

 The speed of the train slows down because the zombies in front are not so dense, and this speed is also safe.

 Behind the train, the large army of zombies and mutant beasts followed the train.

 This is Ye Fan’s strategy.

 Drive the train and rush over, annihilating the zombies' active force, and at the same time, lead the zombies back to the Huacheng area.

 It is more than 20 kilometers from Huacheng to Pinggang Town, and 60 kilometers from Pinggang Town to Kaoshan Town.

 Because the road is now difficult to travel due to the wind and snow, it will take the zombies two days to walk this section of the road.

They have been walking for seven or eight hours now. Ye Fan will guide them back to Huacheng. If they want to reach Shuguang City, it will be at least the night of New Year's Eve.

Ye Fan does not expect to annihilate these zombies with just one train, but he will definitely not let the zombies reach Dawn City before the New Year.

 This is his promise like everyone else, and he must fulfill it no matter what.

The train moved forward slowly, with zombies chasing after it.

While the machine guns and heavy machine guns behind were still firing, they were killing as many as they could at this moment.

 Ye Fan did not use the spare ammunition. It was almost 12 noon and the ammunition was about to be refreshed.

 As it approached twelve o'clock, almost all the ammunition provided by the system was used up.

Those missiles and howitzers fired continuously, focusing on the second-level zombies in the wilderness.

 At twelve o'clock, all ammunition was immediately restored to full!

The zombie group that was already very close to the train was once again hit by a storm.


Guo Zhun saw this and turned around and left the TV.

 He no longer needs to look any further. With this indestructible train, Ye Fan is basically invincible.

If it weren't for taking care of the people of Dawn City, he could travel almost freely across the country.

The vanguard of the zombies has been led back. Ye Fan does not need to hold on for too long. As long as he holds on until tomorrow morning, he will be able to fulfill his promise to the people of Dawn City and let them have a quiet and peaceful New Year before the New Year.

However, Guo Zhun doesn’t think this can change the situation. After all, the zombie army has not arrived yet.

And he believed that a zombie group of this size must have a zombie king.

After the zombie king appears, the zombies will no longer attack like a pile of loose sand. At that time, Ye Fan's good days will be over.

 But the real battle will definitely break out after the New Year.

“Notify everyone to take action and quickly strengthen our wall. Without this wall, our New Year’s Eve dinner will be tasteless.”

This is not only true for Guo Zhun, but also for Li Yuntian of Youcheng.

 Hectic construction, watering, and temporary construction of the city.

There is also Yan Zhihuan from Daqingshan Prison. There are close to 100,000 people here in Daqingshan. It is not easy for them to move to Bingcheng. They can only temporarily water and build walls here in case the Shuguang Army cannot withstand it. Well, they don't have any protective capabilities here.

Although the zombies are going to attack Dawn City, they all have a feeling that their lips are dying and their teeth are cold. This year is destined to be unstoppable.


The train rushed for a while, and we could already see the Flower City in front of us.

And a large army of zombies also appeared on the edge of Huacheng City.

 Ye Fan immediately ordered the train to speed up!

 Speed ​​up to 150 kilometers per hour and rush directly into the flower city!

 He also has to pull the zombie army back a certain distance.

 The train accelerated and began a **** charge.

Now that there is enough ammunition, it is possible to rush into the city, and at the same time, it can also annihilate a large number of zombies.

This process lasted from noon to two o'clock in the afternoon. The train accelerated and slowed down until it was close to Huacheng Railway Station.

This is the first time Ye Fan has truly entered the flower city. The train station is similar to other stations, and there are also derailed trains crossing here.

Ye Fan could not move forward any further, so he ordered the train to go back.

 The armored train has a double front, so there is no problem in going back and forth.

 The train drove back again, charging at high speed, and ran all the way back to Pinggang Town.

The straggler zombies were once again attracted to the train, and they rushed towards the train with their teeth and claws bared.

Then Ye Fan repeated his old trick and let the train run to Huacheng.

 The spare bullets were also used, and Ye Fan had to grind them slowly like this, fighting a tug-of-war with the zombies here.

Ye Fan asked train conductor Ji Xun and chief of staff Zhongjing to tell them that no matter what, they would have to wait until the morning of the day after tomorrow, which is the morning of New Year’s Eve.

 Only then can the train return to Kaoshan Town Station.

 Because if zombies were to attack at that time, they would not be able to reach Dawn City until the second day of the Lunar New Year at the earliest.

And Ye Fan will not go to fight with the train this time, he will go home.

 The battle is basically like this. As long as Zhongjing and the others do not fight for merit, it will be difficult for the zombies to stop the movement of the train.

 There is no need for him to stay here. There are still many things to do when he returns to Dawn City.

 Ever since he came back, Ye Fan had already selected the manufacturing factory.

Now that the maintenance factory has been built, Ye Fan needs to go back quickly and place it out, so that he can unlock new technologies and new arms.

Train guerrilla warfare can only slow down the pace of the zombie swarms, but cannot really stop them from advancing. In the end, the battle to defend the city will still rely on a large number of red police units to defend the city.

So when the train returned to Pinggang, the live TV broadcast stopped, and Tang Yafei's Wu Zhi came to pick up Ye Fan.

The helicopter landed on the top of the train. Ye Fan and a group of his men came out of the carriage, jumped directly onto the car, and boarded the helicopter.

 The helicopter took off, left the train, and returned to Dawn City.

When the plane landed in front of the official residence, and when Ye Fan set foot on the ground of Dawn City, he was still very excited.

 Finally went home.

This trip to the south is considered the right one. If we stay in the north and stay inactive for more than a month, I may not be able to withstand the zombie siege this time.

Ye Fan didn't even have time to see his parents. He immediately ran to the base in the core area and the maintenance and siege position left in advance.

This is close to the chariot factory, and a yard has been reserved in advance.

Even when there was no space in the military camp, Ye Fan did not occupy it.

The maintenance factory worth one million has been built. Ye Fan clicked and placed it.

 This is a workshop-shaped building, which doesn’t look particularly big.

  But this is based on comparison with other buildings. In fact, half a train can drive to this workshop for repairs.

 In the maintenance factory, there is the largest metal crane arm of the Red Alert System.

This crane can directly lift the front of the armored train. It is a super crane.

 Repair Factory: It has super repair technology and can restore machinery that has not been broken down. The recovery time is determined by the degree of damage.

 Seeing the introduction of this maintenance factory, Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, and then asked: "What if the machinery is not produced by the Red Alert System?"

  “It can also be restored.”

 Ye Fan understood, this is a universal repair shop.

With the construction of the maintenance factory, a new vehicle has been added to Ye Fan's mechanical page.

 Base vehicle: cost 500,000 gold.

This is the most expensive vehicle known to Ye Fan. The previous most expensive transport plane only cost 100,000 gold.

 But Ye Fan can understand that a base vehicle represents the establishment of a new base.

But what Ye Fan needs most right now is not the base car, but what new technologies can be unlocked for him after the maintenance factory is built.

There are two ways to unlock Ye Fan's technology, one is the continuous construction of buildings, and the other is the upgrade of military ranks.

He currently has the authority of the brigade commander, and it is not easy to upgrade because he has set the strength of his troops at 26,000.

 The army has 22,000 and the air force has 4,000. Only when the total number exceeds this number can he upgrade his military rank.

This is not an easy task. It would take him a long time to build a military camp with more than 20,000 people.

 So the best way is to build buildings.

 Ye Fan opened the building page with excitement.

 Sure enough, new buildings appeared.

  Combat Laboratory (Air Force): cost 1.5 million gold.

Seeing this building, Ye Fan waved his fist excitedly.

 Finally out of the Air Force Warfare Laboratory.

 In the red alert system, a combat laboratory can unlock basically all technologies, but the reality is different, and the three armies are separated.

 Each of the three armed forces has a combat laboratory, and then there is a general combat laboratory.

 Ye Fan built an airport, but did not unlock any high-end aircraft.

 At present, there are only two helicopters and one transport aircraft, which are not particularly useful for dealing with zombie swarms.

Last time, Li Yuntian from Oil City sent a repaired fighter plane over. Although it was shot down by Ye Fan's anti-aircraft missile, Ye Fan was still envious in his heart.

There is no need to be envious this time. When the Air Force Combat Laboratory comes out, a variety of new aircraft will be unlocked.

 In modern warfare, the navy and air force gradually occupy a dominant position.

Although the navy is still far away from Ye Fan, it is also good to be able to unlock the air force.

 Ye Fan said nothing and immediately clicked on building.

“It is confirmed that the construction of the Air Force Combat Laboratory will cost 1.5 million gold and will take ten days. Sir, please be patient.”

Ye Fan’s 18 million yuan was used to build a maintenance factory and an air force combat laboratory, which turned into 15.5 million.

 “One week, I hope I can make it in time.”

According to the current time, if everything goes well, the zombies will not arrive until the second day of the Lunar New Year at the earliest.

As long as Ye Fan can persist for four days, the Air Force's combat laboratory will be able to come out.

 After the construction was completed, Ye Fan casually clicked on the defensive building page.

 Unexpectedly, a new building was unlocked here.

 Spy Satellite: cost 2 million gold.

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, and then couldn't help laughing.

 “This guy is finally willing to come!”

 (End of this chapter)