Cong Gang was awakened.

Every time Xinglang left for more than half an hour, Cong Gang would always wake up from a kind of anxiety.

After awakening, Cong Gang found that Feng Xinglang was not sleeping in the lounge.

Where did this uncle go?

Although his body is weak and sleepy, the time for Cong Gang to rush out of the lounge is not slow.

The huge president's office was empty, not even Kanai guarding the door.

It seems that Kanai should have ‘walked’ with Feng Xinglang.

Open the monitoring software, Feng Xinglang's mobile phone location is in the GK Venture Capital Building.

He sighed for an overly nervous breath, and Cong Gang returned to the lounge to tidy up a bit before going to the market research department on the 18th floor to find Master Feng.

"The market research department, the reimbursement of activity expenses in one month is as high as more than 3.7 million?!"

"Our dignified venture capital company has reached the point where it is going to invite lavish meals and give lavish gifts?"

"Usually you want to eat and take cards for industrial companies, I will open one eye and close one eye according to the principle of clear water and no fish... Hehe! Now it has developed to the point where individuals who buy Hermès bags have to come to the company for reimbursement. ?!"

When Cong Gang rushed to the market research department on the 18th floor, Feng Xinglang was standing on the row desk and furious.

Kanai always kept within two meters of Feng Xinglang to prevent President Feng from falling down at any time.

Although Feng Xinglang was furious and smashed and fell, judging from his expression, such anger should be unconscious; therefore, he looked quite normal.

In other words, for Feng Xinglang, such thunder anger is already a form of daily expression that he is accustomed to.

"President Feng, I will investigate the incident of giving the Hermes bag, and I will definitely give you an explanation and account."

Before the manager of the market research department could finish speaking, the folder in Feng Xinglang's hand was smashed.

"Eat things inside and out! How dare you lead them to pit Lao Tzu's money together? Do you think you are dead or what? You have the money to pit Lao Tzu, and don't see if it will be spent! !"

Cong Gang just watched Feng Xinglang catch fire from behind the load-bearing pillar on the side.

To Feng Xinglang, a few million is undoubtedly one of the best; but Feng Xinglang could not tolerate the destruction of the company's **** of a thousand miles in ants.

Seeing that Feng Xinglang did not intend to stop, and some employees had already appeared in resistance; Cong Gang sent a message to Feng Xiaochong: [Let your sister call your daddy late and call you daddy go back! 】

【Roger that! The bug does it right away! 】

Feng Xiaochong replied to Da Chongchong's message, and said to his sister Wanwan who was watching Feng 15 while driving, "Sister Wanwan, please call Daddy quickly and let him return to Feng's house! "

Lin Wan rewarded Brother Xiao Chong with his big eyes, "If you let me fight, I will fight? I won't fight!"

Lin Wan is still angry with Brother Xiao Chong!

She actually said she was'faceless and skinless','not ashamed or embarrassed'?

How embarrassed!

"Sister late, you are obedient! It was the big bug that made the fight!" Feng Xiaochong became a little anxious.

"Then I don't want to fight!"

Lin Wan started her offense, "Big Chongchong is your girlfriend An An's daddy, but not my daddy. You have to please him, and I don't want to please him!"

"It's late, you can't stop listening to Brother Xiaochong!" Feng Xiaochong was really anxious.

"Don't listen, don't listen! What can you do with me!"

The two brothers and sisters were so carried. No one will let anyone, and no one will accept anyone.

"Fifteen, look at your girlfriend, she is not obedient at all!"

Feng Xiaochong did so deliberately. He knew that Wanwan especially wanted to be the girlfriend of the 15th seal.

"Little bug, the word'girlfriend' is not allowed next time!"

This girlfriend was an inexplicable shock to hear the fifteenth; it seemed that the foster father Feng Xinglang had raised an angry whip at him!

"Be obedient late and late, call your daddy, just say we're almost home, let him come back soon!"

Feng 15 understands what the master Cong Gang meant: Bring the foster father Feng Xinglang back to Feng's house and narrow the scope of control.

Otherwise, the righteous father will run away in Shencheng, and the master will have to follow him!

Although Feng Fifteen did not know what medicine the master Cong Gang tried for his foster father Feng Xinglang, judging from the symptoms of the two of them, it should not be a medicine for treating diseases!

It's more like a health-care medicine for conditioning the body!

The acuity of the 15th front cover is indeed higher than that of Kanai. He has his own subjective thoughts, and Kanai and others will only do things according to orders in most cases!

"Okay, listen to Brother Fifteen later, so I'll call Daddy!"

At this moment of Fenglin Night, I was completely immersed in the sweet world of the girl's first love.

"Late late? School is over?"

Sure enough, Feng Xinglang, who received a call from his daughter, immediately changed his father's appearance.

And Carne successfully helped him from the desk.

The big president who jumps on the table and furious, Kanai is also amazing!

"Daddy, I'm almost home, come back and stay with me! I miss you!"

Lin Wan is already familiar with his daddy by sealing Xinglang and acting like a baby.

"Didn't you have Brother Xiao Chong and Sister An An to accompany you... My father still has some small things to deal with."

Feng Xinglang pointed towards the head of the market research manager, and then went out to answer her daughter's call.

"Brother Xiao Chong knows to have a love affair with Sister An An! I just murdered me!"

Lin Wan's ability to smear and complain has already become proficient, "Daddy, you don't care about Brother Bug!"

"He talks about his love, just ignore him!"

Feng Xinglang is such a double standard: his son fell in love early, he is supportive; but it falls on his beloved daughter, Feng Xinglang can be furious!

"Daddy, you are eccentric! I won't tell you! I'll be back when I finish my work. I love you all night!

After acting coquettishly in one go, Lin Wan hung up the phone.

"Brother Fifteen, did you perform well late tonight? You have to praise me!"

"Well, verbally praise the child Feng Linwan: good-looking, sensible, and obedient and considerate!"

Feng Fifteen said like a kid.

Feng Xiaochong on the side saw that his sister was so childish late in the evening, and he didn't even bother to give her a reward.


Feng Xinglang had just returned to the president's office, and Cong Gang's Huo Huo tea had been made for him.

"Like this kind of little fire... You don't need to post it yourself, President Feng Da!"

In Cong Gang's view, Feng Xinglang's rage for millions is not worth it.

"Why, you still know that you love me!"

Feng Xinglang pursed his lips at Cong Gang, "I just find a reason to get angry! Those guys who eat inside and out, I think they are not pleasing to the eye! Dare to pit Laozi's hard-earned money? I'm going to spend my life!"

"It's OK if you open it!" Cong Gang said warmly.

"Caterpillar, someone like you who doesn't eat the fireworks in the world, how can you understand the unfriendly labor law for us people!"

Feng Xinglang put his long legs on the desk, "When you open them, you have to find a reason? You eat Lao Tzu, take Lao Tzu, and dare to cheat Lao Tzu... In the end Lao Tzu has to compensate them with a lot of money. Get angry when you think about it!"

"You are so angry... Doesn't it affect your mood?!" Cong Gang said quietly. "I also want to be a gentleman's boss! But the plate is too big, there are always those who eat and steal while I am not paying attention! Last time, the brother-in-law of Chen Ju's family got a leather bag company. , I have to pay for my smile! Just think about it

Wrong! I feel like I am about to become a money-making machine! "

Feng Xinglang squeezed his eyebrows dryly, "Bug, when the Nuo kid can take over, you will also take me to a mountain tour and play in the water!"

"Well, good!" Cong Gang responded warmly.

When Feng Xinglang's Rolls-Royce just drove outside the courtyard of his villa, he saw his eldest brother Feng Lixin pulling a suitcase, followed by a maid holding pots and pots.

"Brother, are you moving? Where are you moving?"

Feng Xinglang, who got out of the car, looked suspiciously at his elder brother Feng Lixin and the servant behind him.

"Move to you! Eat and sleep with you!"

Feng Lixin looked serious. He didn't mean to joke with his brother Feng Xinglang at all.

"Move to me to eat and sleep with me?"

Feng Xinglang's first reaction was, "You quarreled with Mo Ranran and were kicked out of the house?"

"What quarrel? Don't have a good relationship with Ran Ran!"

Feng Lixin reprimanded, "It's not because of you! Before Xueluo comes back, I have to live here to watch you at night! lest you go out to spend a lot of time at night!" "..." Feng Xinglang is not well !

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