Chapter 1 The end is coming

 Ye Fan is a person who knows how to enjoy himself.

The so-called self-enjoyment means that you can have fun by yourself.

 If it sounds good, it’s called self-pleasure; if it sounds bad, it’s heartless. I don’t know what is sadness and what is anger.

 As long as you give him a mobile phone or a computer, he can temporarily forget all his worries and enter his own world.

However, being happy does not mean being brainless. In fact, Ye Fan is very smart.

Just because he was admitted to the Industrial University in City H is enough to prove that he, a seemingly inconspicuous person, has a high IQ.

His being able to go to school can be regarded as a proud ancestor in his family. His hometown is in a township in S city, and he is definitely considered a highly educated person in the town.

 Leaving his parents to study in H city, Ye Fan did not live on campus. Instead, he found an old-fashioned rental building with a small bungalow outside the school, which was convenient for going to school and working part-time at the same time.

 The family conditions are not very good, and Ye Fan earns half of his schooling expenses by working.

Going to school, working, and playing games, this is basically Ye Fan’s entire life.

Don’t ask for money from your family, and try your best not to ask for money. My parents are both working hard, and their salary is not high. I also have a sister who is a sophomore in high school and is also in school, so the conditions are not well-off.

 But this time, Ye Fan could no longer hold on.

 In the military training after the university started, Ye Fan performed well.

Children from rural areas have poor physical fitness. In addition, he is also willing to exercise. On the way to school and work, Ye Fan relies on running. Compared with urban young people of the same age, his physique is definitely excellent.

 But on the last day of military training, Ye Fan was injured and sprained his foot while competing for first place.

It is more serious, and it needs to be raised at least a week.

He was fixed in the school doctor's office and given some bone-setting medicine, and was sent back to the rental building by his classmates.

 You may be able to recover faster in the hospital, but the cost is too high.

Ye Fan has some food in the rental building. Food is expensive nowadays. A basket of steamed dumplings and rice porridge costs more than ten yuan. He basically cooks and eats by himself.

 After returning home, Ye Fan had a rare period of rest and became a homebody.

The house is only over thirty square meters. Nowadays, new buildings rarely have such a small house. In addition to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, there is only a small living room.

 There is no TV in the living room, just a computer.

 The refrigerator at home belongs to the landlord, and only this computer belongs to Ye Fan himself.

 It is an old-fashioned chassis and a second-hand LCD screen. The price is very low, but the configuration of the chassis is pretty good and the game can be played smoothly.

The hard drive contains many single-player games that Ye Fan has downloaded. Playing online games now is a waste of time, and you don’t have to spend money to become a VIP. You are basically being abused. Ye Fan doesn’t like the feeling of being abused, so he rarely plays online games.

 Playing a single game in your spare time can also be considered as relaxing.

Holding a mop pole in his hand, Ye Fan limped to the chair in front of the computer.

 Opening the web page, Ye Fan saw the news that had flooded the screen in the past few days.

“Dear viewers, according to meteorological reports, the meteor shower from the Andromeda Nebula will continue to come, and can be clearly observed in the coastal areas of our country.”

“The meteor shower has lasted for three days, which is unique in the entire history of Blue Sea Star. The last meteor shower of this scale may have been traced back to the Cretaceous Period.”

The meteor shower started appearing three days ago. There were no particularly large meteorites and they would not cause any impact on the ground of Blue Sea Star, so no countries around the world took any countermeasures.

But Ye Fan felt that there was always a faint sour smell in the air these days, and he didn't know if it had something to do with the meteor shower.

  Browsing the forums I usually read, many people are discussing meteor showers these days.

“I’m on the southern coast, and watching the meteor shower here at night is particularly beautiful.”

"I don't know what's going on. My dog ​​has been very irritable these days. He doesn't like to eat and keeps barking. I don't know if it's in estrus? I'm looking for a female dog. I'm waiting online. My home address is XXXX.”

“They say that if you make a wish when you see a shooting star, it will come true, but there are so many shooting stars these days, what if the wish is obviously not enough?”

Ye Fan was a little bored after watching it for a while, and he didn’t want to use his mobile phone to team up with others to play black games. He might as well play a game on the hard disk.

 There were many game icons on the desktop, and he clicked on the red alert icon.

 This is a second-generation game called Glory of Nations, in which you can choose various countries to fight.

As a person from Qin and Han Dynasties, Ye Fan’s favorite language is also Qin and Han Dynasties.

This country has several superior arms, one is the Black Hawk fighter jet, one is the Apocalypse main station tank, one is the aircraft carrier, and the other is the army soldier.

 Fighters have strong bombing capabilities. Although the cost is high, a fighter formation can destroy any building.

 The main station tank also has the highest cost, but it has both ground attack and air defense capabilities. It is the absolute king of one-on-one land combat.

 An aircraft carrier can carry up to ten bombers and allow them to get close to the land, which is a nightmare for land construction.

Army soldiers are the most cost-effective unit. Especially after rising to a star, ground combat is simply a BUG.

There are many other arms that Ye Fan likes. Each country has its own advantages, but it is sometimes very helpless to only choose one country.

 Start the game and create a map.

“Let’s take an extreme challenge. The biggest map has all the countries. They are ruthless enemies with super weapons. Let’s see how many minutes I can hold on.”

Ye Fan has never passed this game mode. The only fun is to see how long he can persist.

 The game started, and Ye Fan immediately operated quickly, placing base vehicles, building power plants, mining, and building barracks.

 Just did it twice, and an accident happened.

 The sky outside the window was bright.

It is now 12 o'clock at noon. It is a bit cloudy today, but it is very bright now!

 The brightness is abnormal!

Ye Fan looked up out of the window in surprise and found that the entire sky was occupied by a dense meteor shower.

"what happened?"

A strong sour smell swept over him. Even if Ye Fan closed the window, he couldn't stop it and filled the air.

The strong stinging pain penetrated into his mind, and Ye Fan couldn't help but lower his head suddenly, biting his lip until it bled.

 But the pain was unstoppable, and it only lasted for a few seconds before Ye Fan fainted.

Before he passed out, he instinctively grabbed the mouse in one hand and pressed the keyboard with the other hand. He fell to the ground and overturned the computer.

The power supply of the old-fashioned rental building was exposed. When the computer was turned over, a spark flashed, and light blue current rushed to Ye Fan.


By the time Ye Fan woke up, ten hours had passed.

 “Uh...what’s going on?”

 Rubbing his bruised forehead, he could barely recall what happened before the fall.

“I was playing games, and then suddenly a large meteor shower fell, and a sour smell came in, and I couldn’t remember anything.”

 “My head hurts a little, and my feet hurt even more.”

The sprained ankle hurt even more. As soon as Ye Fan touched his ankle, he saw that his computer had been smashed to pieces.

The computer monitor looked as if it had been burned by fire, it was pitch black and scorched.

 The power cord was pulled out of the wall. It looked like it was caused by a fall.

“No, I don’t know if the leakage protector has tripped. If there is a short circuit, it will be troublesome.”

It’s not a big deal if the computer breaks down. It’s not worth anything anyway. If the circuit burns out, the landlord will be responsible for repairing it.

Ye Fan raised his head and saw that the light was on, and felt a little more at ease.

 “What’s wrong? Your reaction is slow?”

 While looking at the light, he also saw the clock on the wall. The time should be eleven o'clock in the evening.

He reluctantly got up, stood up and went to the window to look down, because he felt that something was wrong today.

The voice-activated light in the courtyard of the community was on. Through the light, he saw that the community was in a mess. Some battery cars and bicycles belonging to nearby neighbors were lying on the ground in a mess.

Pieces of bright red blood almost covered the yard like splashed ink, and there were even some broken limbs and white bones with flesh and blood hanging on them.

 Some scraps of newspapers and plastic bags were flying in the air, but otherwise there was almost no movement.

“What is going on? A murder scene? But this scene is too big!”

Ye Fan didn't think about calling the police immediately. He wanted to find out what was going on.

 Open your eyes and look carefully.

 In a corner, a group of people were lying there, as if they were eating.

His eyesight was good and he could clearly see the person in the corner who had been eaten until almost all he had left was his feet.

One of them grabbed a piece of flesh and roared excitedly. The mutilated cheek and the blood stains on his face proved that he was no longer a human being.

A cold air rushed straight to his forehead, and Ye Fan shrank back into the room.

 “This is...this scene...resident evil!”

As a college student in the new era, Ye Fan has naturally seen many similar videos. The people eating now are clearly zombies!

 He ​​didn't think this was a joke or a prank game. No one would create such a big scene to prank a student of his. All of this was true.

 After a brief panic, he became worried. He immediately took out his cell phone and called his parents.

 The phone cannot be reached.

 Calling my sister, I also couldn’t get through.

I took out my mobile phone and looked at it. The 4G signal on it has changed to 2G, which is almost equivalent to no signal.

 “In the end, this kind of thing will really happen, it’s bad.”

Ye Fan was a little nervous, but he forced himself to calm down. Being nervous now would not help.

 Trying to calm down his breathing and heartbeat, he knew that he should be a survivor in his current situation.

 There is no Internet and no knowledge of the outside world. What should you do next?

Although he didn't have a clue for a while, he gradually calmed down.

Just when his heartbeat returned to normal, a voice suddenly sounded in his head.

"Brain wave analysis...normal...heartbeat analysis...normal...blood pressure analysis...normal, meets the binding conditions."

“Locked the candidate for commander, blood type binding...DNA binding...binding successful, confirmed to have the highest command authority.”

Ye Fan was stunned. The voice came out very strangely. There was no one else in the room, but everything was clearly audible. It was still a female voice that sounded very elegant.

"who is it?"

 “I am your personal secretary and assistant Nana, good evening! Your Excellency, the handsome lame commander.”

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 (End of this chapter)