At the same time, Cong Anan, who could not see his daddy behind Xiao Chongzi's father, ran out of the villa with a health bottle to find his daddy.

Because just upstairs, when Dad Bugs opened the door and got out of the car, she saw her father sitting in the Rolls Royce. It seems that Daddy didn't get out of the car!

Sure enough, Cong Anan found Daddy Cong Gang in the Rolls Royce in the garage.

"Daddy, give you a health bottle, it's still warm inside."

Cong Anan climbed onto the Rolls Royce and sat there with Daddy.

Cong Gang took the health bottle from his daughter and took a sip after opening it.

In fact, the contents of this health bottle were specially prepared by Cong Gang for Feng Xinglang who vomited after drinking.

It should be used to nourish the stomach and protect the liver.

"Ann, Xiao Chong has to take care of his sister late late."

Cong Gang said quietly, "If you feel bored, you can go back to the training base to find Wei Kang!"

"As long as I can be with Daddy, An An doesn't feel boring!"

Cong Anan nestled on the shoulders of Daddy Cong Gang, cautiously.

"An'an, there is one thing that Daddy must tell you clearly: Daddy doesn't owe you; but Daddy owes Feng Xinglang his life! So protecting Feng Xinglang is also Daddy's mission in this life! Unswerving until death! "

Cong Gang said lightly.

It's like telling a distant story.

What Cong Gang meant by saying this was to let his daughter An An clearly know what he was doing.

"Na An'an helps Daddy complete the mission together: Give him the life owed to Xiao Chongzi's father!"

Cong Anan vaguely remembered that Little Chongzi's father seemed to have said: As long as she gave birth to a little baby for Little Chongzi, it would be considered as the life of Little Chongzi's father!

I don't know that the words of the little insect father are still innumerable!

"What's next, let's talk about it later! These two days, you and Xiao Chong should take good care of Feng Linwan!"

Cong Gang said lightly, "After a few days, Daddy will send you to study medicine and electronic technology! Of course, if you and Xiao Chong are particularly interested in something, you can choose for yourself! Daddy will not interfere!"

"But An An doesn't want to leave Daddy!"

Cong Anan hugged Cong Gang's neck and said, "An An just wants to be with Daddy."

"The conditions of the base are limited. You and Xiao Chong should have a broader vision!" Cong Gang pulled away his daughter's arm around his neck and said, "An'an, you are a big child, it is impossible to live in daddy all your life. Under the wings! And it's impossible for Daddy to protect you forever! You can already be alone! And you must learn

Will be alone! "

After a slight pause, Cong Gang glanced at Feng Xiao Chong who approached Rolls Royce, "Of course, if you feel that you are too lonely, you can pull Feng Xiao Chong to accompany you! This is your freedom, daddy does not Will interfere arbitrarily!"

"Daddy, are you trying to drive An An out of Qibei Mountain City?" Cong An'an asked worriedly.

"Not yet! When you are sixteen, you must leave Daddy!"

Cong Gang's words sounded uncomfortable. It seems to be incompatible with the educational philosophy of Chinese parents.

He kicked his child out of the house at the age of sixteen... really a ruthless dad!

Cong An'an suddenly thought, "Then I will move to Little Chongzi's father's house together with Little Chongzi!"

"...What? Are you moving to his house with Xiao Chong?" Cong Gang was startled slightly.

"Yeah! Anyway, I will be the wife of the little bug in the future! If you live early and stay late, you must live here!"

In fact, Cong An’an’s careful thinking is: Daddy, didn’t you say that “protecting Feng Xinglang is Daddy’s mission in this life and will remain unswerving until death”? Wouldn’t he be able to live with Daddy if he lives in Xiao Chong’s father’s house? !

"Do you like bugs?" Cong Gang asked calmly.

"I can't say I like it, I can't say I don't like it!"

Cong Anan did not have as distinct male and female emotions as Lin Wan did. With Feng Xiaochong is more of a pure friendship!

"Well, if you don't like bugs, don't force yourself!" Cong Gang said lightly.

"An'an, Big Bug, give you the cranberry cookies you just made, try it!"

Feng Xiaochong also climbed onto the Rolls Royce, and handed the cranberry cookie biscuits in his arms to An An and Da Chongchong to eat.

Cong Gang took a cranberry cookie and ate a bite, and asked quietly, "Little bug, what are your uncles talking about with your daddy?"

"Oh, my uncle wants to look at my daddy and not let him sneak out to play with any woman in the middle of the night!"

Feng Xiaochong told the truth, "My scumbag is so scumbag, I have a grandson, and I'm going out to find another woman! If my mommy knows, she must pluck him again!"

"" Cong Gang was taken aback.

"Yeah! My mommy can also help with family law! She also secretly hides the willow cane!"

"Does your mom really hit your daddy?" Cong Gang asked again quietly.

"When my mum became fierce, even the three of us, my brother and sister, and my daddy played together!"

Feng Xiaochong sighed, "Everyone dare not resist my mom, so they can only be beaten! But my mommy beats Da Nuo and me, and the late sister is lighter... I beat my dad harder. Up!"

"..." Cong Gang really didn't expect that Lin Xueluo, who seemed weak, would actually use violence? ! The key is that no one in this family dares to resist!

"Have you been beaten by your mommy too?" Cong Gang asked warmly.

"Haha, nothing! On the surface, my mom loves Da Nuono the most, but it actually hurts the bugs the most! My daddy loves the late sister the most on the surface, but Da Nuono actually loves it the most!"

This is from the perspective of seal insects.

"Oh... why do you think your daddy loves Da Nuono the most?" Cong Gang asked with interest.

It seems that children's ideas can always jump so much.

"Anyway, my daddy loves Da Nuo Nuo the most! Because Da Nuo Nuo looks the most like Daddy!"

Feng Xiaochong selected a cookie with the most cranberries and gave it to An An, "An An, you eat!"

Cong Gang chatted with Xiao Chong without a word, and glanced in the direction of the villa.

With the ability to seal the fifteenth, Feng Lixin should be able to'please' out within half an hour.

It only took 17 minutes to seal the fifteenth.

When Feng Lixin received a call from Butler Mo, Feng Shiwu just walked out of the kitchen with the brewed Longjing tea.

"What? Okay, I'll be back soon!"

Feng Lixin stood up immediately. After years of maintenance, his legs and feet have improved a lot.

Ok? what's the situation? Brother Feng Lixin is going to go home?

Feng Xinglang, who had just looked melancholy, suddenly became happy, "Big Brother, what's the matter?"

"Old Mo said Tuantuan... I saw something unclean, I have to go back!"

Before explaining clearly, Feng Lixin hurriedly walked out of the villa.

"Canai, what are you doing in a daze? Quickly **** my eldest brother back home!"

Feng Xinglang winked at Kanai: motioned him to send back the luggage brought by his eldest brother Feng Lixin!

"Oh, good! I'll send Master Feng back!"

The knowing Kanai immediately came forward to carry the suitcase and chased Feng Lixin, who was walking away quickly.

"Whhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I finally gave away my brother, the great god!"

Feng Xinglang lay on the sofa and let out a long breath.

"Foster father, you have a cup of tea, the best Longjing tea!"

To avoid suspicion, Feng Shiv once again brushed his presence.

Never let Feng Lixin doubt: the dirty thing his daughter Feng Tuantuan saw was he was the 15th seal!

"What kind of tea to drink, call your master in! Don't let him get stuck in the car!"

Feng Xinglang then thought of Cong Gang, who hadn't got off the car with him.

"Ah? Is my master still in the car?" Feng Shiwu asked knowingly.

"Don't you know that your master is like a gecko when you meet outsiders! He always likes to stay on the beams of the house! People like him are unsophisticated!"

This is Feng Xinglang's evaluation of Cong Gang.

"It's my master who doesn't shame and confuses with ordinary people!"

This is the master Cong Gang in the eyes of Feng Fifteen: He has a sense of alienation from above!

The master Cong Gang in Feng Fifteen's eyes was a half-hermit.

An aloof and arrogant fan with an inherent mystery and non-cannibalistic fireworks!

But it fell into Feng Xinglang's ears, and it was quite uncomfortable.

"Don't be cut and go with ordinary people?"

The corner of Feng Xinglang's lips twitched, "Well, then, do you say I am a ‘ordinary’? Or a ‘vulgar’?"

Feng fifteen only realized: I patronized the high master Cong Gang, accidentally trampled other people down!

"Foster father, how can you be a mortal son? You are a first-class chaebol!"

Feng Shivhan smiled, "I admire you quite a bit!"

"Why do you worship me?"

Feng Xinglang squinted at the Cong Gang and the father and daughter who came in...and the little son who was like a worm, and said quietly, "Go and worship your master who doesn't cut the mundane like me!"

"..." Cong Gang squinted his eyes slightly: What is this kid Feng Fifteen talking nonsense? The face that made Feng Xinglang so cold and smelly!

"Foster father, I have no choice but to speak! Your lord has a large number, so don't be familiar with me!"

Feng Shiv quickly pinched his shoulders to his foster father Feng Xinglang.

In front of the foster father, Feng Fifteen, the righteous son, is too flexible and capable!

"It turns out that you are a teacher-disciple relationship... Why do I feel that my back is getting cold!"

Feng Xinglang glanced at Cong Gang, "If one day I do something to apologize to you Cong Gang, wouldn't I be sacked?"

"Take a big deal...not enough!"

Cong Gang took the words faintly, "Don't worry, with me, I will definitely leave you a whole body!"

"Well, you have a conscience!"

Feng Xinglang put his long legs on the coffee table.

Cong just started to drink the water from the health bottle, drinking small cups after small cups.

Successfully attracted the attention of Feng Xinglang.

Under normal circumstances, Feng Xinglang was too lazy to drink these teas, but seeing Cong Gang drinking so happily, he suddenly felt like he was also quite thirsty.

"Caterpillar, what are you drinking?"

"good stuff!"

Cong Gang gave a faint sound. His purpose is to attract Feng Xinglang to drink the water in the nutrition bottle.

"It's going to want me to drink medicine, right?"

Feng Xinglang felt as if he had been deceived like this, so he still had a certain mental alertness.

"I didn't say I want you to drink..."

Cong Gang let out a leisurely voice, "With a three-layered body like yours, this health tea for you to drink is a waste!"

This sentence really works!

Especially the phrase ‘pure waste’!

Isn't it a waste?

Then I want to waste a bit to show the dog Cong Gang!

So, the next second, Feng Xinglang snatched the health bottle from Cong Gang and took two big mouthfuls.

It is not sweet, but it has a clear bitterness.

There was no specific taste, and Feng Xinglang was indeed thirsty, so he took two more sips.

"What the hell... so terrible!" Then he threw the half-empty health bottle to Cong Gang, "Caterpillar, you don't want to poison me, so you can inherit my property!"

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