The hungry Feng Shiv just ate a small cranberry cookie that Feng Xiaochong handed him, and was choked by the words of his adoptive father Feng Xinglang.

Feng Xinglang squinted at Feng Fifteen, "Is that so funny? I'm afraid you and your master are not in the same group?!"

"Foster father, if you want a group, I have to go with you too!"

Feng Fifteen hurriedly handed him the fruit plate Feng Xiaochong gave him to Feng Xinglang, "Foster father, try it, Xiaochong made the cranberry cookies for you."

"He did it specially for Cong An'an!"

Feng Xinglang snorted, "My father doesn't have such a blessing!"

"Daddy, what I made this time is sweet, next time Xiao Chong will make you salty!"

Feng Xiaochong knows that Daddy doesn't like to eat biscuits, especially sweet biscuits that are tiresome.

"Feng Xingcheng, although Daddy gave birth to you, he didn't want to return; he didn't want to raise children to guard against old age... But you can't let Daddy get too chilly! Come here and let Daddy hug!

Feng Xinglang's body is lazy, but his spiritual world is excited.

"The bugs are big! Don't hug them!"

Feng Xiaochong glanced upstairs and said, "Little insects go and call for my sister to come downstairs and hug you!"

"Don't give me a hug, right? Then I'll hug you!"

In order to show that he was not frightening his little son, Feng Xinglang really got up and walked towards Cong Anan, who was nestling next to Cong Gang.

"Daddy Little Insect, you'd better stay up late!"

Except for his own daddy, Cong Anan hardly has any physical contact with any man or boy. Even Feng Xiao Chong rarely can hold Cong An'an's hand.

"You don't give it a hug, do you? Then I can hug your daddy!"

Feng Xinglang's pretentious Chao Cong Gang opened his arms... Cong Gang was a rousing spirit again!

"Daddy, hug you little bug!"

Feng Xiaochong rushed over immediately and arched himself into the arms of **** father Feng Xinglang.

It seems so reluctant!

Had it not been for the scumbag to embarrass Big Bug and Xiao An'an, he would not take the initiative to give his arms to the scumbag!

Cong Gang's fist loosened slowly again.

I thought I could spend tonight peacefully, but I didn't expect Feng Xinglang to get angry again.

Just because of a bowl of rice with whole grains.

"Little bug, we come to eat more than anyone else!"

Because the foster father Feng Xinglang could not drink, Feng Shiv suggested that he should eat more with Feng Xiaochong than anyone else.

To distract the foster father, it is best to eat a few bites of rice with whole grains.

"Okay! Who loses, who sleeps with my daddy tonight! Take care of my daddy to wake up and hush at night!"

This job was originally arranged by Cong Gang for Feng Xiaochong.

After all, Feng Fifteen is just a righteous son, so staring at Feng Xinglang to get up at night, Feng Xiaochong, his own son, is the most suitable.

"Then I can win!"

The amount of food for the Fifteenth Seal was not big, but to make the whole grain rice delicious, I ate a bit more.

Feng Xiaochong doesn't want to lose to the 15th.

"It is said that this half-year-old kid can eat... as expected!"

Feng Xinglang looked at the two young sons and Feng Fifteen who were eating rice with whole grains with a smile on his face.

He even dug a chopstick from the bowl of his younger son and tasted it.

"An An, let's have rice, too? You win, and you can sleep in my princess room at night!"

But the servant panicked, "That...the multi-grain rice is gone. I just cooked it again."

"Uh? Brother 15 and Brother Xiao Chong only ate a bowl, why is it gone?"

The disappointed Lin Wan asked dissatisfiedly, "Auntie, how much rice did you cook at night?"

"I just...I cooked rice for three people. Usually...you rarely eat rice."

With a ‘papa’, Feng Xinglang put down the chopsticks in his hand forcefully.

"Auntie, don't you have a bad look in your eyes? Let's not talk about whether adults eat or not. With these four children, you only cooked for three people?"

"I cooked rice for five people yesterday, but you...none of you ate them!" The aunt was aggrieved.

"Because we didn't eat rice yesterday, you only cooked for three people today?"

Feng Xinglang chuckled lightly, "Just your eyesight, you really wronged you!"

"Late late, don't make your daddy angry anymore! Let's eat the bug's rice!"

Feng Xiaochong was worried that the scumbag's anger would be implicated in the big insects, so he immediately distributed the rice in his bowl to his sister Wanwan.

"Late late, Brother Fifteen is here and there."

Of course, Feng Xinglang did not want his foster father to be angry. After all, he proposed to eat rice with Feng Xiaochong.

Lin Wan immediately moved her small bowl to Feng Shiv. "Brother Xiao Chong, I will eat the rice from Brother Fifteen! Give your rice to An'an! An'an hasn't eaten a bite of rice yet!"

Under normal circumstances, Cong Anan never eats the food in Feng Xiao Chong's bowl.

But so that Xiao Chong's father was not angry, she took the initiative to move her bowl to Xiao Chong.

Seeing the four children eating two bowls of rice, Feng Xinglang's anger grew deeper and deeper.

"Unexpectedly, I Feng Xinglang is already poor enough to let four children eat rice?!"

The four children, including Feng Fifteen, an older child, did not feel wronged; but Feng Xinglang, as a parent, was extremely angry.

"Fifteen, go to the safe in the study to get 10,000 yuan and let the nanny check out!"

"Sorry, Mr. Feng, the rice in the pot is already cooked!"

The babysitter really didn't expect that he would be fired by the owner because of the rice problem.

"The meaning of my request for a nanny is not to wrong my Feng Xinglang children!" Feng Xinglang said coldly.

Feng Xinglang is not kind.

Now that he has taken his money, things must be done well.

If you don't do well, you still dare to haunt him; do you want to keep such a babysitter for the New Year? !

The Fifteenth Fifteen subconsciously looked at Master Cong Gang;

Cong Gang nodded slightly: Instructing Feng Fifteen to follow his adoptive father Feng Xinglang's intentions!


After dinner, because the two babysitters were resigned, the burden of cleaning the kitchen fell on Feng Fifteen.

Seeing that Brother Fifteen was cleaning the table and washing the dishes, Feng Linwan was naturally reluctant to let Brother Fifteen do it alone, so he rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen to help.

"An'an, go to the kitchen to help!" Cong Gang said warmly.

"Oh, An An, go now!"

Cong Anan obediently ran towards the kitchen.

"An An, wait for me, I'll help too!"

Feng Xiaochong immediately followed Cong Anan's footsteps.

Feng Xiaochong almost never allows An An to do housework like washing dishes. He is such a spoiled wife!

Feng Xinglang was on the door frame of the kitchen, watching the four children wash the dishes and wipe the stove quietly.

"Little bug, you can take Sister An'an to the living room to play late! I can do this work in a while!"

Even without turning around, Feng Fifteen could see through the glass the foster father Feng Xinglang who was resting on the door frame.

Knowing that his foster father loves his baby daughter, Feng Shiv proposed to let the little insect take the two younger sisters out of the kitchen.

"Let the three of them help wash together!" Feng Xinglang said lightly.

Suddenly I feel: This kind of picture has an indescribable warmth!

"Bug, are we getting old?"

Feng Xinglang asked Cong Gang, who was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed.


Cong Gang replied calmly, "But our old way is different!"

"This old... is there a way?" Feng Xinglang frowned.

Cong Gang said meaningfully: "You are old in body but not old in heart; I am old in heart but not old in body!"

Old body, not old heart?

The heart is old, the body is not old?

Feng Xinglang didn't listen to Cong Gang's words either, just squinted at him: I always feel that this caterpillar is a bit abnormal these days!

Of course, this caterpillar hasn't been normal for a few days!

Feng Xinglang lay on the sofa with his eyes closed, rested.

"Daddy, try the mango milkshake made for you lately!"

The mango milkshake was actually made by Feng Xiaochong for the scumbag when he was making desserts for Xiao An'an.

He didn't like to please the scumbag's Feng Xiao Chong, so he asked the late sister to bring it out for the scumbag to drink.

"My family is still filial late."

Feng Xinglang squinted his eyes, took the glass of mango milkshake from his daughter, took a sip, and found that it was cool and refreshing.

The key is that her daughter Lin Wan is filial to her, Feng Xinglang is called a comfort.

Cong Gang couldn't help but squinted, "Caterpillar, look at my little padded jacket, how intimate! It looks like yours, it's a leaky vest!"

As soon as this person is seized, it is easy to lose heart!

"I will not base my comfort on my request for my daughter!"

Cong Gang never thought of seeking equivalent returns from his daughter An An.

He has always believed that he and his daughter are two independent living entities!

Will not rely on each other, and will not involve each other!

It is estimated that Cong Gang's parenting concept is unique enough!

In the next second, Feng Xinglang squinted at him: "What do you mean, caterpillar? If you can't eat grapes, just say grapes are sour, right?"

Feng Xinglang could not understand Cong Gang's concept of parenting; and Cong Gang could not'appreciate' Feng Xinglang's unprincipled doting on her daughter!

"I don't like to eat grapes! So it's sour or not, I don't want to know at all!" Cong Gang said faintly.

Cong Gang at this moment wanted to make Xinglang angry;

But he didn't seem to want to destroy the atmosphere of quietly speaking with Feng Xinglang.

Feng Xinglang’s recent sleep time is much longer than usual;

Cong Gang worried that Feng Xinglang's fat body would also increase day by day.

"Cut, you are obviously envious and jealous! And you are careful!"

Feng Xinglang gave Cong Gang another cold eye; then he deliberately ate the mango milkshake.

It feels like it has been delicious for a thousand years! I just want Cong Gang to greet him with him!

This guy is really naive now!

I don't know if it is a side effect of that medicine!

But the problem is that I have been injected with the same type of medicine at the same time. If there are side effects, shouldn't they be together?

"Little bug, you can go upstairs to rest with your dad who sent you late!"

Cong Gang said warmly to the little bug who came out of the kitchen and brought him soothing tea.

"Oh, good."

Feng Xiaochong immediately obediently approached the scumbag Feng Xinglang, "Daddy, go upstairs to sleep! Keep your spirits up, and continue to earn milk powder for your two grandchildren tomorrow!"

Feng Xinglang looked at Cong Gang and snorted, "I want you to serve!"

"Slacker, stop making trouble!"

Feng Chong Chong yelled, "Since Big Chong Chong gave you the medicine, he hasn't been in good health recently! He needs a rest too!"

"Boy, you always help him to talk like this...Who is your father?"

"Slacker, shall we be reasonable?"

Feng Xiaochong immediately took his sister Wanwan's hand and put it into the palm of the scumbag, "Daddy, let's go upstairs to sleep, and your favorite sweetheart will be with you every night!"

Watching Feng Xinglang and his son go upstairs, Cong looked at Feng Shiv with cold eyes just now. He lowered his voice and said sharply, "What is going on with Feng Linwan...? What are you coveting? Or do you feel bored?"

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