"Big Brother, are you too exaggerated?"

Feng Xinglang was really taken aback by his eldest brother Feng Lixin's "nosy business", "I'm not a three-year-old kid, so I want you to guard at night?"

"Can you do it without guarding? Maybe you will oil your feet at night and run out to play with some European women!"

Last night, his brother Feng Xinglang ran to Yezhuang to play Ouniu with Bai Mo, Feng Lixin already knew.

And also learned: the uncontrolled baby brother was so excited that he fainted and was sent to the emergency center!

"..." Feng Xinglang heard it now: He was already well-known about going to Yezhuang to play with European girls!

The key is Feng Xinglang knows that he is not playing? !

Is this injustice? !

I drank a few sips of alcohol, and all was vomited; and the trainee nurse in the ambulance almost broke my ribs!

No matter how good things are going out, this bad thing has spread to everyone? !

"Okay, brother, you should save it!"

Feng Xinglang pinched his eyebrows, "Even if I run out with oil on the soles of my feet, your legs and feet will not be able to catch up with me! You should go back and play with your wife and children!"

Cong Gang did not go to Rolls-Royce, but watched Feng Xinglang refusing to stay with Feng Lixin.

Obviously, Feng Lixin is not suitable to stay here.

Just Feng Lixin's body, if he sleeps for a second, can he hold it? Can it still be carried?

Maybe it can make you fainted!

"Smelly boy, are you still thinking about running out in the middle of the night?"

Feng Lixin was not angry, "Xueluo is the thread I lead you. I must be responsible for Xueluo to the end! From this evening, I must guard you every night!"

As the night fell, Feng Lixin insisted on not leaving.

Before Feng Xinglang refuted anything, he had dragged his suitcase into the villa courtyard. The servant took Feng Dashao's toiletries and went in behind him.

"Eh, brother, you don't have to be so exaggerated!"

Feng Xinglang felt his brain buzzing, "Can you go home? My Xueluo doesn't need you to be responsible!"

Seeing Feng Lixin really entered, Feng Xinglang felt that his end was coming.

I dare not imagine what kind of weird feeling it would be for a big living person to stare at himself while sleeping!

"Boss, won't you get out of the car?"

Carnet has drove the Rolls Royce into the garage of the villa. But the boss Cong Gang still didn't mean to get off the car.

"Well, you follow up and look after Feng."

Cong Gang faintly said, "No matter how careless, let's go to Merton Biotech as a live experiment!"

"Received! I'm going now!"

Kanai immediately opened the door of the cab and flashed in seconds.

Go for a live test? It's too lame!

After a moment of silence, Cong Gang sent a message to the fifteenth front cover.

[Fifteen, go to Feng Lixin's house to make some movement and attract him back! 】

When Feng Fifteen received instructions from master Cong Gang, he had just stepped out to meet his foster father Feng Xinglang.

However, he saw Feng Lixin dragging his suitcase into the living room of the villa first.

Feng Lixin obviously didn't like Feng Fifteen; he felt that the kid's scheming was too heavy.

Not only is he hardworking, but he also likes to use some means to achieve his own goals.

"Hello, Uncle Feng."

Feng 15 can see Feng Lixin's alertness towards him.

He took the initiative to say hello to Feng Lixin as Feng Xinglang Yizi!

"Oh, Hello."

Feng Lixin complied bluntly, and then looked back at his younger brother Feng Xinglang: "Xinglang, you let your son live in your house so grandiose?"

"Yes! There are fifteen filial sons looking at me, so you can go home with peace of mind and have your wife and make a baby!"

Feng Xinglang followed Feng Lixin's words.

In short, at this moment Feng Xinglang was thinking about how to drive Feng Lixin back to his own home.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Feng Lixin laughed a few times, "Xinglang, you are not afraid to lead wolves into the house? You are only fourteen years old late, you are a dad, you are really courageous!!"

"Okay, big brother, there is a filial son named Feng 15 who is taking care of me at my house. You can always rest assured now?"

At that time, Feng Xinglang's mind was obviously useless to understand what his elder brother Feng Lixin meant.

"Then I can't rest assured!"

Feng Lixin threw the suitcase to the servant, "Excuse me, send my suitcase to the master bedroom on the third floor! Before your wife comes back, I will eat and live with your wife Feng!"

Seeing that Feng Lixin really refused to leave after playing, Feng Xinglang was upset.

"Big brother, can you please stop making trouble? I promise you that you will never go out to spend a lot of time at night! Just stay at home and spend time with Wan Wan and Xiao Chong!"

Feng Xinglang called me melancholy: How old is he, yet still be guarded by his eldest brother?

"Big brother, I am not a prisoner, and I need personal freedom, OK!"

"Giving you too much freedom, it's easy to get over the fire! Forty or so, all of them have seen Sun's people, and still can't control their own body... Feng Xinglang, what do you want me to say about you?"

And Feng Lixin stayed there for another purpose: to protect his fourteen-year-old niece Feng Linwan for his younger brother and sister Lin Xueluo!

Feng Lixin always feels that the motive for Feng 15th is not pure!

Under the guise of pursuing her daughter Tuantuan, in fact, the ultimate goal of Feng Xinglang's only daughter-Feng Linwan!

Now it has developed to the point of living in the Fengjia stately? !

Is this to lead a wolf into the room? !

This Feng Xinglang! After being shrewd and deceitful for so many years, why didn't he find that there was a wolf who coveted his daughter beside him? !

"Brother, I promised this as well, can you please let me stop a bit? Please come back to you!"

If it were changed twenty years ago, Feng Xinglang would find his elder brother Feng Lixin's behavior very loving.

At this moment, Feng Xinglang felt that he was so depressed that he was about to hit the wall!

"Your boy refuses to let me stay, that can only prove that your motives are impure!" Feng Lixin choked back.

"..." Feng Xinglang was completely speechless this time.

I really want to hit this annoying guy out with a stick!

"Uncle, you and my foster father sit and talk for a while, I will make you a good cup of Longjing tea."

After greeting Feng Lixin politely, Feng Shiv walked towards the kitchen.

Because of the presence of Kanai, he left for ten minutes without any accident.

He had to get out of his body to do what the master Cong Gang had confessed!

Presumably not going to Feng Lixin's house to make some noise, I am afraid Feng Lixin will not take the initiative to go back.

What kind of movement has to be made to successfully attract Feng Lixin back to his own home?

Of course it was to scare his baby girl into closing the Tuantuan!

Feng Shiv turned over from the kitchen window and left the main villa, and found some equipment from the small supporting villa where Kanai lived, and rushed over to the villa where everyone was closed in the dark.

The lights are on in the princess room on the third floor of Feng Everyone, so Feng Tuantuan must be there at this time.

Avoiding the security system and climbing to the third floor, that is a basic skill.

When Feng Shiv was about to turn over and enter the princess room, he heard Feng Tuantuan humming a small song from the bathroom.

After a glance, he found Feng Tuantuan was soaking in the bathtub; there was a mask on his face.

Feng Fifteen had no intention of admiring Feng Tuantuan’s arms and long legs protruding from the bath from time to time;

With a "creak", he made a weird noise on the bathroom window.

For the first time, the Feng Tuantuan humming a little tune has not been heard yet;

Therefore, Feng 15 can only increase the strange sound; this time Feng Tuantuan finally heard it, and stopped humming the little song.

Because of pulling the curtains, Feng Tuantuan couldn't see the movement outside the window.

"Who?" Feng Tuantuan murmured subconsciously.

"Crunch..." It was small, similar to the sound of trying to pry open a window.

"One by one, is that you? Meow meow..."

Feng Tuantuan called out twice, feeling that it should not be his own puppet cat. Feng Tuantuan wrapped herself in an oversized towel blanket, and then carefully reached out to open the curtains...


Feng Tuantuan's horrified scream resounded through the entire Feng family villa.

Because she saw the grimace outside the window glass! !

To be precise, it should be a grimace mask!

"Ha ha ha ha!"

After the grimace mask made a terrifying laugh, it fell from the window on the third floor and then disappeared. It's like floating away, really cripple!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" But Feng Tuantuan's terrified scream continued.

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